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Why did Nana kill herself? Was she mentally unstable? Or simply consumed with grief because Mariam went to go see her father?

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Rojaly Nana had been a socially rejected person after her unwanted pregnancy. Even before being made pregnant she was a lowly servant in the huge household of Jalim. being abandoned by her own father and rejected by Jalim for marriage she had realized the futility of her own life in a cruel sadistic male dominated Herat. Though Jalim built a Kolba, a thatched house and provided ration regularly for her and Mariam it was out of his own selfish penance, not truely out of love. Nana knew that Jalim had once rejected her and his love for his illegitimate child was not whole hearted. She knew that though Mariam was a "harami", a bastard she was her own. Mariam was her own blood and her last living relative. Consumed with hatred and vengeance Nana had become a bitter person but rooted deep insde her was an insecurity regarding Mariam's love for her father and his gifts & stories. But Mariam unaware of the big bad world was consumed by curiosity and she decided to leave the Kolba inspite of her mother's begging and threats. And when Mariam leaves Nana becomes desolate and hopeless. Being separated from the outer world of Herat and confined within the four walls of the Kolba for around 16 years, she finds herself lonely and without the emotional support of her daughter. And she was a patient of epilepsy and probably a mental patient too. She finds a better option in suicide than in living a desolate life without her life support system, her daughter Mariam.
Flora D'souza She was combination of both mentally unstable and one who suffered from isolation,being lonely made her a bitter person;yes she was consumed with grief;Jalim didn't accept her nor did her father.She was living a lonely life with only daughter who was more inclined to her so called father.Mariam inclination towards her father,her love and amount of trust for her father made her insecure and scared.As she was the one who knew that person is not trustworthy,she was the one who knew that, let whatever may happen Jalim would never accept Mariam as his daughter infront of the world.This bitter truth she tried to explain Mariam so many times but it was fruitless.
Izida Combination of both.
Diwali L She was incredibly mentally unstable. It was only a matter of time before something that Mariam did that proved she was a separate entity from Nana drove her to do this.
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