Alex Pascu
Alex Pascu asked:

Is it coming in january 2015 or august ?

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Dimitar Tosevski january 2020 if we lucky
Merike Linnamägi Oh, you sweet summers child...
Stephanie Celis Am I the only one who's scared that Mr. Martin died before finishing the books? :( Not trying to be rude, or mean but he's old; and he takes so long to finish the books. (Sorry for my bad english).
Jam Two years later, this question is so cute.
Michael Tkach (Horror Gardener) Feb 2025 is the new Jan 2020
jena it's 2021 and this question is becoming a classic.
Jose Seco Sanz Oh, I think definitely January 2015. I don't think he would be able to make us fans wait any longer.
Zachary As time goes on this gets more and more hilarious
jose this has aged like wine
Alexandre Cloutier Wait for the end of the tv show because its seem that mr. Martin wants to be sure that people who read his books gonna know the end of the history before they read it.
Hardik its 2020 and still not here
Chris C I think Ive lost all interest in this book, time was i would of loved to read it. Given the length of time since Dance with Dragons, which in my eyes is not wort a re-read, i'm just not sure i can be bothered. The TV show is moving ahead and to be honest, this should of been out about 3 years ago.

Tarini cries in *2021*
Magnet Homewood I love how long ago this question was asked, and how naive the thought was, that the book would come out so soon. But here we are ... 5 years later and still no book!
Muhammed Shadab From the womb of time, there comes a day when everyone is funny as well as witty like tyrion, stupidly brave like Jamie & preposterous cunt like cersei...that'll be the day which is going to be remembered as releasing day of "The Winds of winter", not even a single day less.
Teodora Anghel Martin said he would like to have Winds published before the sixth season of Game of Thrones (which would cover material from the book) airs in 2016.
Elbert I think you are off by one digit. It's coming in January 3015.
br im hoping for 21st dec 2021. that'd be cute.
Stacey Bless you, child. You were so innocent.....
Gui Rios This post aged really well
Briony Donald Does anyone know when
Katy M Never. He's completely given up on this project. He lost interest.
Staffan Hämälä I read his novel, the Hedge Knight in 1998, which got me interested in his other books. I read the first three books in The song of ice and fire after that. However, I also feel it takes years and years for each new book to be released. I also hope he gets to finish the series. It's one of the best fantasy series I have read. Robin Hobb is my other favorite fantasy author.
Ray I too am worried that it may not get finished. The Wheel Of Time series is still my all time favorite. And poor Robert Jordan died before it was finished!! Just saying!!
Rick Smith I just read that the publisher is saying that it won't be out in 2015 and no release date has been planned at this point. Disappointing but there isn't anything you can do except complain. I'm going to start reading at the beginning again.
Karen Jan 2023...... still not here
Darcel Anastasia At this rate, even 2025 would seem unlikely
Alexander Theofanidis S.o.I.a.F. book 6 aka the sixth coming of his holliness George Martin. The devout will be rewarded. Probably closer to A.D. 3.000 than to 2.000
Sulabh Singh For sure NOT TODAY... Today is 30 Jan 2022 and we still have no idea when will the book be released...:)
Laba Deka Well, it's January 2022 now.
Janet Martin Hate to say it, but Martin probably lost interest in this project years ago and I'm betting it will never be published unless Martin hires Brandon Sanderson to do it. Patrick Rothfuss should be negotiating with Sanderson, too. Martin has so many projects going on at once, many of them involving writing other things, it's unlikely at this point he can squeeze in time to write a grocery list.I went back on his blog to Feb 2, 2021 before I even found a mention of this project--he said he wrote "hundreds of pages" of it in 2020. And it's apparently stalled ever since.
Tomás Buccino 2021 and still no new news
Frida Hultgren I'm writing this at the last day of 2020. So not this year. 2021?
Book Nerd lol

more detail
Titus December 2020?
Dylan Honestly seeing current projections most likely be 2020-2021
Sloan Now I read that it could be out by 2018... But you never know.
Céline Or never, maybe he will die before finishing it.
Masacra hehehehe here we are two years later
clinton hayes Really - does anybody know when it will be released?
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