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Wes Reib What is true about fiction is that it is fiction, and whether the ending of a novel or a series of novels is satisfactory or not is up to the reader, I suggest if Dashner's ending does not appeal to you, think of an ending of your own. Teresa does not have to die. Janson can be defeated another way that does not involve the maze crashing down on people's heads. I thought a better place for the survivors to settle was in the glade(s) where everything has either been provided for them or can be brought in---they can use the flat trans for this. The grievers could be reprogrammed to protect the colonies from outsiders, and the descendants of the immunes would tell each other stories of the time back when Thomas and Teresa, ( their first leaders ) saved the human race from destruction.

Gabriel Darke Smashwords author
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Carla Viteri I had the same feeling, like an abyssm inside me... Didn't like the ending at all... Although I loved the book and the series...
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Zoe I totally agree. Thomesa was totally a thing. Literally everyone who was close to me died.
Soso21 I agree Teresa shouldn't have died, I honestly hate the way he wrote the book. I don't know about anyone else but Newt shouldn't have died
Persassyizdabest I felt the same exact way... :/
Lotta I agree. I also felt that the ending was somewhat unfinished. What were those trials even for? Why did the Page lady come to senses only in the end, when everything had been destroyed and all for, well, nothing. I loved the first part of the book, could not put the book down. And the ending left me so uneasy, in a good way. The second part was also good, read it in 2 days and felt excited, although I got quite annoyed of Teresa and Thomas and how their relationship was displayed. For the third part, well...I thought it was the worst. The action in the book was somewhat scattered and everything seemed so...not thought out.
Junie Abe i don't like Teresa since the beginning of the series. Until she died.
Glad she died.
rachelle (m00dreads) *AGGRESSIVELY AGREES*
Stephanie I know it is bad but I was so happy Teresa died.
Paulina Maurovich Totally agree.
Alessandro Salvatore
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dsreads It was an overplayed plot device that she died. I didn't particularly care for the character, but It was blatantly tugging at your heart strings by killing a character who represents pure goodness in order to give the ending more magnitude. (see: hunger games)
Anita yes! I definetly agree with you.
Ana I know, she should have let him freaking die... I know, that is horrible but Thomas was a selfish brat. Doing everything to save his butt... And when somebody tries helping him and that somebody CARES, you can't just be mad at them.
Anne Martin well, didn't like the books, I thought they were violent, borderline sadistic, and don't like the author's ideology, close to survival of the fittest. Teresa was not loved by Thomas anymore, so it was much easier to get rid of her. But no, I don't like it either. Too simple.
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