S.N. McKibben
S.N. McKibben asked Patricia A. Knight:

I know you explain a little about the politics of Verdantia, but I was wondering if all of the planet follows the Tetriarch or if there are some still loyal to Nyth Uchel?

Patricia A. Knight There are many noble households still loyal to Nyth Uchel, but they obey their present sovereign as embodied in the persons of the Second Tetriarch. Many Houses would follow and fight for a DeHelios King or Queen should one rise up in violation of An Chairt Mór and demand the high throne of Verdantia.

At one time, Verdantia teetered on the brink of a bloody civil war—one faction maintaining that House DeHelios held too much power—another insisting the DeHelios line was chosen by Verdantia, Herself, to rule. King Aryn DeHelios revealed that She had shown him a grim future should proud House DeHelios not relinquish the high throne. In a stunning example of obedience to their Great Mother, King Aryn abdicated his crown and signed An Chairt Mór, The Great Charter, wherein all DeHelios were forbidden the high throne of Verdantia. His action averted civil war.
The capital moved south to Sylvan Mintoth—and House DeHelios withdrew behind the diaman walls of Nyth Uchel. Nothing could erase the magickal importance of Torre Bianca, however, and the DeHelios mystique grew into legend. As a tribute and reminder to all of Verdantia, the DeHelios banner is always displayed side-by-side with that of the current ruling House.

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