Adam asked:

i have read this book and the end i hade a ? about. at the end rowly eat the chess then the book ended. but in the movie the end was getting there year books and stuff like that. why was that part not in the book

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Charlie Movies are never the same Adam.
Coffee Store Guy He eats the chess? That's crazy rich!
Cole stop spoiling, there are other people that want to find out how it ends by them selves!!!!
Anjali lol27 Yo Adam,the movies are different than books.
Fausto Benitez Movies are different than books in many, many ways.
Cassandra The books are quite frequently different than the movies, because they like to change story lines so it's easier for the viewers to understand, because you are physically seeing something unlike reading it and imagining it in your mind.
Take Harry Potter for example the books have some major differences from the movies.
Harry Pridmore sometimes, the movie makers, don't think that the book would always bring up a crowd, so they add some parts so it is like magic.
Lina D Movies either take away or add stuff to keep you on the edge of your seat (or at least try :)
Savannah because 1 they didnt have enough spce and 2 the books and movies are different
Maggie Delikat Isn't the movie from the 3rd book?
Josh I don't think the author found it important
Demiyah Highsmith
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Mateo That I think is true.
Havana Blum This is because the book was written before the movie. Also, when stories go from book to movie, they often change to some extent.
Tejas K the book was made first bro , and movies cant copy the book's storyline word to word else no will want to watch it
Your Mum yeh or they wanted a little different spark to it you know
Kenneth Conley they write the books before they make the movie
they will decide that they want to make more parts in the movie then in the book
Kaston I hate u Adam

Kayla O i think its because the people who made the movie didn't want to get copyrighted but idk if that's right
Jeremiah Adam, Movies and Books don't have EXACTLY the content it's supposed to have. They make movies more dissimilar just because they don't want to end up being spoilers
Annoyingmarshmello1 Most of the time movies are never the same as the books. They have the same concept, but things may be different Adam.
Bob Pomeroy The movie is usually different than the book
Patricia Vogelman
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Ethan this a coll and old movie they need to make a new movie.
Amiynah Jones the movie put the first book in it and some of rodrick rules in it, then the second one was a mix between the second book and the 3rd
Payton Bellings The movie is based off the first couple books
Vimbai Shoko I think because at times like last straw he said that he out of paper maybe that's they didn't finish or wanted to a surprise.
Katelyn It's a good book
John Doe This movie was the book but they added more and changed some stuff
Alice Sanders Yeah like in harry potter they miss out tons in the film
Sebastian Diaz hey Fausto like Charlie said movies are never the same from the book
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