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1. Are all the critics here Republicans? 2. Was the advancement of rights for blacks and colored people good for America I ask those same critics? 3. Are people saying that lies and mistruths are stated by Follet, because they refuse to believe the truths of what crimes whites did to blacks, the corruption in police forces, and bigots in State governments?

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Sandi 1. Even Democrats can see the bias. 2. To much about racism and little about the rest of the century. 3. There were too many distortions. Facts should have been checked.

For me, a sad finish. Loved the first two. Why do writers need to get into politics? This country is far greater than this portrayal!
William Villalobos I am 95% on this book and I am struggling to finish it because his bias is too much. I am a Republican that can see past failures and recognize errors but this book is too much. It is definitely the worst of the trilogy. I was born in Cuba and it hurts to see the way he portraits anti Castro fighters as criminals and never mentioning all the suffering that Castro has brought - still is - to the Cuban people. His vision of the proxy wars in Central America were also biased and very naive. What a shame!
Craig It annoys me when people jump on a work of nonfiction claiming political bias. It is simply the way some people are trained to read about modern history and it is frustrating. Notice how there was no outrage over the portrayal of Wilson in part 1 or FDR in part 2. Once you start talking about Reagan however, all bets are off. Just enjoy the novel for the families we've followed for over 3000 pages and leave political feelings out of it.
Bevan Lewis I'll come to the author's defence and say that a novel has to have drama, so is going to show more of the injustices and hardships than the positives perhaps. That said I think his choice for the US of Civil Rights, Cuba and Vietnam as being the 'big stories' of the sixties is pretty sound. He certainly doesn't whitewash the Eastern block, and there are positives portrayed, hence why Jasper Murray and Dave Williams move there and enjoy success for example.
JFK is handled in a very balanced way - his flaws personally and in politics are clear.
Diane Simmons No, we just know our history. JFK may have done some great things while in office, but he was a lousy husband. Fact, not mistruth.
Bill Garrison 1. Probably...because the book isn't offensive to Democrats. 2. Absolutely the advancement of rights were good for everyone. 3. I think Follett is most likely right about the bad, but he fails to acknowledge the good. And I didn't have a problem with civil rights era betrayal because it was before my time, so I don't have first hand knowledge.
Andrew Obrigewitsch 1. No, I'm reading it right now, and I don't find it as good as the first 2. And I don't see why Follet had to put a sex scene in every single chapter. I also find it offensive that he write MLK as having an affair. But I did like many parts of it.
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