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Brittany Quarters asked Shannon Messenger:

Wow. I'm actually 'talking' with Shannon Messenger!!!! :) I love your books SO MUCH! If you could pick out of the boys, who would you pick? Keefe, Dex, or Fitz? Who do you think Sophie will pick? I hope she doesn't pick any, that she just leaves it up to us to imagine who she gets in the end. :) But I'll be perfectly happy with whoever.

Shannon Messenger Awwwww. Thank you so much! I like "talking" to you, too!

And it's funny, this is one of those things where so many people have so many opinions that it's so hard--as the writer--not to get caught up in it. I have a feeling all the "shippers" might be unhappy if she doesn't choose anyone at all, and feel frustrated that I left that unresolved. But I also know they might be just as unhappy if she doesn't choose "their" boy. So that's why I do my very very best not to form any opinions on the matter myself.

This is Sophie's story, not mine. She's the one living it (and boy am I glad--that poor girl goes through some TOUGH stuff!). So I feel like the best, and only way to tell it properly is to just keep asking myself, "What would she do now?" That's how I've written the first three books, and so far it hasn't steered me wrong. So I'm just hoping that whenever we get to the point where Sophie has to decide who--if anyone--she likes best, we'll all agree with her decision. :)
Shannon Messenger

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