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Which book should I read, Game of Thrones or Eye of the World?

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Rebekah Both are the first book in a long series, set in a richly developed fantasy world. Both will require commitment to read. If you read A Song of Ice and Fire, you will throw your books across the room when your favorite characters are killed off. You will turn away in disgust at rape, child murder, incest, and mutilation. If you read Wheel of Time, you will slog through long chapters of unnecessary detail. Both original authors have not been able to finish their epic series, but Robert Jordan died and Brandon Sanderson finished it for him! If you can only read one, I would read the one that has been completed. Or go read Mistborn! Man, Sanderson knows how to finish a series.
Matt Skeels The Eye of the World is a clone of Fellowship of the Ring and there's little character development. I'd recommend Game of Thrones all the way.
ayca ermis Definitely read Eye of the World.Both of them are awesome,but personally I think Wheel of time series is just genius.
Publius I would go with the Wheel of Time because it is a finished series.

Keep in mind that when Jordan first wrote Eye of the World the market was saturated with Lord of the Ring clones, so the first book does share some similarities because everyone thought that it should; however, the series as a whole is nothing like Lord of the Rings.

Also take some of the criticism that you read about the series with a grain of salt. Some people soured on The Wheel of Time because they were tired of waiting for the final book. As a 14 book series there are only 3 books that I would describe as slow, and only 1 that I would say is bad. Pretty good for a 14 book series IMO.
Ashley . . . why can't you read both?
Avaminn F'nett Both! Both are amazing books! Read Game of Thrones first, though - the series is much shorter than The Wheel of Time. (And also unfinished, you can read Wheel of Time while you wait for The Winds of Winter)
Marlowe Wheel of Time. Leave ASOIF alone for now. It's just too heartbreaking to get to the end of whatever book has come out last and realize that you have more than a decade ahead of you to wait for a conclusion.

I really wish I had just insulated myself from GoT hype and waited until the series was fully released.

In the meantime, WoT is great. Go for it!
Landsharkbear eye of the world: pg13 version of g.o.t. with more naive characters. 14 books and concluded
g.o.t.: sex, violence, incest, death, death, awesome characters, if you like disney movies stay away from this one. 5 books released 2 more coming

personally i like g.o.t. better. both are good though
Niria A Game of Thrones.
Tessa Game of Thrones.
John Murray Considering Eye of the World? Don't do it. You have a lot to live for. Easy, easy now. Put that book down. Gently slide it over this way.

I've actually read this in its entirety and never before I read anything so amaterish in my life. Terrible delivery, terrible pacing, terrible and predictable plot. Terrible.

Its only redeeming factor is that by pure dumb luck, it happened to inspire a several fantasy writers that would go on to produce much more respectable work. I consider this the beta version of contemporary fantasy.
Mariano Game of Throne and Eye of the World are VERY different books.

GoT is more adult oriented, EotW is child friendly (as far as I can remember). However I dont feel GoT is more mature than EotW in any way, it's just more in your face with the unpleasant stuff.

To like ASoIaF you really need to like court intrigues ecc, it's pretty much a political game where players do all kinds of terrible shit to each other. it's more down to earth so to speak, but also petty at times. I swear it gave me that telenovelas drama vibe at a certain point that I just had to stop reading after some 3 books. Far as I remember there isnt much action in it at all. The author can write though.

WoT is... well just read it already, you'll like it if it's your cup of tea otherwise...try something else. =)

edit: I replied to a question of a year ago? oh well
Greg Hegeman This is an Epic Fantasy that follows 3 boys and their journey through discovery and growth. I have recommended this to dozens of friends, and they have all enjoyed it. Both books are worth reading, but, unlike GoT, you get to become emotionally invested in these characters and you get to follow them thru their high and low moments in life.
Chris Game of Thrones.
Josiah Mcfeeters Eye of the world. If you like a great story and like following very good character's with tons of development.
Eddy Klein GAMEOF THRONES!!!!!
Anthoney Both sets are good. Martins books are dark and gritty. There is very little fun or joy. WoT is lighter and easier to read. Not that everything's peaches and cream. They just don't leave me weary like GoT.
Zorch Definitely A Song of Ice and Fire. No doubt about it.
Susana Jordan's EotW is derivative Tolkien with annoyingly stupid characters, apparently you're supposed to hate the main character. Success! Well done. The writing is bland, the premise has been done to death and far better elsewhere.

Martin's GoT offers complex political intrigue with consistently good writing. distinct cultural friction and about a billion characters. On the down side, each book is very long and he hasn't finished the series. On the whole, GoT is worlds better than anything Jordan's ever written.
Sabrina Both are very different. I read all of the ASoIaF, and after searched for a series with a similar writing style.

Almost a year and a half later and I came to The Wheel of Time. I'm 3/4 done The Eye of the World, and so far I found that it is extremely descriptive but has more of a feel of LotR, than GoT's...

Check out both, though!
Caleb Blankenship Their both worth it. GRRM still hasn't finished Song of Ice and Fire though, so of you want something you can commit to and see all the way through then I would say go with Whee of Time. Plus Branden Sanderson does a fantasy job with the last three books.
Clive Both.
Two different styles, both good.
Jennipher Lewis I like Eye of the World rather than GOT because it treats its women with more respect. The Aes Sedai remind me of the Bene Gessirit in Dune (both supernatural matriarchal entities).
Charles Fleming Neither, they are both terrible in their own way. Do not be fooled by the fan-boy adoration that these books get, both authors bludgeon their readers with their overly wordy prose that advance the plot at a snail's pace. You have been warned.
Peter R Richardson The Wheel of Time is a far superior series. I do like both though.
lolo chigs from personal experience somebody just pointed out these series to me and when i read them i realized that they mean everything epic can in i just stared at the wall and was just like wow!!!!!!!a must read.. but you can read both ehhh?????
Mert Çakmakçı eye of the world
Bruce Morgan Probably safe to start reading this series now. Hate waiting forever for next volume to be published (looking at you, Game Of Thrones AKA Fire & Ice)
Dallas Wolfe Game of Thrones, unless you don't like political complexity. If you want something that you don't have to think a lot about then read Eye of the World. I guess the best answer would be both, as they aren't much alike.
Alexander Kieler game of thrones since it is so different than most fantacy. eye of the world is great though 2 so read both.
Hope Annabelle Clegane Read the A Song of Ice and Fire series (more commonly known as Game of Thrones because of the debauchery of a tv series). It has all the good stuff you could ever want.
Victor Both series are amazing, Game of Thrones presents the core of political intrigue and remains very real, while The Eye of the World is interesting and fascinating
Tia Eye of the World
because I read it :)
Binglebert Love EOTW to bits, but GoT is next level stuff
Elias Read them both! The order in which you read them is up to you.
Megan Eye of the World
Vishnu Suresh Eye of the World
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