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Can anyone tell me the target audience for Sharp Objects? I'm a 22 year old male, and I enjoyed Gone Girl. Would I be interested in this book, or is it targeted more towards females?

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Brann Dies Lol just read the book dude. I really enjoyed it, and it felt fresh for me to read a book where the main characters are all (fucked up) women from a female POV
Jason Hicks i mean... who cares.

if you enjoy it, you enjoy it. i don't know/care who its intended audience is but your dick isn't going to fall off if it is more geared towards women.
Shruthi I don't think 'Sharp Objects' or any book for that matter is to be generalised for a particular gender only.. including fair tales. Gillian Flynn's book is a disturbing psychological thriller and anybody who appreciated books that delve deep into the characters will enjoy the book. It is not action packed but very gripping.
However the only limitation I would add is that it may not be appropriate for a very young audience as the book is quite graphic and disquieting. If you are very easily disturbed by graphic books then this book may not be for you.
Ashley Fox I don't think that Sharp Objects is aimed more for women. It is more graphic than Gone Girl, but less gory than Dark Places. I read all three recently and I liked Dark Places best, followed by Sharp Objects, then Gone Girl. What I didn't like about Gone Girl was the fact that I knew there was a plot twist (not the fault of the author) and I guessed what it was. I was able to guess half of the ending of Sharp Objects (there was still a surprise that I didn't see coming) but with Dark Places there were so many characters and situations that I really couldn't guess what the outcome was until I read it.
Rachel Like all of Flynn's novels Sharp Objects is gritty and raw... Sure to be enjoyed by women and men alike.
Karla Just finished all of Flynn's 3 books and I liked Sharp Objects the best of the three. I really think her books are not targeted to women only. If you enjoy her twisty writing you will like all her books. Be ready if you read Dark Places....it is indeed Dark, sad and depressing I thought.
Peter Swanson This book is definitely not gender biased. I'm a 70-year-old male and I thought it was amazing.
Jayna I feel that her writing and style is pretty universal. If anything, I feel Gone Girl leans towards females more than her other two.
In my opinion, Dark Places is the best, followed by Sharp Objects. So if you enjoyed Gone Girl, you have no where to go but up!
Leann I have read 3 of her books, the first being 'Gone Girl' which I absolutely loved, therefore I purchased the other 2. 'Sharp Objects' was the second one I read and absolutely hated it! It's was slow and not anything like the other I read, even the writing was terrible. It took me a long time to pick up 'Dark Places' because of my disappointment in the last disaster, but I'm so glad I gave it a shot! I read it in 2 days because I couldn't put it down! 'Dark Places' reinstated my faith in this author and I would consider getting the next book when released. 'Sharp Places' to me wasn't gory or disturbing like others may say, but maybe I'm just not sensitive to things like that. The problem with it was everything! I don't want to spoil anything if you choose to waste your time reading it, but I would advise against it. Luckily, 'Sharp Objects' was the shortest of the 3 books, but it took me the longest to read because it never once hooked me. I usually finish a book in 2 days when I can't put it down, but that took me twice as long and I was half the size, that's saying something! Once again, I recommend skipping that one and just stick to 'Gone Girl' and 'Dark Places'. I suppose we all have our opinions and often they vary drastically, so who am I to discourage... oh well. Oh, and this author doesn't write specifically catering towards women/girls, they are good reads to all!
Lobstergirl You are correct in your belief that the world is divided into books for females, and books for males, and never the twain shall meet. Do not under any circumstances attempt to read a book not intended for your gender. That said, I'm not sure who this book was intended for so I can't help you there.
M.J. Brannigan I'm for sure a guy, and a novice author, in the middle of reading Sharp Objects. I won't read any spoilers yet but am absolutely loving this. My criteria for loving a book is, of course, a good story. But my favorite thing about good writing is the turn of a phrase that is ALSO a wonderful insight into our humanity. She is doing that in spades so far. What Gillian Flynn does with her writing in this book is what I hope to achieve as an author myself some day. Who knows if I can - but she sets a high bar worthy of trying to meet. So yes - read it as a man and see if it makes any difference when you're done.
Michael Schott the author is so darn good anyone will appreciate her writing
Melisa Oh...I think you'll like it. It's more about rough family dynamics and psychological issues than girly stuff. Definitely not girly. Real.

This looks like I'm posting 2 years after the fact. I'm curious. Did you read it? Did you like it?
Mike I don't think that there is a particular target audience. I am a 36yo male, and I'm really enjoying the really messed up female main characters. Drunk, scarred (physically and emotionally), kinda mean.
Michael Frounfelter I just read books that are good and this one so far is good.

If you are looking for targeted audience fiction do a search on YouTube for Carl's Jr videos and print ads.
Liz Skip it... I think Gone Girl was amazing, but this one is very basic. Maybe it is targeted more at girls (teen or early 20's). Maybe it's just bad and it's not a matter of demographics.
Pooja It's targeted towards people; I hope against hope that's your question. Beware though, it's written by a woman. Might destroy you.
Lara haha I hope you read it and realized your dick didn't fall after.
Rory Socket its predominately written from female point of view but well worth your time
Book Worm for people who don't flinch to gruesome acts of animal cruelty
DrKmW I also liked Sharp Objects very much. I read it twice. I was more impressed by “Sharp Objects” than “Gone Girl.”
I believe that women might be a better audience than male readers. Knowing something about self-harming disorders and Munchausen diseases are useful.
Saina Pradhan This book is definitely PG-13. It is quite graphic and there are scenes of self-harm too. I was 17 when I read this and people under 16 should not read this book. But as you are 22, you can and will enjoy this. It's great. And to hell with Gender-based reads. Go ahead and read it. It is an underrated book and it doesn't matter what kind of audience you are as long as you like books that give you insight into what certain things can become.
Marvin Menjívar If you liked Gone Girl, you might like any of the three novels written by Gillian Flynn.
Melanie Costello I think it would be worth your while. I Enjoyed it and it had great twists that I appreciated reading. It took about half the time to read this as Gone Girl. It's not as graphic as Gone Girl but more mentally disturbing.
Colleen I liked it much better than Gone Girl. The ending is a lot less predictable and the entire book is more suspenseful.
Kim Lopez how graphic is this book?
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