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what would be the age rating for this ? im 14 and im not sure if this is appropriate ?

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Judy Desetti As a middle school librarian my vote is NOT appropriate for a 14 yr old. Give yourself about 2 or 3 more years and come back to it. Books don't go away, they will still be available in a few years when you have more life experiences and can understand the depth of emotions for the characters and events.
Cyndy As an adult, I found this book deeply disturbing. I would advise you to wait. I'm sure it will be around for awhile given the popularity of the author.
Taeyamarie I'm 14 and I've read it. personally these are the books I like, but it does depend on maturity.
Heather Nowak I think it depends on what type of books you are already reading. Personally, at 14 I was reading Steven King and VC Andrews. I think both of them are more twisted than this book. But if you are a reader that prefers the Harry Potter type books, then steer clear.
Nicole Rutherford At your age, if you're looking for something a little dark and intense but more age appropriate I would go for Mary Higgins Clark books. She's a great mystery/thriller/suspense writer but without some of the more mature content you see in novels by Flynn or Stephen King.
Frances L Main Nope not for a 14 year-old. By the time you're old enough to drive maybe but not quite yet. You can't un-think think some of the darker images.
Alaska Young do what you want i'm sure you have heard or read worst i for one really like this book and i'm 15. you should read this book i recommend it. the book is like life not everything can end is happily ever after.
Catherine Agreed. I am 22 years old and found some of it pretty hard to stomach. Awesome read for when you are older!
Abby As someone who was 14 not too long ago, I can tell you the sex stuff probably won't be the disturbing part. But the descriptions of gore and violence are pretty vivid, so if you have a wild imagination and are sensitive to that kind of stuff, be cautious.
Alan Johnson Its definitely fine
Linda C If you have to ask, the answer is NO. Otherwise, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Everyone should be free to make their own choices about what they read, whether they are 7, 14, or an adult. It's hard enough to get kids to read, don't censor their choices.
Allison I read it when I was 14. I was fine- I think adults think we're not as mature as a lot of us are. It's twisted, but no more twisted than any horror movie. I'm pretty squeamish and I was fine with the violence aspect; the cursing isn't a big deal; there's minimal sex and substance use.

If you don't get creeped out easily, go for it.
Trinity Curtis I love this book, has to be one of my favorites, right next to the black Company by Glen Cook.
I am only 13 years old, younger then you, and like to consider myself very mature for my age.
On the subject of being to young to read this book, I don't think anyone who can't handle gore, sexual content, or cursing should read it.
But age is just a number, and a lot of people in these comments think that your age means you can't handle this book, well, if you believe that you're mature enough to handle it then go for it! Don't let anyone in the comments stomp your liking of this -mind I say- AMAZING title.

~ Trinity
Amy (心怡) I'm 14 and I've read it. It really just depends on your maturity. Don't read it if you're sensitive to gore.
S It honestly depends on the person, if you know that your level of maturity can cope with disturbing topics being discussed in fiction and enjoy this type of literature then go for it. I am 14 too and Gillian Flynn has quickly become one of my favourite writers, I really enjoy how dark and twisted her stories are and find that her exploration of characters is amazing.
Emma It all depends on how mature you are and if you can handle murder books
Pisey i have read sharp objects and i'm also 14. it's depend on a lot of things like your taste and maturity. since i love this kind of disturbing book, i actually absorbed every words easily. you will need to decide for yourself. if you can't be able to read this, just wait for another 2 years and come back, it's not late.
Janie Agee I'm much older and I'm sorry I read it. It is well written but too disturbing. I'm going to try to forget every part of this book.
Beth This book is for adults, not appropriate for 14 year olds. Just because it is about children, does not mean anyone under the age of 18 should read it. You are right to feel disturbed about it. IT is also disturbing for adults, but adults can much better handle the material. talk to your parents or a librarian about books suitable for kids your age. THERE ARE a lot of great books for 14 year Olds out there. In the mean time, talk to your parents about the upsetting material in this book. they can help you feel better. Remember, this book is fiction, not a true story. I am glad you had the courage to ask this question about this book. good for you!
Bobbie Not age-appropriate for 14. It is disturbing. Take a pass on this one. Try something else. Have you read any John Green?
Matt Fitz Hanya. This is a pretty mature book. Not all 14 year olds are a like (and at 14, we're all pretty bad at assessing our own maturity) but it would have to be a pretty well-read and mature 14 year old familiar with familiarity and experience in this genre to read this book. I would use your own estimation as a guide where you say "I'm not sure if this is appropriate" as a starting point. I think, also, you would enjoy this book more at 16 or older because of the intense visualization. I'm a lifelong-reader (Stephen King and horror genre in my teens) and a former high school english teacher. That's why I would put this book in the 16 year old category. If your parents expect to provide input, you should certainly defer to them. If they give you broad discretion, I reiterate your own position of "not being sure" on this one. If reading Gone Girl got you here, this book is a bit more visually disturbing than GG.

I also agree with Judy Desetti below. The book isn't going away. You will still be able to come back to it at 16. :-)
Ashley Baker If it was a movie itd definitely be rated R. Hope that helps
Abm234 Not appropriate for 14.
Ellie I'm 15 and I've read it when i was 14, but it does depend on maturity.
Anthonywne I would say yes. Maybe not 11 or 12 but 13 and over is a perfect age for the novel. After all it is a novel, it is supposed to be read.
Beth Ashley Perfectly fine!
Matterhörnli Definitively not appropriate, read it when you are 30! The book leaves bad feelings and scares you.
Namoos Qasmi 20 at-least. This book is not for teenagers! But this doesn't mean you should never read it, wait for the right time.
Patti No, I do not think that this is appropriate for middle school reading. This story is very dark and does not rely on reality for its basis.
Louise McDougall At 14 you might want to try Sophie McKenzie. She writes good thrillers but in the YA genre. Be warned because she does end every chapter on a cliffhanger which will make you keep turning pages
Aali Im the same age and i read it, it does have very disturbing things in it but i found the book very interesting and it was good, it depends on how you can handle it or if you can,, but i think you should read it
Luke Christian I vote Maybe! wait til you learn how the world works before reading this novel. However if you can handle Flynn's violent sequences, then go for it! let's be honest at least she isn't reading "50 shades of grey" if your wise teenager (who is not an amateur!). Then the read the book!
aPriL does feral sometimes No. Just, no. Not appropriate.
Dean Hanya, as a previous 14 year old who didn't ask this question and ended up reading a book that was extremely upsetting to me, I would agree with several previous comments that it has VERY disturbing and graphic content. I would (personally) give it a little time and come back to it.
Eila Zalles I recomend you to read Rainbow Rowell, she has great books and more appropiate for your age :)
Etain Feeley Approach with caution, it may disturb you if you are of a sensitive nature and don't read it without parental suppervision.
Jennifer tell your parents it's gory and there are several sex scenes. Let them decide.
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