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If Renesmee and Jacob have a kid, will it be 1/4 human, 1/4 vampire, and 1/2 werewolf? The imprinting discussions in the books suggests that werewolves only imprint on fertile partners. . .Or am I already thinking more than Meyer did? :)

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AJ Santos Actually it wouldn't be any part werewolf because Jacob is not a werewolf. It would be a 1/4 shapeshifter. In theory she could develop her own animal to shapeshift into.
A cool plot twist/alternate universe she shapeshifts into a raven or something.
Hmmmm, maybe I will write some fan fiction.

Anyone wanna see this?
Jodie Mathews It would be 1/2 human and 1/4 werewolf and 1/4 vampire
SassyReaders I think Renesmee can have a child because she is 1/2 human so her body may be compatible to having a child. The child would be 1/4 human, 1/4 vampire, and 1/2 werewolf. in my opinion.
Mackenzie Walsh When I thought of this i considered 1/3 Human 1/3 vampire and 1/3 werewolf/shapeshifter.
At least that's what I'm thinking.
AJ Nachtrieb dude, who knows. I get really into books for a while. I thought it was good than I thought about the plot and all the stuff, turn out it sucks.
Lexi Woodland You're right. Their child would be 1/4 human, 1/4 vampire and 1/2 werewolf, which would make them a threat to the Volturi. Renesmee is fertile as she is 1/2 human. The only aspect of herself that is a vampire is that she'll never age after she matures and she drinks blood.
Kate I'm not sure! (;

There's a fourth chance that she wouldn't be able to have kids because vampires never age and seven years after her birth she'll stop growing, unless she had one before then. If they did, I would say it would be a hybrid of some sorts, though I can't tell you what! Meyer did say that, except for possibly Midnight Sun, (Twilight from Edward's perspective. Unfinished, it was leaked onto the internet illegally. Meyer is unsure if she's going to ever finish it) there will most likely not be any more Twilight books, because 'Twilight is Bella's story.' Now that she's a vampire and she's had a kid and nobody wants to kill her or her family very violently, there isn't really anywhere to go.
Jordan Tucker Anyone else think of Lycans from Underworld lol
Mukunda No, like in the case of Renesmee, we see that the Vampire CHaracteristics are dominant and subdue as seen in renesmee,s and Nahuel and his sister's preference to blood than human food though both can sustain them. The child may be more like half vampire and half werewolf. Although in this case also a dominanc of genes could be shown. Technically you are right but higher probablities are to my theory. I am a great fan of the series, and I have also been wondering like you and had reached similar thought processes as you had reached but my theories have refined with time. The child's wolf form would be likely be bigger than even Jacob due to the theory of Sam's. Whether it's Immortality will be like that of the wolves, who can choose to move on at a point or like the vampires who always stay at the same age, after the child's maturation will also be a play of genes and also may vary from generation to generation. The transformations may be more efficient and more controlled
Pamela Reband She'd be quarter vampire, 3/4 human with the possibility of being a shape shifter, how big would depend upon how dominant the shape shifting trait is.
susan green 1\4 vampire and 1\4 human from renesmee and 1\4 human 1/4 wolf from jacob. So total is 1\2 human 1\4 vampire and 1\4 wolf. If the child took equally from both parents. Remember Jacob is 1\2 human and will age again when he stops turning wolf.
Masooma Remeber in the novel... Jacob and Leah were discussing how werewolves will only imprint on people who are best fit to carry the gene. Therefore... the author has informed us that if Jacob and Renesmee were to have a kid... he/she would be a werewolf. Yes they will be a 1/4 vampire... but honestly that won’t be shown much since the kid will already possess super speed... strength... healing... etc from its werewolf half
MKB-mykindabook I think Renesmee could have a child, but like Renesmee, it would eat its way out of the womb causing Renesmee to die because unlike Bella Renesmee cannot be turned in to a vampire but like many people said she would have to have this baby before she stopped growong
Masha I agree with people who said she can't have kids. Remember what was said about the child like her being unable to age once he was seven? And unless she's having sex as a seven year old...
Kaitlynn Mino Well if you haven't read the 4th book of the twilight series. READ THE BOOK. Because when Marcus said that the wolves were werewolf Aro told him that they were actually shape shifters and the animal could be any animal a bear, a fox, or a snake.
Evenstar Yes you are. Unfortunately there was no thinking going on when this book was written.
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