Elizabeth asked:

This book sucks can you guys tell me if it is good?

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Amber. I honestly hated it so much. sorry not sorry. The characters annoyed me and the plot just wasn't good. give it a try if you want, you might like it.
Rachel R This book is amazing! READ IT!!!
Addison Dixon I thought it was pretty good--a cute romance story. However, it's your own opinion if you didn't like it, and it's fine. The second half did get a little boring (to me!!) though. You might enjoy Divergent, The Hunger Games or The Selection, if you haven't already read them.
KM Davis Its a bit rough getting through this first book. The love obsession gets annoying,and the creativity seems to have been taken from the giver. But with that said, you have to read it to understand the rest of the series. The second book is so much better than the first, with adventure and a bit of mystery and a bit less of the love obsession.
Ahemx If the primary character doesn't annoy you from the beginning you will like it, if she annoys you, you will want to stick a fork in your eye. I personally liked her and could connect with her. It's so personal, trust your instincts.
Elizabeth it is amazing you guys back me up ppl im trying to incourage her
Brittany Quarters This is the best book ever written. Why do you say it sucks?
Allie No offense but it's a real copycat of like the Giver and Delirium. This cheesy nonsense about planned lives and assigned matches. Don't get me wrong, I loved Delirium, but there are just too many books that have same/really similar plots.
Ella Grace Personally i don't think its amazing. Its good enough but in some places it is extremely dull!!
Stacey Miner I'm only a hundred pages in, and so far I've concluded that this is the most realistically horrifying YA dystopia I've ever read. More likely as a possible future than what is described in the Hunger Games or Divergent series. I haven't seen what is "sooooooooo romantic" about it yet. I was disgusted in the first eight pages by the gender stereotypes and hint that children are trained to want nothing more their whole lives than to be partnered with a member of the opposite sex. Then I got further in and realized that this entire Society is controlling the lives of everyone and wanted to scream in terror. If this book does not give you chills of fear in the beginning, I'm disappointed in you as a human being. Cassie is a much more likable female protagonist than many others I've stumbled across, though. I can't say I relate to her, but I don't outright hate her, so that's something.
Brittany Lange I enjoyed this book very much. I think it is a bit unrealistic, but after all it does take place in the future, so who knows what's going to happen in a hundred years? But I loved the characters and the plot. I think that if you like futuristic novels with a little bit of romance, you'll enjoy this book as I did.
Laikin It is an amazing book. I had a lot of fun reading it.
Izzy I absolutely DESPISED this book. I liked the general idea, but ouch! I have never cringed so much in my life...
Jklkjh It is your honest own opinion. Read the book, if you want! :D My opinion: I disliked this book very much. Although the main idea of the story is very interesting, the author could work on bringing it out. The entire book is slow paced, and her obsession with love is a little unnatural. In fact, the author repeats the same problem over and over, without variation. It simply got a little dull. I couldn't finish it. :(

If you enjoy reading this style of writing, try other dystopian books. Such as: The Hunger Games, which is my personal favorite! XD Or Divergent, which is also very interesting!
Danica I don't know what you guys are talking about, I quite enjoyed this book! I thought it was really sweet and I like Cassia, she doesn't annoy me, especially not compared to some characters *cough, cough, Lena from Delirium*. I can see where others are coming from, but I just kind of had fun reading it.
Tink I didn't personally like it but its like a 50/50 chance you'll like it. i liked the characters and the whole premise of the book was good and interesting but it felt like nothing really major happened in it.
Liberty I couldn't even finish it. That is rare. It was so boring, and sounded like it was copied from other dystopian books I've read. Also, Cassia was so annoying and wasn't very smart.
. i read this book in like seventh grade or something and thought it was good but looking back on it, its just like every other book that straight people write about "oh but what if love was illegal" its all the same stuff and frankly its boring because they dont really know how it is when your love is illegal- plus if i remember correctly, its kinda boring and the conflicts are all standard miscommunication and/or jealousy thats rather annoying and the plot kind of veers off a bit in the last two. idk read it for yourself but...
Apsara Honestly, it did suck. I totally hated it. If you didn't like it then definitely don't read the second book because it just gets worse.
Alyssa I loved this book, and I believe anyone who enjoyed Divergent will love this book too.
Lana Rhoads I personally enjoyed it and I am now in the middle of reading Crossed, the second book. It can be dull at parts, but at the same time it was a good, easy book to read.
Inayat One of the best books I've ever read. The ending made me cry...

I did actually read this book.....

But i hated it
it is so boring and the main character urghhhh. i see why people like it i honestly do but i was expecting action and drama and an actual romance.
but its just my opinion and sometimes i want to RANT

Adelaide Awesome 😎 book yeet!!!!2018 folks
Eden M I love this book, I bought the whole series and I found myself emotionally attached to the characters. Although Ky seems perfect for Cassia, I didn't really know who would've been better for Cassia in the end, Ky or Xander?

P.s If you didn't like this book, I recommend reading The Testing, it was good! I find myself reading lots of dystopian novels.
Anjola Sanni I read the series until the third book which I never finished. The problem with this book is that there is no proper plot which annoyed me. But that's just my opinion.
Chelle I have read this series 3 times now. I cannot express how much I enjoy this series.
Katelyn Johnson I loved it. I honestly do not see why everyone else is rating 1-2 stars, saying that it's "your typical love triangle". No, in fact, it isn't. She is chosen to be with one, and told she can't be with another. I know that a lot of stories are bases off of these things, but it definitely has its own feeling and uniqueness. I read it in two days flat and loved every bit.
Bella The frist book is ok but the 2nd and 3rd are boring.
Oliver You have to know what your looking for in a book to try and pick this one up. Because if your looking for YA Dystopian Novels this might do it but other than that try and read it because im in no position to tell you what you should and shouldnt do
Mcoombs The main girl cassia is super annoying, and sort of a hypocrite.
Ellen DePew It's one of my favorite book's personally
*Amelia* It is well written and has interesting ideas and great writing. It's also very clean. I hated it though, because in my opinion there was WAY to much romance. The author wrote another book, Atlantia, and it had all of the good stuff from this series, but a sweeter, less moony romance.
Frances Well, 2 of my friends are reading it, and the LOVE IT!

Frances: That is my name too!
Kylie People either love or hate this book. I hated it. I didn't like the main character or the idea in the world of controlling love.
Alex this book is soooo boring!!! It takes 5 years for ANYTHING to happen!!! i get where the author was coming from when writing this book, but its just BORING! There is nothing really original about this book!! its a very slow read, and overall, just not great. Its sorta like the giver and hunger games mixed badly. The storyline overall, is bad.
Tara Grebeans I really liked the first book, but as I went on in the series I was less interested. I do encourage you to read this book and stick with the series if you like it.
Avaminn F'nett This one is sort of okay, I guess. I enjoyed it when I read it but when I look back I realize how dreadful it is.
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