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It's not right i dislike it, because we aren't fishes we are human being "If you turned me on i can control and turned me off but if i really liked you even if you turned me off i can turn myself on for you" Remember those words :D cause i'm serious

Andreina I agree with Dina :)!
And with all due respect... as a rational human being I find that whole idea just offensive and ridiculous. Not every girl is as desperate as they should be to fall for that kind of stuff.... you would have to assume every girl on the planet is led by their emotions and not their reason... oh yes, those do also exist...

SERIOUSLY... when a guy i don't like looks at my lips (as they're supposed to do according to the book)... IT GIVES ME THE CREEPS, i mean it... it already happened and is not attractive at all.

Yes, girls are pre-selective, yet the whole idea of breaking a girl's pre-selection ability or trying to modify their pre-selective choice in your favor is just ABSURD. That's practically assuming that no women has emotional intelligence... That's why i mentioned the word RIDICULOUS...

But if we look at things from the perspective of a girl who does fall for it... this whole idea is seriously disturbing. Many men (latinos mostly) already do what they want with many women under the "Macho" concept, if you add this to it, it's just a bunch of men trying to "use" as many toys they can have access to. As they weren't given the key to enter at the beginning, they just break the lock so they can get themselves in and out as many times they want. That's diabolic, seriously diabolic... women do have their pre-selective ability for a reason, didn't you think about that? that girls are extremely sensitive and these things DO have a purpose? that you might be a little bit selfish and evil by doing that kind of stuff to them conscientiously? I know there is a God and I know all those things will have consequences, i just hope more girls be aware of this kind of stuff so they don't get played with.

Oh... and btw, in the end, if a girl doesn't feel loved, they all end up feeling some emptiness inside, it kills them... after all, we are not toys, we are people.
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