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I still have a question: What was Emma doing in the house when she found Jacob? It still doesn't make sense to me.

Sharon My two cents is that Emma initially went through the loop as part of the routine of making sure the loop stays open (like what Mar said), and when in the house, she probably realized something was amiss and suspected an intruder and probably hoped for a split second that it could be Abe.

I think.... well that's what I got out of it and I think I'll stick to that :)
Abbymunns Well Miss Peregrine knew Jacob was on the Island so maybe she sent Emma (without Emma really knowing why she was going to modern day) so Jacob would follow her into the loop.
Amanda It's probably a combination of needing to keep the loop open, and simple boredom. The cairn wasn't terribly far from the house; while they were "here," they probably heard the crash. That trunk would have made quite a racket, falling through the floor. It took some time for Jacob to find it in the basement - probably just as much time as it took Emma and Company to get through the woods.
M I wonder why the other kids were with her. I remember reading that it was a bunch of faces looking down at him, and he recognised them all from the photos, he just happened to follow Emma cause he saw her when she was running away through the bushes. Thinking back, I was under the impression that only Emma exits the loop to keep it open, so I could be wrong, but I do remember at least Millard was with her.
Obliterature (The Bibliophile) To my understanding, none of the peculiar children appeared until after the trunk incident (when Jacob wanted to get the mysterious chest open and the only way to do that was to throw it off of the balcony). I suppose it drew attention--including the attention of Emma.
Tara Wood One of the many annoying things that don't ever get explained.
CY I guess she's still hoping for Abe to come back..
Asma I think she was just looking around, maybe waiting for Abe, that makes sense..
Lauren Winters I have read this book multiple times and I have the same question as you! Although, recently, a friend who has also read the book told me she was just looking around. I hope that answers your question, I am sorry if t didn't. :)
George Rogers the small group that went to town occasionally for adventure and to record the present town folk probably followed him to the house to see who he was, and i agree the bird new he was on the island and probably sent them to investigate...
Ami Enoch talks about a game they play called "Raid the Village" where the children steal from the village. I assumed they had been doing that and heading back when they either spotted him or head the trunk fall and came to investigate. Granted, he also mentions Emma hating that game, but maybe she decided to tag along that time.
Ella I'm not completely sure about that myself, but I think it was because Emma and the others had to exit the loop to keep it open and they might have heard Jacob knock the trunk over and gone over, thinking it might've been Abe.
Amy (won't be online for a while. sorry to all the groups i'm in!)
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Kay~ She said once that Miss Peregrine allows them to pass to the present to keep the door open or something like that so maybe that's why.
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