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Hello, can you clone yourself and write twice as fast cuz I want the next Verdantia yesterday? If the answer is no, maybe MCs in the next one can be twins after another MC. Can I have an orgy with everyone too? Can Ramsey start teaching classes in bondage and O denial? Can I have another like Verdantia 4.5 short with Ramsey? ok then. that is all. lol =P

Patricia A. Knight Hi Mistik,

From your lips to God's ear! I'm sure my publisher would agree about the need for a clone. I'm 2 books behind for the year! Darn hospital.

I have already started on V#5. The MCs in "Hers To Captivate" are Hel's brother, Tristan, Tristan's crush from before the Haarb wars who has risen to captain in the Verdantian space fleet and Pansy (Angelica Giverny from Cherish). In response to MANY requests, I'm writing all y'all a M/M/F again--not that it's any hardship! LOL

To protect her from the slaver cartel, Tok has accompanied Angelica to Verdantia. Angelica is there in response to an invitation from the 2nd Tetriarch to set up a psychological and neurological center in the space port of Arkodaenia to treat the returning noble women with medical issues. Tok will find a large love interest, literally, a large love interest.

And of course, where there is Tok and Pansy, you must have Ramsey and Steffania. ;-) I have some very fun ideas about the interaction between Ram and Hel's brother, Tris. Dom Ram is going to teach Dom Tris all about the "grace of the rope"--using Tristan's subs, of course. :-) I'm excited to write about Ram, a beautiful male sub and Angelica.

Since it is a PAK story set on Verdantia, you can be assured of O denial. LOL. Since it is in Akodaenia, the one spot in Verdantia where technology works, we will have funky sex toys imported from around the galaxy. Shall I bring back the nano-botts?

There is one thing you can help with--if you feel like it. I am trying out names for Tristan's lover. I need something manly for a handsome naval captain, but the name must also have a good nickname. What do you think of this one: Magellan Aiolos DeLan. Tris can call him, Mage? I'm open for suggestions. :-)

As for shorts...In my October newsletter, I will be sending out a link to a free "scene" between Ramsey and Steffania. It takes place immediately after the close of Hers To Cherish. Ram "officially" collars Steffania and they break in the ropes she presented him with. :-)

I also have a "scene" between Doral and Ari planned where Doral proves to his Highlord that he is emotionally whole and very much the dominant--so quit treating him like he's some wounded creature, by the Goddess! Again, the link will be offered to my email subscribers for free. I'm planning this for around Thanksgiving.

Phew! Long answer, but that is a glimpse into the future. I'll write as fast as I can. ;-)


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