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Why did it have to end so soon? When will J.K. Rowling write another book? Why do so many people hate on the Harry Potter book series?

Necayl Norris I don't think it ended soon, it was a ten year journey for all. I will miss the story, but "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home, whether by book or screen". JKR has written several other books, Mostly adult fiction from what I can tell, and there's always Pottermore! They are also producing a "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" film. There are many contributing factors as to way people "hate on" Harry Potter, most of them unfounded. We will "Always" remember you Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the others.
René van Hoorn I notice that a lot of people respond to your 1st and 2nd question, but not many people answer the 3rd. As someone who devoured the books, I'll try to answer it.

I really enjoyed reading Harry Potter, and it's a book worth enjoying. But a lot of fans of the book seem to say that it is one of the best books ever written, which it is not. At all.

There is a huge difference between good and enjoyable. There are very good books, like for example Ulysses by James Joyce, for which you would have to be an enormous masochist, or literature student (or possibly both) to enjoy. Doesn't take away the fact that it's a good book.

Harry Potter, most people on this page will agree, is a very enjoyable book. But for quality (which is what you should be talking about when you call a book good) a book needs to be more that enjoyable. There needs to be some sort of character development within the book. Some theme other that 'good vs. evil' or if only that theme, it needs some more depth. And for example quality writing. If we take a critical look at the Harry Potter series, it does not have that.

On this site on the other hand this book is currently voted as the best book of the 21st century, this means that a lot of people who look more critically at books that 'Did I enjoy reading this' start protesting and hating on the book, possibly even more than necessary.

I enjoyed the book, I enjoyed the series, but none of them should be near the top 50 of 'best books'.

I see it's been 2 years ago since you asked, but I hope that this in short answers your question.
Spencer Miers Actually, she's in the process of writing twelve short stories which revolve around Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione's children.
Mary Catelli Because, as C. S. Lewis observed about his Narnia books, there are only two ways to end a series -- before everyone is sick and tired of them, and after.

Besides, she'd have to fudge up a new menace. The structure of the series called for it to end here, and tacking on a new problem generally does not work.
Arya That was my opinion too. But let's keep it this way; you can watch them again, read them again, buy them again. You can buy the Tales of the Beedle Bard, Quidditch Around the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, all books by J.K. Rowling. Works great with a big package of Bertie Boot's Every Flavored Beans! ;)
Hakima Horan Nobody really likes Harry as the main character because there are SO many better characters in the book! For example, my favourite character is probably Hermione, Severus Snape or Draco! Besides, Harry was dumb and so was Voldemort.
Esther I dont think she can or will write another book. unless she wants to write soemthing after the cursed child, she can. i LLOOOVEEEEEE the series people hate it? whyy would they? then they are crazy and probably never read it before either......i dont know how someboday could possibly hate such a book.......its just not possible (unless you never read it because i thought that beforre ir ead it) and im also kind of upset that it had to end but voldemort is gone. his life is back to normal isnt another book going to be boring? you dont think? i personally just want them to make a movie on the cursed child. and since im upset about not having another movie i think if i dont already have something to read ill read the series again just for fun. its allot going on in all the books i barely remember it..
Kahhan Dalal Yes true. It was a long journey of ten years but yet it was short journey to me. Even I miss the Wizarding world and Hogwarts. I wish J.K Rowling would continue the series of The great Harry Potter and Hogwarts, hope for the best.
N.E.S I started tearing up after the last book. But trust me, there will be more stories. We haven't heard the last of the Boy Who Lived! And I think that half of the people who hates Harry Potter probably haven't read the books because they think its to long. But trust me, they don't know what there missing.
Robin On July 31,2016 J.K. Rowling has a new Harry Potter story : Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It will be out in Hardback
On July 30,2016. This book will be a play and have it's world premiere in London's West End.
I can't wait for it to come out!
Aishah I thought the same when I finished, although she has written many other book that extend on the Wizarding World, and hopefully in 2016 there will be a movie called 'Fantasic Beasts and Where to Find Them". I also really want Rowling to create books, even small books about the Golden Trio's children. Let's Hope it Happens
Lots_to_do It didn't end that soon, because there were 7 books and a play about harry potter.
Kaelond english Jk rowling is making another book called the cursed child its also a play
Elizabeth Mae Hate? Although a few people might not like it, it's one of the largest franchises in the world (for a good reason, too).
Jacob well the fantastic beasts are leading up to the fight of dumble door and g
rindle wald cant wait!!!
Nazakat ali I think she is writing another book and she is gonna publish it soon😁😁😁😁
Anna Deaver
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Abdul-Samay Ahadi I just wish there was more exposition at the end, more of harry mingling with Hermione, Ron, the weasleys, Hagrid, his proffessors, neville, luna but nope she had to end it abruptly. It pained my heart greatly how she ended it.
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Megan B There is now another book! The 8th book is ten or so years after the battle! Although it IS in the layout of a play script, it's still a Harry Potter book! Hope this answers your question!
Elli Wolthuis i have no idea!
Aisha Well good news is that another book Harry potter and the cursed child is coming out on 31st july 2016 but that is not the novel i guess.
Edris She is writing the continuation of harry potter. Her new book is coming around June I believe, called 'The cursed child'
Sudi In my opinion, the Harry Potter series didn't end so soon... Sorcerer's Stone came out in 1997 and Deathly Hallows came out in 2007! A full, 10 years!! I don't think we should complain that they ended "so soon" because each book besides for the first few probably were more than 450 pages (approximately), and Rowling is writing new series, and already has written new series. People who hate Harry Potter don't live!!!! Who can't like Harry Potter!!!!!!
Russell I think I am similar to you, in that I don't want amazing things that I love to ever end. I would gladly take more Harry Potter, even if he wasn't the central character in the story.

They're doing that play now, so my great hope is that she novelizes the play, and that it will contain a decent amount of Harry, Hermione and Ron (plus others) in addition to Harry's sons and new faces we haven't seen before.

I don't think the next story has to be as epic a battle, although judging from wizarding history, it seems there is no shortage of wizards who go bad and great conflicts, so it should hardly be difficult to find suitable material. The best parts of the book, in my opinion, weren't the epic fight scenes, but the characters she created, how they interacted with each other and world that she built around them. The same basic story, in my opinion, could've been told by a different person, and it might've been terribly uninspired.

Ultimtately, I would love another book series from JK, although at the moment, she unfortunately feels content with cashing in on the success with movie series (Fantastic Beasts), barely satiating the most hardcore fans with Pottermore, and making weird choices like stageplays that a very limited number of lucky fans will ever get to enjoy.

As for people who make fun of the series? I was one of those people, because I had never read them, the movies looked dumb to me as a cynical teenager, and I wanted to make fun of the people who loved them by saying dumb things like "Harry Pothead". I discovered these series many years later, after I had already graduated college and was working in my profession, and I loved them. It made me feel dumb for not getting into it sooner.
Richard If J.K. Rowling wanted to, she could just "magic" Lord Thingy back into existence. Maybe there were a dozen more horcruxes. Maybe every one of his Death Eaters was also a horcrux. There's all sorts of ways to bring the Big Bad Guy back. Look at all those Hammer Studio films about Dracula.
Rama Rompicharla It was seven years and there was going to be another series for his son Jake, but never published.
hannah magner I heard somewhere that J.K. Rowling is writing an eighth book,and there is also a Hogwarts library
Mallika Every good thing must come to an end. I think that was a quote. Anyway, have you ever heard the saying where after musicians die the only way to keep them alive is to play and revere their music. Same thing here. Except the author didn't die, the series came to a beautiful ending. I feel your pain, but the only way we can keep the magic alive is to keep reading and watching, remembering and never let anyone hate on such a special series. Plus, J.K.Rowling will be scripting three movies, as an extension to the wizarding world; 2016, 2018, 2020.
Cassidy I have read around and hear that the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them will be a movie trilogy! Coming out in 2016...2018...2020.
Divyadharshini Harry potter series has been my best friend since I started reading them..but there are people like you said "hate on" the series... its their opinion after shouldn't bother you, leave it aside...I too miss HP...but there is pottermore!!!
Aurelia Be glad that there is Pottermore, 10 years worth of movies, fan events, and more fan-made adaptions coming (I've heard of some doing Marauders' short films...).
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