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Does anybody know how to contact Goodreads directly, to complain about a (this) book's blurb? I am deeply put off by its assumption that the world is inhabited only by straight men ("Everybody has always wanted to love a Princess. Everybody has always wanted to be a Prince"). It makes me not want to read this book, which is unfair to the book's author.

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Quinn Stop. Just... Stop. Goodreads is not a soapbox for your personal views.
Nancy Whiting That was marketing copy that was on the book jacket back when I was a child, 50 years ago.
Zoe's Human Another possibility is that the Goodreads standard is to put in the blurb that is on either the back cover or the inside of the book jacket. From the Goodread's Librarian's manual: "The best description to enter is one found on the back cover or on the dust jacket of the book."

Especially in the case of pre-ISBN editions, keeping the blurb accurate to the jacket or cover can be highly useful to helping readers identify a specific edition.

Even if the blurb is reader entered instead of publisher entered, if they followed the standard then it is simply a matter of accurate replication not a statement of belief or intent.

Regarding other suggestions that you edit the wording you dislike, I would remind you that the manual also states: "You may also write your own description; however, please avoid editing descriptions that are already in place and summarize the work sufficiently."

You can reference the specific entry in the manual here: https://www.goodreads.com/help/show/404

Or take a look at the manual as a whole here: https://www.goodreads.com/librarian_m...

Anyone who applies for librarian status is asked to review this before making edits. I personally think it's a great thing for any member to read because it helps give a greater understanding of how this site works.
Chris Goodreads doesn't decide the blurbs; the publishing company does.

Methinks you dug too deeply for an implication that wasn't even there.
William Mackie Also, it says nothing about romantic love; that was your assumption.
Vailhiker PC Insanity. Jump off the bandwagon.
Rachel Thomas I don't understand. "Everybody" is not gendered. Women or men can want to marry a Princess and women or men can want to be a Prince. I think this blurb is very inclusive.
Alex Sarll I don't know if the blurb has been altered since this question was asked, but if not, the question misquotes it:
"There are only a few reasons why everybody has always wanted to read this kind of story: if you have always wanted to love a Princess; if you always wanted to be a Prince; if you always wanted the wicked Duke to be punished; or if you always wanted to live happily ever after."

The final 'or' is crucial. "Everybody" need only emphasise with any one of the four wants. The third and fourth make no assumptions whatsoever about the romantic proclivity of the person in question, and even the second would appeal to as many queer girls I know as straight boys.
Connor you're ridiculous. the world shouldn't be covered in bubble-wrap because people like you enjoy getting attention through virtue signaling.
Alistair Lumb So don't read it!

It don't bother me!
Stephen Miriam was right- these types of descriptions usually come directly from the publisher. This is especially true with anything published since the dawn of the internet. This books description is mirrored on countless other websites including Amazon, so I believe it did come from the publisher. As a librarian, one is able to edit these descriptions. I went ahead and altered the language of that description. I understand why the presumption of whomever wrote that was so offensive. Thanks for pointing it out and please consider becoming a librarian!
Mir Goodreads usually imports the blurb from the publisher or Amazon, so it's not really their fault, but you can click the arrow in the right corner of the taskbar (next to where you see your avatar) and get to the Help page which EVENTUALLY lets you send a note ;)

Alternatively, someone with librarian status could alter it, I think.
Franziska Self Fisken I also find Goodreads difficult to contact
Lagobond I have the 1990 Donald I. Fine edition, and that quote is copied verbatim from the inside of the book jacket.
Maughn Gregory I don't get why your question upset to many people--except that I do, sadly. It's a great question, thanks for asking it.
David Why do you assume everybody is a bunch of heterosexuals? Sounds inclusive to me...your assumptions raise hackles where none should be raised. If a blurb makes you not want to read a book, then you are easily manipulated indeed.
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