Goodreads asked Jeff Posey:

How do you get inspired to write?

Jeff Posey I don’t rely on inspiration. It’s fine when it comes, but writing feels more like a daily practice to me than patiently sitting and waiting for lightning to strike. It’s more akin to taking daily vitamins or doing my daily workout. It’s just something I do with the regularity of clockwork. It’s a product of habit, not inspiration.

But it is hard to get started some days. I have all sorts of tricks I use to get my imagination into the place it needs to begin composing. Here are my top three:

1. I stop in the middle of a scene, paragraph, sentence, and even a word. When I pick up the next day, my inner black box of creativity has been screaming to complete the thought, and it makes my fingers start typing before my conscious brain catches up. That usually leads easily to the next word, sentence, paragraph, and scene.

2. I keep a card with me with the five senses listed: See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste, plus Feel for inner feelings and emotions. I close my eyes and force myself to imagine a specific detail in each of those six senses for each character in the scene I’m writing. In usually less than five minutes, my fingers are typing at high speed.

3. I imagine a foot taking a step. Yes, this is my weirdest one. But I imagine being my main character and looking down at my foot taking the next step. I think about what it feels like, how certain I (as my character) am of my direction, how fast I’m going, even the grit I feel with the sole of my foot. For some reason I can’t explain, that tends to light up my creative imagination, and I’m off.

When inspiration does strike, it’s usually in the form of a minor epiphany: The story could do this! Something new I hadn’t thought of it before. That tends to happen when my mind and body are busy doing other things, such as gardening, reading, or cleaning the house. I keep a fat, well-used journal handy and write my thoughts in it, and then continue gardening, reading, or cleaning. If I still like the idea later, then you can be sure I incorporate it into the story.

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