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Should I read this book? Is it worth my time? Because I have heard about the movies and they don't look to good. Should I read this book?

Dodi Word of advice: Don't judge a book by its movie. The movies may not seem much but the books are incredible. Definitely worth your time :)
Lila YES!!!!!!!! The books are amazing and they are the reason I like reading so much. This series is life changing. Hope this helps!
Shruthi The books are soooo amazing! Best books I have ever read and I read a lot. The movies NEVER do justice. Movies can't get across emotions so they always lack that extra something that makes books amazing. The movies are okay but the books are amazing.
Martha YES READ THE BOOKS! i was in the same situation i had seen the first three movies and frankly i hated it and the entire concept of Harry Potter. I then read the books, despite my hatred for the first three movies, and FELL IN LOVE! The only thing i really liked about seeing the movies before i read the books is that i got a good visual of what the characters looked like. all in all, READ THE BOOKS :D
Avery Yeah, the only reason you should watch the movies in my opinion is because you've read the books. I wouldn't know half of the things going on if I hadn't read the books. The books are filled with texture and complicating yet intriguing stories and information, and creativity that the movie's only make a dent in representing. The movie's are really good- the books are a million times better.
Keena OMG! Yes! Please do! I just started a finished them a month ago; reading all of them again. I'm hooked!
Maya Behura Yes, definitely read this book! It is worth your time. Never judge a book by its movie because movie adaptions rarely capture the magic. The books are incredible.
Anagha The books are wayyyyy better than the movies. Honestly, I read the book and then I was looking forward to watching the movie and I was slightly disappointed. Overall, the book is way better. You should read it!!

I hope this helps :)
K. T. Yes, and some advice NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT"S MOVIE
Rachelle I love the books so much and the movies are really good but they leave stuff out that was in the movies.
peri no, cause all the characters suck. look at my reeview for a more in depth description
Giavonna Perciful Defiantly!!! They miss so much stuff in the movies and the books are way better
Anarmstrong You should DEFINITELY read the books. No matter what you heard about the movies, the book is worth while. All the books are so much better then all the movies. Definitely give them a shot.
Liz PLEASE don't judge the books by the movies in this case. The movies stick fairly close in terms of *plot,* but have a very distinct um.... atmosphere? that the book does not have. The movies just have this twisted, ugly look about them, that the books do not have. The books also have a LOT more going on, with intertwining subplots that are well handled, far better than the movies.
Lily Bomb definitely, this book is amazing
Kendall Absolutely! This is such a fantastic series. I had a hard time getting into them at first but when I finished the last book, I was sobbing. You fall in love with the characters and the fascinating wizarding world! This is definitely worth the read!! (And remember: Don't judge a book by its movie!)
Julia Just read the first chapter of the first book. If you're not into it, the series is not for you. If you're like me, that first chapter will fill you with curiosity, and will make the rest of the book fly by without you even realizing it. Then the next book... then the next...
Thomas Harry Potter was my launch pad for reading. I can't remember reading before Harry Potter (besides vague flashbacks to The Very Hungry Caterpillar), and it sparked my intense love of literature today. Don't judge the books by the movies; as many of us know, movies can often be a disappointment when put up against their paper counterparts. And in my opinion, they did rather well on the movies! But, of course, read the books first. That goes for any book.
Michael A. Gizara My answer is always YES to that particular question. As I am a voracious reader and have learned the hard way through previous experience to watch the movie first before reading the book, as if I do it the other way I am always disappointed in the movie but if
I read the books after I get more from the book
Leticia Porter I recently read the book and I liked it. I was skeptical to read since I tried a couple of years ago when I didn't read as much and I put it down straight away but now that I read more I tried it again. Seriously I loved it.
I think that you should just read it and block out any previous judgments that you or someone else have had :)
John Bell It is very much your choice if you want to read or not but its affected my life amazingly. These are the best books made in the universe. It truly Is magic and I really hope you read it!
Graham Mellon The movies have to fit everything on a screen, and they remove some of the smaller details that makes the book feel complete. The books capture the little details and the emotion and the plot perfectly. The movies felt like an incomplete mirror in comparison.
Erin everyone should read this book
Jennah Neale SO WORTH READING! These books are incredible. They are written amazingly by JK Rowling and you will not be able to stop reading them!
Josie Correa DEFIANTLY!!!!!!!!!! It's sooooo Awesome
Rebecca Weston You should DEFINITELY read the books. No matter what you heard about the movies, the book is worth while. All the books are so much better then all the movies. Definitely give them a shot.
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