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Is this appropriate for a mature 15-year-old? How much sexual content and/or violence is there?

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Jenny A mature 15 year old, yes. Every teen is different, and I don't believe in censoring language, but there is use of the C word in here. That might ruffle a few helicopter parental feathers, but 15 is old enough to be choosing one's own literature.
Tammy As others have said it is going to depend on the 15 year old. I can say I found some of the battlefield/hospital discussion too graphic for my liking even at age 32. But obviously other people have a higher tolerance for such things.
Lindsey By now, you've made your decision. But for anyone reading these answers asking the same question, here are my thoughts.
This depends on your standards. I read this book for an upper level university course.
In my opinion, there is one sexually explicit scene. This was explicit to me, but as you can tell by other answers, some people don't agree. It detailed more than just that they had sex, but how. For anyone looking for guidance, I think this should tell you more than other reviews here. I personally found this scene disturbing and skipped over the rest of that chapter (but read a summary online so I didn't miss anything big).
Everyone responds to content differently, and every reader should keep in mind that even "maturity" doesn't mean you have to be okay with explicit content no matter your age. That's personal choice.
There were many uses of f*** in the war chapters.
As for violence, there were some very disturbing images in the battlefield and hospital scenes. (More than just blood... exposed bone, brain, & muscle descriptions).
While this particular content was disturbing to me (and I would not choose to read such content again), McEwan does not include it lightly. The content he includes is there with purpose.
Literarily, I think this is an exquisite piece. If it weren't for the explicit content, I'd be recommending this book to everyone I know.
If you are a parent wanting advice for your child, read it first and see for yourself. If you choose to let your kid read it, check in with them along the way and talk about it.
If you want personal advice, I wouldn't want my kid to read this book, not even as a teen.
If you're reading this for yourself, take stock of how you respond to certain content. Does violence give you nightmares? Pay attention, you don't need to be scarred just because someone said "it wasn't that bad" or "you'll be fine." Graphic content isn't something to play with.
Janelle Rae No, I definitely strongly believe that this book is not appropriate for a fifteen year old. I am 17 and had to read it for my ap lit class and found certain parts incredibly disturbing. You can't just lose a memory like that.
Ian D The sex isn't explicitly described, but the battlefield scenes and the hospital wards are. There is some strong language as well, but I've felt it served the purpose of the narrative and was never used gratuitously just to shock the reader.
Erin Bennett I'm 15 and I read it, there's not too much and it's very similar to the movie
Maureen Eckl You are saying "appropriate" is in the eyes of the reader, aren't you?
Nada Adel Well, for the average 15 year-old, they might find it a bit slow in the beginning. Also, there's a whole section about the battlefield in France during World War II. I didn't find it boring at all, it was actually pretty interesting and well written.
There's some sexual content and it's a bit graphic but it's not the kind you'd feel disgusted about. It's beautifully written actually.
I guess a mature 15 year-old may as well enjoy it. Totally recommend it.
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