Mary asked:

I am 14 years old, and I want to know if it is a boring book, or hard to understand. So is would it be a good book for my age?

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Rachel Why not read it? I read it when I was nine or ten, and understood it well. Reading books not intended for your age group will improve your reading skills. I'm fourteen too, and laughing at those people who think teens should read only YA! I rarely read it, to be honest.
Shelly I 'read' it as an audio book and the narrator did a terrific job with the voices--helped with the dialect that can bog it down in places.
Fae I read this when I'm about 12-13 years old (oh so long ago) so yes, totally go for it. For the record, I love the book and absorbed in it for three days (hazy memory), but if I can still enjoy it at the time, it's mean you can too.
Ariel R I just finished this book, and I am 14 as well. Personally, I found it very fast-moving and exciting, as well as holding much relevance to history. I would absolutely recommend this book to you. Enjoy!
Rose I am thrilled that you are interested in this book, but I would suggest you wait a few years to read it. I didn't read it until I was in my late thirties and I enjoyed it very much, but I doubt if I would have liked it as much as a teenager. You could try to read an excerpt and see if it might interest you; otherwise, just pick it up in a few years. Good luck!
Imani I am 16 and I have just started this book, and I absolutely love it. I would suggest keeping a dictionary nearby, but other than that you should read it.
Wilbur Ochiltree Hi Mary, I think you would enjoy it. read the first chapter and if you don't have fun reading it, I would suggest putting it aside for a year or two. Obviously, if you had fun reading the first chapter, jump right in and get lost in Stowe's magical words.
Ingūna I read it when I was 14 or 15 and it is one of my favorite books ever since. I think it depends on the person, but I would recommend it :)
anda i read it when i was 12 and i remember i told my mom that it had a lot of boring parts and i didn't understand very much. now i'm 15 and i don't think i would try to read it again to be honest. ( sorry for my english )
AG Summer Thanks all for the encouragement. I might read it.
Andreia Lucio The "dialect" can be difficult at times. I added narration, which made it easier and very interesting.
Lulu Pushic The dialect can be hard to understand, but the story pulls you into this world.
Aizah I am only 11 and read it when I was 9 so you probably should
Nino Mikava You have to read this !!
FIMA Yes, I am 12-14 yrs old: I read it and at some parts I cried P.
This is a great book for ages 12 - ___ I think.
Jason Thorne I am a little late with advice, and now you are 16, but suggested reading would be "Gone With The Wind", because of the similarity of period, and the point of view it gets across. Also, it is a book you will have difficulty putting down. Not that it is simple, more that it is compelling.
kelsey Although it would be enjoyable, you will get a lot more out of it as you get older. I would read it now and come back to it in about ten years and note the different things you got out of it
Rebecca Mikulin I know this question was asked a while ago, but -- I read it when I was 8, and understood it just fine. There were a lot of things in it that didn't really hit home with me at that point, like I only realized how utterly horrible they were a few years later because my experience set didn't really allow me to catch the enormity of it yet, but the writing itself was quite easy to follow. I'm 30 now and seriously considering a re-read, just to see how different it might be now with so many different experiences to work with.
Geoff Sebesta It's very clear and understandable. It's mostly just people talking about slavery mixed with stories about terrible things that happened because of slavery.

The action sequences are sorta goofy, but there sure are plenty of them.
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