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Do I read this book or not?...... The reviews are seriously discouraging .... *sigh :-/

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Super*BETA*Reader Forget all the reviews. When you read a book like this, you need to keep in mind that it is fiction. JEM is not promoting abuse, she is writing about a flawed character. I don't know about you, but I'd find it terribly boring if I only read books about perfect men, who had perfect relationships and perfect everything. Of course Jesse is over the top and completely unreasonable etc. but just because that is what the main character is like doesn't mean it's automatically a bad book. I thoroughly enjoyed the series, but you must be warned, you will only truly understand why he is the way he is when you get right to the end of the third book. It's not an excuse for his behavior, but it certainly does explain why he is so controlling and paranoid when it comes to Ava. I can understand why people who haven't finished the series feel so frustrated. It's definitely worth a read though.
T.HiggsReviews This wasn't romance it was abuse so I'd avoid.
Elizabeth Vlismas Absolutely read this book!!! This was amazing. Jessy Ward > Christian Grey.
Stephanie Viteri PLEASE read it!! I was hesitant at first too but I figured I'll never really know unless I give it read, glad I did. Jesse Ward is just distrubingly hot!
Jennie I kind of feel like you just have to take it for what it is - fiction. It's like Fifty Shades of Grey. If you are reading FSOG expecting a how-to book on BDSM, you'll be disappointed. Do I want to be stalked like Jesse does Ava? No. I would probably freak out and call the police even if he was the hottest guy I'd ever seen. So with this one, you just have to accept that while what Jesse does would not work for you, it works for Ava and it's Ava's story you're reading. As long as you are not an impressionable teenager with no real world experience, enjoy it for what it is. It's well written and the sex is pretty hot.
Smalls I agree with Toni straight up abuse, rather vile and quite triggering.
N. Heinz If you like a super jealous hero to the extent of crazy and a so so heroine then yes. I liked it, just wanted more from the heroine.
Roxanne If you're into abusive creepy stalker hero then by all mean, run to the story to buy this book.
I don't take any suggestions on good romance novels from women who get wet for abusive heroes.
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Lauren I LOVED this whole series. Very Amazing! One of my favorites. Emotions are high!
Thea I loved the series! I recommend it only you can be the judge :-)
Danielle Yes! However, to fully appreciate this book and understand it you have to read the complete series. This series builds off of one another.
readerofbooks It was a waste of time for me to read it. Definitely the worst romance book I've read. But only you can find out if you'll like/love it or not. :)
Audrey I wish I had skipped it if I were you. I'm almost done with it, so I'm trying to finish it.
Katherine If you like books about possessive men, READ THIS!! Hands down, one of my favorite romance series. Be patient, by the end of book three, everything makes sense, and you understand that Jesse goes overboard because of how much he has suffered, and because he is terrified of losing the only woman he has ever loved. I think all of the negative reviews are from people who don't like possessive men, which is fine, but if you're not into that, you'll hate this book. If you think you might be, give it a try. The reviews are always subjective.
Samantha McLaughlin This book is about a deeply flawed man. Yes, Jesse Ward exudes power and forces his wants/needs/plans on other, but that is part of his character. The author is not promoting intimate partner violence, despite what many reviews say. Read this series without reading any of the reviews...so much bias to dig through.
Just Miller I haven't read the book personally but based on the reviews this book varies for different people. In my honest opinion I say read it regardless because you won't love it or hate it unless you do so, and this response goes to anyone remotely interested in reading this book. However if you are completely unsure and don't feel like going through the trouble maybe read the review of or ask someone who's read the book, that you feel has similar taste, how they felt about it.
Cynthia Read this book!
Jay Jay don't judge it by the review cause when you finish this book you will have your own opinion, but all I can say is "HELL YEAH JESSE WARD IS FOREVER BAE!!!!!!!!" no offence to 50 shades of grey fans but Jesse ward is way better than ChristianGgrey
Yesenia Clifford YES YES YES!! Read this book! It is a very very great read! I really enjoyed this series and read the more than once!
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