Elise asked:

is this a true story

Jane Based on a personal experience, I truly believe it can happen and I believe it is a true story.
Diana I would say - yes.
Hadassah Barta This is a true story. I know a lot of Christians who have experienced near-death experiences. I know this guy is a Christian, and a Christian tells the truth. I am as well a Christian and if I was in Don Piper's spot, I would certainly share my story like he did. God bless you all! And enjoy reading the book
Lizzie It is most definitely true.
Eric Bjerke Certainly not. Many people have had near death experiences and "visits to Heaven." It is certainly a psychological phenomenon, but it can't be true if you believe what the Bible says about Heaven. Not only that, but these accounts often contradict each other!
Dr. Jackson David Reynolds, MD Yes, in the sense that the author seems to be sincere. No, in the sense that the author is clearly deluded. To quote from the final chapter of the book:

"Some may not believe my account; they may think it was some kind of wish fulfillment during a point of severe trauma. I don't have to defend my experience. I know what happened to me. For those of us whose faith is in the reality of heaven, no amount of evidence is necessary."

That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. End of story.
Susan Lawson It certainly could be and I personally believe it is. The documentation on this side is 100 % verifiable. And regarding his personal experience, why would he take a chance of being ridiculed and losing friends, family etc. If he didn't feel it was important to help people believe God and Heaven are real. God sends these people back to earth for very important reasons. He feels people are losing faith. People, for whatever reasons, have lost faith in Him, in that their is a Heaven their loved ones have passed to. Those are quotes taken from Theresa Caputo, the long island medium. If you think she is a fake, I challenge you to watch 4 or 5 episodes back to back. If you still feel she is a fake, I feel sorry for you, your mind is so closed, not a speck of light can get in. When she was asked, a devoted Catholic herself, why churches say not to believe in physics and mediums, she answers with, beck in those times, the physics were charlatan in those days. So believe what you want. Life is about love, healing and living life to the fullest. Good Luck :0)
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