Leo asked:

Why isn't this book told from Louie's point of view? Wouldn't it make it more interesting?

Marji Morris Anytime you use a first person narrator, it makes the story more "immediate" but you lose perspective. You can only tell what that character sees and hears. By using a 3rd person narrator, the author can give other info she gleaned from her research. It's a tough call to decide which narrator will do the job best in a given book.
Tom Because it is nonfiction, and Louie didn't write the book.
Hana Candelaria Possibly because the auto bio was already written before 'unbroken,' which is also a terrific read. You might want to check out Devil At My Heels.
Anita Elder It's a biography, not an autobiography.
Larry Loftis Because Zamperini did it ... twice. He wrote two memoirs about his experience (which, mysteriously, Hillenbrand did not mention).
Kenzie Derstine This is a good question but, I think it is important to also understand how this book brings in so much information and facts about that time. It would be hard to incorporate if it was in first person. Also, because it is non-fiction is might have been easier to express what was happening all around the world not just where he was.
Zoethereader Well... I am glad you asked ! the answer is DRUMROLL PLEASE.............

it was an biography
Jack Because you wouldn't get to see all the other details about the war and people.
Boy Blue Because Laura Hillenbrand. That's why. The last one she wrote was about a horse. Clearly you can't get a horse to write it's own book and I guess she just got the habit from there. But if you want the first person account Devil at My Heels or A World War II Hero's Epic Saga of Torment, Survival, and Forgiveness will give you what you need.
Timoty It is hard to know if the person is adding made up events to the story
Wayne An excellent book. Always love to read a good book before seeing it at the movies as the movies typically add flare that wasn't there. I thought that the author did a great job in writing this book and although it was much about Louie she was able to direct the book around Louie and the others that were with him as they are all key to the event. Very well done!!!!
Teri I think it could be interesting but not more interesting. I think his story is so large anyoneʻs humbleness would possibly diminish the truth.
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