georgia asked Holly Black:

How do you make a fantasy world you write come alive and become what it is in your head on the pages? How do you make a world from absolutely nothing? How do you overcome writers block because I have had a severe case for God knows how long? Also, how do you feel about your new project with Cassandra?

Holly Black There's no one easy answer for making a world come alive. I feel like a world evolves and it may not come to life for you, as the writer, until you finish the book. It may not even come fully alive until revisions. At least for me, I have made massive, sweeping world building changes to books in revisions that altered the nature of the world. I try to keep a few things in mind, though:

- All magic has a price.
- Magic is power and people will use it to get the things that power gets them in our world.
- Use models. Models of how wars have gone, models of how people behave and organize themselves. A good model is super helpful.

One of the hardest things about being a writer is that we love reading -- but very seldom will our writing ever give us the feeling we get from reading. And if you're looking for that feeling, that can give you a bad case of writer's block.

Your first task in overcoming writer's block is identifying its cause. My guess, from your questions, is that you're blocked because you feel like you're not quite translating from your head to the page. My advise is to write. Write the imperfect translation. Write the world that doesn't quite come alive. Until you have the bad, flawed, broken draft, you can't make the one that's going to feel alive.

Does that make sense?

(I am super excited about the Magisterium series I am doing with Cassie!)

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