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There's the movie releasing next year. What are your thoughts so far on the trailer?

Tara Joshi The trailer sucks!! I understand that movies aren't always exactly like the book, but changing the plot line has gone too far. And where did Bella thorne come from, she seems to have a huge part in the movie, but in the book, her character has a small role. The movie is gonna be a typical teen film, with blocked kissing scenes, and an over exaggeration of high school issues.
^ ranting about all of that though.. I hope that the movie isn't like the trailer, and that they discuss the insecurities that Bianca went through, because thats what drew me to the book, I could relate with her character.
Courtney The book was dark and real. It looks like they are changing it to be just another cheesy teen movie.

I bet they cut out all of her family's problems and how she uses sex as a coping device to avoid her issues.

It looks like just a high school hierarchy movie. But if they actually made the movie like the book it would be an indie produced movie, not mainstream with smiling teens on the cover.
Alexis I really want to see it, but yes, the did change the entire story line. However, I guess they figured the prospect of using someone entirely for sex to 'escape' wouldn't make a very well received movie for teenagers. The movie is going to most likely be PG13, so having a movie for teenagers based entirely on the subject of sex, especially when the main character lost her virginity at a very young age, would most likely be cause for debate and controversy. The book doesn't send that great of a message, seeing it on screen will make it worse, but I still absolutely loved the book and even though the movie looks completely different, I still want to see it.
Rebekah I think the movie is going to be better than the book...
Kate Definitely disappointed in so many ways. There is a reason everybody likes the book, it doesnt need to be changed. Its almost like the book is just being used to get a movie someone wanted to make produced so readers will be drawn in to watch it. If that makes sense.

In saying that i still think others may like it, my friend who hasnt read the books thought it looked great.
Jas2802 I liked the trailer, it makes it seems like another teen drama. I actually picked up the book because of the trailer, but, now that I have read the book, the trailer looks like a look imitation or version of the book. Its too early to say that for sure though. But, having said that, if they don't add the darker parts of the story, I will be very disappointed.
Claz They most probably changed the storyline because it wouldn't be deemed 'appropriate' to have so much sex, especially so early on. Which kinda sucks. And there were some plot-points (like the Jake Gaither one) that would have been unnecessary in the film. But it looks quite good, and I think they've kept the central message, which is essentially that it doesn't matter what you look like or who you are, everyone feels like a DUFF sometimes.
Twano I like it. It looks different from the book tho can't wait to see it.
Marie honestly I think movie is much better than the book and I have to say this is the first time I have experienced something like that. But it is true that it is completely something differrent than book so it is tough to compare because the characters are different and plot and everything… but I enjoyed much more the movie
Meryb at the beginning i started reading the book because of the trailer but then when i finished it and the movie came out i was lie... REALLY IS THIS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR?? come on!!!! i was glad to hear that at least the main character is call bianca like the one in the book!!! such a bad movie i couldn't stand the first 10 seconds
Lost_withinbooks (Amy) OMG!!!!! They basically screwed Everything....... Why is it that everytime a good book comes out People always wanna frig it up by creating a movie.....I mean sure we would love to see the book into play BUT for you to change the whole idea of the story I mean come on.....

But I get that your trying to down grade the whole sexual sense of the book but WHY?????.....
First if the author wrote the book to be rated XXX.... The movie should be the same....we could understand that you would minimize the sex scenes to only under the sheet but for real thou.....Am just mad....

But if I didn't read this book I would have so gone to watch this movie..

All that aside it looks good....it's just not what people expected.
Naroba It irritated me. Now I have to re-read the book to see just how horribly they've messed this up.
Sydney Lindstrom they should make another one
Iniki Knowing that it was made into a movie made me want to read the book, so regardless of closely it kept to the book, I'm glad the movie was made.
Ariana The book ( like always ) was a hundred times better than the movie .
Jaydin I enjoyed the movie, the book was better, but the movie was awesome. The only reason they didn't put Wesley and Bianca having sex was because it would send the wrong message to teens. There would be big controversy about it, and the film makers didn't want that. But, they had to have a different way to make Bianca and Wesley spend time together. Anyways, they couldn't put Wesley and Bianca having sex because it would send a wrong message to teens. As I loved Bianca and Wesley in the book, no matter what they were doing, the movie fit the rating.
Marty Shadow what the fuck? Because they changed the story to make a film like this?
It makes banal plot !!
if they wanted to make a movie so they did not have to connect it with a great book .
The plot of the book is exciting because change it!!!
Camille O-D they changed the entire plot in the movie!!! its gonna suck now (movie)
Christin Just watched the movie...
It's so far off the book, it doesn't have any similarities apart from names and the movie title.
Wow, disappointment's massive here.
Christine I just saw the movie, and i have to say i was so disappointed with all the changes they made. I mean, they've just turned what was suppose to a really refreshing teen movie where- "the very average girl finally gets 'the guy' without having to change anything about herself" (duh!!) into a totally cliche one where its no different from any other high school teen movie that we've seen before. I'd understand if they'd changed some parts of it, but not the whole friggin story line! gosh! :(
GoodReader Please, don't even get me started. Cheesy high school movie inside and out. The movie definitely won't have the darkness of the book, nor the intricacies. It'll be a lifeless shell of Duff (the book).
Maheen The trailer is horrible in my opinion, I loved the book because it was so honest and deep but this trailer will just be another one of those 'The book was way better' things. Didn't meet my expectations, I don't even consider 'The Duff the movie' the actual version of the book. It's just another silly movie that once again is made to be fit for the people who don't read.
A. Butchered. I think that the approach to the book is totally off. It is as if that the point is popularity which the book is not about. It is about acceptance of our failings and shortcomings and seeing that we are all DUFFs.
Josebel Molina I watched the trailer I I thought that it wasn't about this book. Like seriously I know that the movie is not exactly like the book but change the plot? Come on that's going to far. My sister asked if the movie really was about the book like 3 times and I was like "Well the characters have the same names of the ones in the book". Because really it's all they have in common.
Cammie I feel like it's going to be less like the book and more like a mixture of She's All That and Mean Girls
Jojobean It looks to me like they changed the entire book. I bet her family problems and all the sex will be out of the book. I'm still hoping its gonna be decent tho.
Micaiah I read the book, because I saw the trailer. They changed the plot in the movie WAY to much. I really loved this book, so I'm a little disappointed on how much they changed it.
Lily Vonn The movie looks like an absolutely piece of shit. The book was actually pretty decent in my opinion but the trailer looks like every cliche ever thrown up into something solely produced to make money.
Marla Raymond I seen the trailer for this movie I think at the end of Summer of 2014...It looked cute and funny...just hearing the phrase (The Duff) and then hearing what it actually stood for kind of made me laugh...because come on...what girl doesn't feel like THE DUFF in her circle of friends. The previews reminded me a lot of "She's All That" a movie which I loved back when I was young yet...so I looked forward to seeing this movie...I figured it would be a cute "Ugly Duckling" type movie...and yeah, yeah...I know it's been done over and over again but still a good distraction from everyday life and you get to see a "Happily Ever After" while your real life continues to be a soap opera cliff hanger. :) But then I picked up the book and read it....LOVED THE BOOK!!!!!!! Now I'm pissed that the trailer seems so DIFFRENT than the books story line. I mean come on!!!!!!!! (it's like they're turning a Daria Morgendorffer into a: Quinn, Sandi, Stacy or Tiffany) How can you be so cruel?!?
Jasmine Booth I am so very annoyed, I just read the book hoping that it would be different from the movie, so glad it is.
It's pretty obvious they are going to change the entire storyline, they will still keep Bianca and Wesley falling for eachother, obviously, but other than that its going to be exactly what Tara Joshi said {in answers}
Isabella I just saw the trailer at the movie's, but it was so different from the book that I wasn't even sure if it was based on this book but I'm so glad it is. \o/ xD
Wy'Kia I dislike the trailer when you compare it to the book. I understand why though. If there was a movie based only on a "benefits" relationship I wouldn't watch it. But the movie just seems like a regular teen movie. If it just happens to be this light funny theme I'm going to be mad. I want to see Bianca's home life and the issues that come along with it. I want Bianca to dislike Wesley and not like him like she does. I at leafs want two thirds of the original content or else I'm going to rage.
Thu Giang Nguyen I actually read the book because of the movie,and I'm kinda excited to watch it.
Sumayya I like the trailer and I cant wait to watch, for me I saw the trailer first then I came across the book. I noticed that they changed the story line a bit but I think either way it'll be good. They chose the right male actor!!!!!!
Marcela Leticia Murillo I watched the trailer and the movie doesn't look too bad so I will probably watch it, but it has nothing to do with the book, the story was changed into a sappy romantic comedy for teenagers. I feel that the only thing they kept was the fact that Wesley called her a DUFF, so I'm a little dissapointed at that. I still have no idea where some characters came from. I also hate that her family problems won't come into play, when they are crearly an important part of the plot and a way to understand Bianca. The only thing they kept from the book is the name.
Alice It's definetly gonna be different, I just read the book, and I think by the trailer they are going to go in a completely different direction. The whole point of the book was their love/hate relationship, their enemies with benefits situation and I think in the movie it's not going to show. Not necessarily it's going to be bad, but since i heard that Bella Thorne was going to be in it, I thought that her presence was going to give to it more of a Mean Girls vibe, and it's what I felt in the trailer. It was good, but we'll have to keep in mind that it's going to be different, more on a comedy level than on a romantic one like it is in the book.
Rika - (The Unpretentious Reader) I think the movie gonna be a hit.. I liked the trailer so much that I went back and reread the book
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