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Reese Provido asked:

Is it more of a scary book or an adventurous book?

Mommooshka It is an adventurous book with frequently scary or disturbing sections. I'd compare the scariest portions to the Dementors and Boggarts in Harry Potter. So use that as a measure of whether you'd be fine with reading this book.
Addison Dixon A little of both. However, it's not so much "scary" as it is "creepy." And there is definitely adventure in it.
Jennifer Maloney Yes. It's hard to describe what genre this book is. It's mostly a mystery, with some creepiness, some scariness, some weirdness, but all in all a pretty cool book. I wouldn't necessarily say the book is scary, but there's some scary parts. It's not really an adventure either, though there is a bit of that as well. Just read it! It's a great book and not at all what I was expecting.
Sarah Tan the book itself is more adventurous, but the pictures in it just make it a little scarier :)
Corey I don't know if you read the book already, but adventurous.
Donquaviouyoungbloo it is not scary it is more creepy
Ginny As mentioned previously, it's a little of both.
I read it because it's been made into a movie and I like to read the book before I see the movie.
I plan on reading books #2 & #3.
Any reviews?
Joy layna monstros i find it on the creepier side, but i'm a chicken, so it's probably not that scary to others. hope that helped :)
Angelika It was scary. I used to read a lot of Stephen King... but is was more scary and creepy, then his books.
Miranda It looks like a scary book, but don't worry, it's much more adventure, by far.
Kim I'm currently reading this book and I thought the same thing you did. Kinda the reason why I wanted to read it, but the book is really good. Once you read it, the pictures aren't as scary as they seem. Hope you enjoy the book! (^-^)
Ash I would have to go with adventurous because there is really not much blood and gore throughout the book. I guess if you are a person who prefers scarier books than this book may not be for you, but overall it is a good read.
Ricca May Reyes Adventurous, though a lil' creepy.
Paige Turner There is nothing very scare about this book. As title says, it is very peculiar. It is an adventure novel, and a mysterious novel.
Mia scary book because of the cover
Zoe Well, I find the beginning of the book to be much more creepy, as I was unsure of what was going on. Once you meet the children, it gets much better and the adventure factor kicked in(though there are parts later that are slightly scary)
Lincoln I'd say it's not too scary at all, it's more of an adventurous book. Not that this is a positive or negative thing, but I feel like this is a horror story that forgot to be scary. Don't let the cover and pictures inside fool you, its not a scary book.
Olive I think it is more of an adventurous book but I am not too bothered about God like most people are, but you'll have to find out for yourself! It is an amazing book, and you should read the whole series!!
Alison Avery Compared to other books, this one is not all that scary. Though there are definitely some very disturbing chapters, and also images.
Uku It's an adventurous book with lot of peculiar things without forgetting touch of realism. Nothing scary in it.
Maahirah I think it was scary and adventurous. I read it only because I had already seen the movie (which I loved) and was dying to read the book. Now I really want to read Hollow City which is the sequel to Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children. If anyone has read it please let me know what you thought as it would really help me. Thanks!
Nabiya It's more creepy rather than scary. It has an ominous and foreboding mood and is, in a way, quite adventurous.
Ella I would say both, really. There are some parts that might scare some people, such as the 'horrific family tragedy' at the beginning (no spoilers here), and also the monsters in the book, but it is mainly an adventure.
Whelan Kids Its more adventurous. It isn't scary enough to give someone nightmares if that's what you mean. It gets thrilling, but not too overwhelming.
Sherri i don't really know but i have been watching the movie so far i think it is adventurous.
Bettie Mac Adventurous :D - I almost wish it had more creepiness.
aileenlucia It is not really scary
Lisa Hello, a young gal was just requesting this book at the local library where I am a "Friend". She said she heard they were making a movie, and then said "Noooooooooo! I want to read the book first. "

Me too, it sounds intriquing.
Btw, I was great fan of Potter books, I love reading great young adult books. :)
faith j steele Its both! Adventuress book with disturbing photos and scenes
Tara Wood It is not scary. Even the one "scary" chase scene is not that scary.
Ethan Metzger Adventurous with a thrilling and exciting twist of old photos.
Mhaye Do Hollowgasts and wights exists?
Aliyah there is a good amount of both it has a great ENDING!!!
Suzette It's paranormal fantasy. It isn't really scary. The photos are a bit creepy and there are some mysterious, suspenseful, or slightly creepy parts in the book but it isn't scary.
Indigo It does look like a scary book from the cover, and for some reason, it did creep me out just a little at certain parts. I am enjoying it though as I'm still reading it - just taking a break from it right now - definitely an adventurous book!
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