Ariana Jashari

I have seen the movies and have been thinking about reading the books too, but I'm afraid that it'll be boring and childish. I love Greek mythology, though. Should I start reading these books or not?

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Ximena whaaaaa? the books are soooo good!! the reason is that the movies try to fit all the good details in 1 hour! try that! the movies based on books, like the movie home, are terrible compared to the books!
Makenzie First off, the movies do not do the books justice :)

But yes, definitely read the books! I'm a teenager and I read the books a few years ago, but to this day it's one of my all-time favorite series. Riordan is an amazing writer, and once you start his books, you can't put them down! He does a great job with combining mythology with the modern day, so the stories seem all the more realistic.

While the first book is projected towards a younger audience, it's still action-packed and captivating. As the series progresses, Percy, the main character, grows and gets older so by the final book in the series he's 16, so as he matures, the books get older as well.

I also recommend these books because Rick has a follow-up series, called the Heroes of Olympus Series, which is for an older audience. Some of the characters from the Percy Jackson series carry over, so I recommend reading the first series to better understand the second (and I definitely recommend reading the follow-up series because it's just as good, if not better than the first).

Hope this helped!
Serethiel — now on The StoryGraph Okay, the movies are stupid, and totally inaccurate. Rick Riordan had absolutely nothing to do with them, and hasn't even SEEN them.

That being said, these books are a bundle of fun doused with good writing. I've read the series several times through. My mom has read them. Riordan has noted before that even the elderly read them.

As to the Greek mythology: GO FOR IT. I knew nothing of it when I started, but by the time I was finished, I could give a detailed account of nearly every myth.

So yeah. Do it. You'll have no regrets. :)
Kalil Childish! (breathe) Ok, I got this,
1st If you wanna go to the childish card lets remind everyone that the Rick Riordan was in his high- FORTIES when he made this series.
2nd, Ok dont even get me started with the Movies conspiracy!(I'll hust leave that for everyone else whos got answers ;-)
3rd. BORING! Even THE MOVIES show that the book isn't boring girl!
This action-packed drama filled series will make you begging! BEGGING! for the next!
In conclusion, If you belive all these true then It's your loss, but I'm the one reading the dream
katie_chan_y The movies are terrible and so inaccurate that Uncle Rick didn't even want to watch it. If you are a fan of Greek mythology like the rest of the PJO fandom you should definitely read it.
Ninja The movies were NOTHING (zero) compared to the books in terms of amazingness.
I highly recommend to read it. It's srsly one of the BEST books I've read. I don't think anyone will dislike Rick Riordan's books once he/she reads it. U'll get hooked to it and never want it to end or leave it.

When I found the book. I vos like u. That perhaps they will be boring or HP's much better.
But now, it is my first book series (tied with others) and I simply love it!! The book also contains cracking jokes that may make u go lmao.

The movie director didn't make a fair movie. Wrong things added. Like Percy has to be on Annabeth's team in Capture The Flag, etc. Don't get me started on the mistakes.
Also, if ur 13 or above, read HOO.
Ava Rogers You really should read them. Once you do, the movies will make A LOT more sense. Plus, they cut tons of things when they were making the movie, so you might find it more exciting and interesting. Sorry I am late, just felt like it needed to be said. :)
Princess Zelda The books are so much better they have more detail and the chapter names are super funny. I love mythology too maybe u would like Egyptian myths. If so read The Kane chronicles. Also by Riordan
Rebecca Don't be fooled by the 'kids book' label. I'm 20 and I love them. They're full of humor, lovable characters and action! I've heard people say that Rick Riordan is the myth master, and its so true.
Percabeth YES! Definitely read the books! I’m in my twenties and the Percy Jackson series is undoubtedly the best book series I have ever read. Rick Riordan is a master of storytelling- captivating, touching, and hilariously witty at the same time. They are not at all childish, and are beloved by fans of all ages (The first book may seem a bit more childish than the rest, I guess, but as Percy ages with the series, as you go on the books are aimed for older audiences. HOO is a lot older, so you might enjoy that more, but the first series are still amazing.)

Also, the movies are terrible compared to the books. The characters are changed and the storyline is all messed up- the books are a lot better. Basically, READ THE BOOKS!
A-Proud-Idiot :) No 1. Books do not have an age limit
No 3. There is no point 3, the books are amazing and that's that
Book_Worm yes, read the books! They may be a lower reading level (3-8 grade, also depends on your age), but they aren't childish or boring. the story is fast paced but makes sense, the characters are relatable, the humor is golden, . . . defiantly a 'must read'

The movies suck, btw
vanilla frosting um, the movies are bad, yes. but if you seen it, and you are a big fan of a specific mythology series, it wont settle in well.

well, the books are boring and childish. i say no. but its my opinion! do whatever u thinks right
Gobbledybook YES!!!!!!! It is a great book and the whole series is great.
Julia yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss u will love it
Khushi Manoj Of course you should. They are great. The movies are the worst. They are not Percy Jackson movies. They are Peter Jhonson movies 😉😉😉
s i m m i THE BOOKS ARE AMAZING. Every book fan will tell you that you have to read the books, because they are NOTHING like the movie. I have reread them many time and have never got bored. (Maybe because I am a kid?) You should read the books, they are AMAZING.

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Daphne Totally read the books they are so much better SOOOOOOO much!
Sparrow what do you mean "boring and childish"? this series has death and war and betrayal! Hope you like the series.
aaa YES READ THE BOOKS !!! (yes I know your comment was 6 years ago), but the movies don't even have 1% of the magic of the books, the books are simply AMAZING, not to mention that in the film they cut a lot of scenes, like "you drool while you sleep" , why thalia became a pine tree, the prophecy is only explained in the 2nd film. And when it comes to being childish, adults read these books!
Yasmeen if you don't like the movies PLEASE read the books! THEY ARE ALMOST A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY!!
Oscar YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nico di Angelo honestly, I'm gonna say the movies SUCKED, not that they weren't good or anything but I finished the series then watched the movies and the books put the movies to shame.
LUVbooks_3000 The books capture things the movies could NEVER, and in no way is this beautiful book childish OR boring. it is a truly masterful series, if only you realise why once you finish reading the series or even as you read the books.
Dimitri Meder Read the books, the movies are the worst adaptations, even worse then the harry potter movies. They corrupt and ruin the story, which in the books is smart and heartfelt. The movie is a disgrace to greek mythology while the book is a nice retelling. Even the books author has stated he dislikes the movies and fears that people will use them for education. Definitely read the books.
Kit The movies are bad. The books could be seen as childish but I know adults who enjoyed them
Name Yes you should definitely read it, the books aren't childish at all really, and they are WAAAAAAAAAY better than the movies. the books came down from Olympus as a gift from Zeus, but the movies came from the underworld as a "gift" from Hades.
MIA Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Plz!
Robert Alvarado i think you should read the books
_Asterisk_ Do not worry, this book (and series) are not 'boring' at all! What is this word 'boring' LOL!
Malachi L should i read this? cause i wanna drop out of school
Sofia Yes the movies suck more than Zeus does. The books are amazing and the person who wrote the movies need to be beaten repeatedly with the books until they actually FREAKING READ THEM!!!!
(fandom clapping in the distance)
K. T. The movies aren't anything like the movies and my dad still reads the Percy Jackson series. Plus some advice NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS MOVIE!!
Sabri Adem Yes you should start reading the books because the movies don't really tell everything that is in the book. It adds things that were never in the book. It also took parts of the story out of the movie which would have made the movie more entertaining. If you found the movie interesting then you would most likely love the books.
One thing that the movie took out is that they never explained how Thalia's pine tree was made. They also never revealed the prophecy until the second movie. And yes I know that your comment was 4 years ago
Milena Of course you should read the books! You will become obsessed!
Leanne Definitely read the books. The movies are terrible but trust me when I say the books are the best thing ever!!!
Stephanie Lindstrom Depends, do you like the story tellign abilities of a moronic 12 year old boy? Then go for it. I get fed up with the story telling which is a shame b/c the idea is a great one.
Talia i love this series! the movies are nothing like the books AT ALL! you should definetly read the series even if you're older. percy starts off the series at 11 years old, but at the last book (in the first series) he is 16
Luke J. Schelvan
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Ellen read the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James#Brawl Stars the movie and the book are different!and the movie is very bad ! like which dumbdumb put the hydra and did not put the fight with ares!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the movie but I like the should read it
Sarahʕ•ᴥ•ʔ It's not boring because it's childish😆
But actually, you should read the book so you can participate in discussions about it. I'm in the middle of reading it (and I haven't watched the movies) and it's not the greatest. It's still okay though. Maybe it's just because I'm more used to books that are suited for older people like Y.A. or adult. I'm not used to books like the Percy Jackson series.
Bryson yeeah the books were so good and if you read them you will learn a lot more
Jam the movies suck but the books are awesome
Lidia The movies honestly made want to cry in comparison to the books so you should always read the books before the movies because they are amazing. I keep rereading this series
James Mehraa As a reader i can tell you this that when a movie is castes based on a book it's not going to as half good as book because they have to compress the entire story in 90 mins which it self is a very difficult task. Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" is the 5 books story and "The Lighting Thief" is the 1st part of the series. In the movie they tried to cover most of the important parts but as i said they cannot show everything that happening in the book and the second adaptation "Sea of Monsters" is fine for those who haven't read any of the books cuz they just ended the remaining 4 books in just 1 movie and you can self assume how would that ended up. So just read the books you won't regret reading them
Gen L It's been 3 years, but i case anyone else is wondering, I'm 29 and rereading it for the 4th time.
Issac you have to read the books if you have not already
Nancy Yes, the books are pretty amazing. The movies are not that great in comparison but in my opinion the books are usually better than the movies anyway. You just can't fit everything in a book to a movie. It is such a nice twist on the whole Greek mythology though, it is definitely a good read.
John James The movies are Misleading about the books. The books are way better then the movies. Kronos does not rise in the second book.
Fiona Chen don't judge the book by it's movie
Madeline yes read them they are wonderful
Hannah It's not childish. The Greek mythology is great in the books except it does leave out some gods.
Emma Oh, yeah DEFIANATLY read these books. Percy Jackson is one of the best books i've EVER read.
Belle The books are so much more interesting and my mom liked them. They are so much better than the movies. READ THEM!
Max Reeeeeeeeeead theeeeeee booooooooooks they're not childish.
Ibrahim READ THIS BOOK! It is completely family friendly but it covers some adult topics.
Melody I just read this series in 9th grade a the desire of my friend to. After reading the first book, I continued on to read the rest of the series. In that, I have found a great wonder of Greek mythology, enough to do a month and a half long research project on it.
Andrew yes read the books they are beter
Katie Wolfert I hated reading until I found this series. And yes, you should read the book. They are not very childish at all. And if the movies are why you want to read the books, keep in mind that the books are nothing like the movies.
Grace YES! Rule #1 in reading a book. If you watched the movie, read the book, it's waaaaaaaaaay better
Navya The movies are terrible... But once you start reading the books you won't be able to stop, trust me! The books in the whole series aren't boring at all!!
Katie Read the books they're awesome. The movies stink.
Megan Gable READ THE BOOKS!!!! I'm love greek mythology as well and I read this book at school and I was SO disappointed when I watched the movie because THEIR NOTHING ALIKE!
Taylor Yes you should read this book. It is one of my all-time favorite book series! Don't be fooled by the label. If you like this series read the series after it called, The Heroes of Olympus series or the Kane chronicles series. Both are by Rick Riordan. I recommend reading both. Read the first series to get the gist and then read the next series. Al of them are great series. :)
T S You should read the book. The book is better than the movie. (it has better descriptions) :)

P.S The book is not childish it's more for young adults.
Olivia Grace Elliott Of course! They are the opposite of childish and boring! I loved them and I am sure you will too! It has excitement and action. What more could a person ask for in a book!?
Lydia Gray The books will rock your world! Even though I read them when I was 10 I know adults that read it! I love the Pinterest pin where there's an adult upset at a guy who said, "why do you read Percy Jackson. It's for ages 9-12
Rand are you kidding me? the book is pretty dang awesome for a teenager
Bans Shan If you love Greek mythology, read them. Period.
Rick Riordan has certainly done justice to the genre, and the books too.
I wish someone made a series or movies with all the books. Unfortunately the ones that are, they neither follow the plot, nor his descriptions.
Happy reading!
Jenna All I can say is... I cried like a baby when the books ended. I read all of the lightning thief books as well as the heroes of Olympus. READ THE BOOKS!
Lila The books are a million times better than the movies. You should read the books. They are amazing!
Lori READ THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daveon Smith cool u should read the book
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