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What to do? What to do? Started to read this book more than a year ago and I was fascinated about first 50 pages. But more I was reading, less interesting it got and now I stuck on the page 341 (seems forever as I have read some other books in between). OK, the question - should I get over myself and try to finish it and how to do that?

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Lindsey Albright While I love the book, it's easily one of my favorites, if you aren't enjoying it, don't beat yourself up about not finishing it. Someone far more intelligent than I once told me that he didn't bother with a book if it didn't capture his interest by the first 50 pages. Life's too short to suffer through books you don't enjoy. If it's not for you, there's no shame in that.
Ariel Maybe try a new format? I struggle to read Stephen King, but I love him. The way I have been able to enjoy is books Audiobooks, the narrator in It is AMAZING. It was enjoyable and made me appreciate King on a new level.
Ilia No, book not worth it. Could have been 400 page book easily if someone did the editing.
Brian Matthew I agree with Kimberly. This book is very much about "moments" and there are song long intervals in between. Honestly, what kept me going through it all was this notion that we're all different people with different stories, yet we have people in our lives that love us and when we work together, things get better. It's this idea that no matter how awful the world can be, or whatever you're going through, if you have the love and support of your friends you can get through and overcome anything, even death. Keep on moving forward with it, and try and link stories of your own childhood. That will help you.
Jackie Stephen King needs a better editor. Just because you can make a novel be 1200 pages doesn't mean you should.
Matt K. There is so much detail that about where you get into the book you start side tracking and it gets kind of boring. but once the story gets going and gets a kick you don't put it down for the last 700 pages. get through the interludes. They are probably whats boring you. The story never stopped with me
Chelsea I read the whole thing (it took me a month) and it was a waste of time. I didn't think it was scary enough to be worth it.
Julie Although this is my all time favorite book (I am currently on my 5th trip through) I agree with Lindsey Albright's answer - if you're not in to it, don't force it. If you like the idea of the story, but your getting bogged down by King's detail, you might want to try Summer of Night by Dan Simmons. Very similar to IT centering on a group of boys in the summer of 1960 fighting an evil presence in a small town in Illinois. I've read it twice and the thought of a rendering truck still freaks me out!
Kimberly Hagan Yeah. I feel you.

I'm a speed reader, so I typically whiz through books this size with no problem and in no time, maybe four days, tops. But, It took me a year to read this book. It gets dry. It gets frustrating. It gets boring. But..There are some moments here in this book that make the struggle to read worth it, like REALLY worth it.

Just, Do what I did. Set the book down, and pick up a new one. Finish that book, and come back. Or not. You gauge when it's time to come back, but DON'T force yourself right through the book. You'll end up hating yourself for it.
Jshalhov IT's worth it.

(The only way this will spoil anything is if you dont know the basic setting for the book)

The book started off a bit boring for me, but ended up becoming one of my favorite King novels. There's a hump you'll get over where it stops sounding like "the body" (stand by me), and the whole "lets play stick ball and chew 2 cent gum, im gonna give you a wet willie" type stuff starts giving way to one of the most terrifying things I have ever read. Get over this hump, and the information and horror will start flowing. He just uses a lot of character building in this book.he has to take in account the age gap.

I dont think you will regret reading a couple hundred more pages before making a decision
Sam Sgroi honestly you just need to plow through and just get to the end, I promise it starts to pay off the deeper into the novel you go. But don't feel bad, it took me nearly 6 months to finish it and I did it in 20-30 minute increments here and there
Loren Michael I just gave up. Just couldn't do it. It really is a tedious book with so many unnecessary details.
Tabish Arif I'm going through the same phase.. I read just 70 pages last night and came here to see what people thought of it. There's just too much content based on the stories of various characters. It got boring fast. I really want to see what makes this one of King's best novels, but getting there will be a very long and tedious journey. I don't know if I'm up for that.
Evangelina Abdallah Finish the book! You will be happy when you do. So I'd recommend you do. Please finish it!
Michael Rhames I just wonder if to this day you did finish the book or not, and whether anyone's advice here helped you with that decision.
Jude Goodwin you could try to listen to the audiobook while you follow the words! its helped me im on page 75! good luck on reading IT
Steve I hope you finished it. I read it when it first came out and I was about fifteen - devoured it in about three days, but for a fifteen-year-old boy, *this WAS horror!* I've read it once or twice since, and it *does* have some disturbing bits, but also some verrrrry slloooooooowwww parts that have details that come out again later. SK doesn't just write. He writesandswritesandwritesandwrites and not everything that comes out is perfect. But IT is still one of my favourites of everything he wrote.
Roberto Ibarra Same thing happened to me, it was really painful to read through the first half of the book, but then, right at 50% it started to get better and better as the story moved on faster, as someone mentioned, you could skip the interludes and the side stories and focus only on the main characters, it is really worth it in the end, it took me a year to finish it, like 10 months reading the first half and 2 months reading the second half, so if you get bored, you can switch to other books and then come back again for some pages. I used to love the movies, but this is way better, you get all the explanation an detail you don't understand in the movies
Jordan Moynahan-Corsi If you dont like the book, or dont find it interesting, then find some other works by King!
James Edward Taylor Starting a book is like going on a date. If it isn't working out, there's no point going on a second or a third. Someone telling you you "have to" finish a book is like telling you you MUST marry someone just because you met them for coffee once.
A the honest truth is that, the book is quite interesting and its one of my favorites to this day. however, its so unimaginably boring, i guess some people just have certian motivations to read it. its better to go into it completly blind (not watching any of the movies) because the you have qyestions to ask even if they are stupid. i read a entire 1153 paged book just because i wanted to know who richie was.
Amanda Beazley I did exactly the same thing! I ended up finishing it on audible which worked for me! Good luck!
Skylar idk i want to read it and i'm 10
Angela Ackerman I had no desire to read this book. In the end I did and I am so glad I did! If you are struggling reading it, try audiobook. The narrator was AMAZING! There were parts in the book that I would be like "what in the world is going on and why is it taking to long to get there" or "what does this have to do with the story"....but in the end everything came back around. I am so grateful I listened to it and the 45 hours it took was not wasted. It was a great book. If you still can't finish it......don't beat yourself up over it. Just might not be your thing. :) Good luck!
Sonny Yng I found the first 400 pages of this book really boring and kept going and it really started to fascinate me. Just for your information :)
Lori Thornburg I started reading this book more than a year ago too. My daughter bought the first movie and we decided to read the book first. She read it and gave it to me. I have been reading it for close to 2 years now. I was waylaid by a couple of classes and the death of my soulmate, but I have picked it back up and I have 157 pages left. I have mixed feelings about it. Just when I think a part is unnecessary, I read on and find out why it was apt. I have struggled to get through this but I am determined.
Jason Turno Get the Audio version it will go smoothly for you
Mark FOR ME, yes, it was worth finishing. That may not apply to you. The "Ideal Level of Good Detail" (or the kind of detail King gives) is different for each reader. I only rarely got the feeling of losing interest, so you and I are likely different in the kind or level of detail that's ideal.

The more of the right details, the deeper the understanding of the characters, their reasoning, relationships, contexts, etc. Of course, at some point it would be too much even if it's the kind of detail I value. TO ME, the level in It helped me connect (yet I had a few spots where I felt like skimming... those spots were too much even for me). Most of it was great for me. EXAMPLE: If King had skipped details (e.g. about Bev and her father, Bill and Silver, etc.) then later events would have had LESS of a visceral reaction in me. So was it necessary? ...worth the descriptions? For me, yes. Maybe not for you. For someone who just wants a faster story (or different detail), it's not a good book (and The Stand may be even less so). But without that level, it would be less of a great book to me.

Happy reading to you!
Wendy Goerl Read part 1, then skip to the second interlude and read that. Then skip to the third interlude. Read it, then practice your speed-reading through part 4. Then slow down and enjoy the end.

What did you skip? About 350 pages that can be boiled down into : ("now"): Tom Rogan went after his wife after beating her location out of her best friend. Audra went after her husband. ("Then"): Bill bought a bike he called Silver. The kids built a dam that they had to take down, and an underground clubhouse that they didn't.
María Jesus Castro OMG!!! i am just feeling the same! I also started reading another book so I change for time to time... but it doesn't work.. I think is just not for me
Ahmed Ali to tell u the truth i have the same feeling but its bittersweet. i m enjoying it, u have to stick with it. and u will not regret reading it. its one of the best novels i have ever read.
Esther Kruman I hope you went back to it! This happened to me a few times, especially since I was borrowing different copies of the book. But I'm so glad that I stuck it through! I got swept back into the lives of the characters and the book was, of course, phenomenal.
Kermy Books are like lovers - you can't make yourself like someone you don't like. Drop it and move on.
Andrew S Just finished the novel and honestly if you're finding it so difficult to continue when it hasn't even reached halfway yet, it would probably be best to try a different book and not force yourself through this. I found IT to be a rather tedious slog with great moments in between long drawn-out stretches that barely made the time invested worth it, but it is heavily dependent on your interest in the side stories and the amount of detail put into the cast.
Michael Finch try to stick with it. It is really good and fast paced in the second half of the book. Just takes a good while to lay the groundwork. I've read the whole thing 7 or 8 times.
Sandy McFadyean I'm reading the book just now and there are some really dull sections. Even some of the action parts can be a bit lacking. There are some really rewarding parts, so i think I'll see it through.

I loved the section where Bill is narrating the vacuum in his family life since the murder of Georgie. King manages to get across the real sense of loss and devastation the family is suffering through and it's genuinely sad and traumatic to read. I think these real human moments are where a lot of the horror is in this book.
Rabin Shae I really liked the first half but then it went downhill for me. I spent more than a year on this book but I had a determination to finish it. I had to see it to the end and that kept me going. there are a lot of meaningless details but if you can just skim past them, then it gets good. Honestly, don't try too hard if you don't feel interested. It will either come to you or it won't. There is no in-between.
june ✧˖*° Just to add, it has kind of a crappy ending. Not what you would expect at all, and it left you wanting a real ending.
Parker A well I wasn't bored with it at all. I did the same thing just pick it up again slowly get back in and you'll read like crazy.
Cynthia Hines Don't get over yourself but in order to finish the book, (that is, if you want to) pick it up, open to bookmark, look at words and begin. Just like the longest journey begins with the first step, the longest story begins with the first word. Pretty soon--before you know it--you'll be done.
Tamara I've been reading Stephen King's "IT" for almost eight days now. The first 300 pages were quite boring to be honest, but I am now hooked. It's explaining more about the children and who they are. It honestly gets better, but don't beat yourself up, your more then entitled to not enjoy something.
Bettye McKee Same thing happened to me with "The Stand." I never did finish it.
Jesus I am in page 350, but so far, is good for me.
Lindsey Albright made a great and valid point.
Completely agree when she said that life's too short; there are millions of books waiting to be read.
Hannah-lynette Hunter I did the same. I was actually reading 11.22.63 and I'd forgotten to take it with me on a journey so I picked up IT as it was recommended to me.
I devoured 100 pages in just over an hour. I was hooked.
Then I discovered this hump everyone here is talking about. I'm currently at the 900 mark and I'm too close to the end to give up.
I love King's way with words. That's what has kept me going, but the story isn't there for me.
Gordon I personally loved the book, but upon first reading, the interludes seemed a bit of a timewaster. Read them, but they aren't essential to the story. Did you finish?
Shamina Wow, looks like I'm not the only one! King is my favorite author and "The Dark Tower" series are my favorite books by him. I saw the movie as a kid and of course IT terrified me! I had really high hopes for the book. There are parts that really are scary. Reading it late at night, when everyone else was asleep, helped to set the mood, but I hit that hump everyone is talking about and put it down. It got boring fast! I picked it back up about 6 years later and muscled through the entire thing in just a few days. Was is worth it? Yes and no. Like many others have said, if it really isn't holding your interest it may not be worth it to finish it. If you LOVE Stephen King like I do, then you may want to finish it. It is definitely one of my least favorite of his books. I am curious if you ever finished reading it?
Jacob Wilkins I experienced this too. The boredom hits pretty hard around pages 300-400. But after that, I raced through the novel. I seriously went through the last 700 pages of the book in about three days.
Tim Pearsall I'm curious... did you finish it?
Amanda I agree with Kimberly below. I am usually a very fast reader, but this took me almost three months to finish. If you need to take a break, pick up a different novel and come back to this when you've had a break. It is very wordy and some parts are difficult to get through. The book is definitely worth sticking it out for. I know you've probably already finished by this point, but this advice goes to anyone struggling to get through It.
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