Damian asked:

Why so much haters!?!?! IT'S A GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!! >:(

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Sashia I am actually really glad you asked this question Damian, because it is one I have wondered for a long time. I have read countless posts on how horrible it was, but most of the time there is no concrete reason given. Personally, I think anytime there is something is largely popular (harry potter, the hunger games, frozen, etc.-the writer of this post is not endorsing any of these examples) there is going to be a group screaming about terrible, boring, and stereotypical it was.
Also, many have probably seen the movie and that spoiled it for them. And maybe some are just a little jealous that a 16 year old can write better than they will ever be able to.
The book has "stereotypical fantasy characters" in that it has elves, dwarves, and dragons. I really don't see that as a problem. I like elves, dwarves, and dragons, and I don't think there are enough fantasy books written that include them. I don't think anyone would complain that a sci-fi book was horrible because it had the "stereotypical" aliens in it.
Also other people have compared it to star wars for some reason, but that argument breaks down once you try to compare some of the characters, or predict one or other of the plot lines from how it turned out in the other one. The only part that is reminiscent of star wars is where Eragon is told part of his family tree. And personally, I think Paolini pulled "I am your father" play to make it more believable and accepted by the audience, so the twist that finally comes would be more of a shocker.
Seriously, to really hate this series you must either not like traditional fantasy at all, or not have very good intuition to see all the questions and points, Paolini weaves through his writing.
P.S.-As for "having a limited experience with literature" I read the Anne of Green Gables series when I was seven and was reading several works of Dickens, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Diary of Anne Frank when I was ten.
P.S.S.-Sorry this post was extremely long.
ThomyZ I really don't wanna be mean, but if one considers this a "great book" one must have somewhat limited experience with literature in general and fantasy in particular. I was 24 when I read it shortly after it came out; there was a great hype about it, almost Harry Potter-like for a time and, like apparently many others here, I felt cheated when I actually read this mediocre mix of genre clichés and teenage wish fulfillment. I'm happy for everyone who enjoyed it, but the fact that many share the view that it is overrated does not come as a surprise.

(also, capital letters and a dozen exclamation marks do not exactly make it easier to take this question serious in the first place)
Fatima *why so many

And dude, really? My opinion of the book aside, there are going to be tons of haters for ANYTHING popular. If someone found the cure for cancer, believe me, there would be haters. Don't stress yourself out about it.
Sam Hale It is very, very closely based on Lord of The Rings, but isn't most fantasy these days, it is not a masterpiece. But it is a very good set of books, which I am not ashamed to say I enjoyed quite a lot!
Avaminn F'nett I know, especially considering the age of the author, it's really remarkable. People don't like that it's not very original, but I honestly love typical fantasy plotlines.
Say reasons I didn't like this book: It dragged, the character development needed work, "borrowed" greatly from Lord of the Rings (which in honest I also found stale as a teenager, but at least Golumn/Smeagol made things interesting) Dragon had little emotion/personality, it's over-rated (when people in the nerd community tell me something's awesome, I will question their opinion from now on) It had every cliche in fantasy books and still failed to be even mildly interesting....and finally because of this book I got turned off of reading and had to make up my count by reading manga's and graphic novels.....
Jeff because as you read more fantasy, you slowly realize that Eragon- while perfectly ok- had mediocre writing, stereotypical plot, alright characters and borrowed elements from tons of other books. It was more like an amalgamation of every fantasy series Paolini had read than an independent series. its a great intro to fantasy but definitely not among the top series of the genre
The Writer's Shelf I believe that each person has their own definition of "great book." There is nothing wrong with people expressing their like or dislike for any sort of genre of fiction (or novel for that matter). I myself use to believe this book was amazing, until I realized the very fact that, in my opinion, it wasn't (cliche characters, predictable plot line, etc). In fact, most popular fantasy fiction contains one or two major flaws along with lack of proof of author growth throughout the books they write. I will admit, the age of the author and the talent he possesses is amazing. However, once the book hits the shelves and becomes a best seller, it is expected that the author meets the same expectations as anyone requires of other authors. Some have expectations that are lower than others. Mine, however, will always be high. If people freak out over a book or series, then I expect it to blow me away. It didn't.
Mirmir Because it is quite predictable. And I could've forgiven that if it would have been beautifully written, but no even the language is pretty dull. I recommend reading the series while young, before all the true masterpieces.
Still a remarkable job for a teenager! After learning the age of the writer I kinda understood why he had concentrated in the epic story :)
Oni It's because this is a young adult book for young adults, and the vast majority of the haters are adults. As far as literary value goes, this book is very poor. It's written poorly, it's full of cliches, the characters are shallow as opposed to well-developed and in-depth, and everything we read in this story we've read elsewhere several thousand times before. However, young adults love this book and therefore, it's a good book because it has a large fanbase. Ultimately, it's better to have a young adult book that young adults can love and enjoy, rather than have an adult-approved book that young adults find boring.
Nire I hate to correct you and I do agree with your opinion but the way you ought to have written that is as follows:

"Why so many haters!? It's a great book!" >:(
Addison Dixon Well, for one, everyone has their own opinions. But hey! There are many others who love the book. Trust me, I should know. X) I read it at age 12 an LOVED it!! I consider it one of my most favorite books of all time. I think it's very well written and is an enjoyable story. :)
тєѕѕ It's an amazing book! Who could hate it?
Prajin.Uttam Simple: There will be haters for everything
Tisha Bailey I am 12 and reading the last book it is an amazing series it was not a book I would of picked on my own but when one of my friends that had read it threw it at me in our school library (he was a linebacker on our football team not a person you would want to not read a 500 page book that they just threw at you) so I read it expecting it to be terrible but it was amazung
Gabriel Q. These four books are some of the best books I have read
Sir Readalot I really don't know. But I agree about it being great
Vladimir Because if you've read even only two other proper fantasy books you'll see how much it sucks. Also, plagiarism from Star Wars, but that's in the second book
Morkinian i agree it is a very good book its hard not to like a series like this
Angel Fernando I could not believe it when I found out that Eragon is actually the work of a fifteen year old. It's way to impressive for such an age. I mean the language is superb. Well, for those who do not like it may have some sort of a fantasy phobia or something. The book might be long and have a bit similarities to the Lord of the Rings (you know the elves and dwarfs), but it is a great book and thumbs up for Christopher Paolini who gave hope to all of those young fantasy writers who always believes that kids can never have a chance.
San Pimpelmees Because it isn't. Apart from all the wel trodden fantasy clichés, this book is as badly written as can be expected from a 16 year old, with over wordy descriptions, cardboard characters, problems with point of view, and no real conflict.
Mark There is hate due to its pretty poor writing, predictable and worn territory for its story, and insane length.
SilverEnder Well I have read it and I thought its was good (Not saying other opinions are wrong) but then again I'm a kid. I like fantasy and i like books where references are made. ok. there's that.

On another note.
reading through this discusion, I have found most people who enjoyed the book are or were about 10-15 and the actual ATOS level for it is 5.5 wich is 5th almost 6th grade liturature and is and average reading range for 12 year olds. Just putting that stuff out there so maybe I can clear up, this book was written for people like me who happen to love stuff like this (and yes I have seen all the Star Wars movies, reand the Lord of the Rings series as well as the Hobbit, and I enjoy what some people with there noses in the air would call "fine lituature" such as Oliver Twist and other things by Dickens)

Sorry it was so long XD
Robert DuTeil I don't hate this book. In fact I think it is the best book series I have ever read
Olivia i think its because the movie ruined the series and now people hate it now...
Rafa D I like it to. I feel like I shouldn't; but alas I do.
Thomas It WAS a good story, but some parts could've been better. (Not saying I didn't like it.)
Brandi Dennis i love the books they are all great
Aniket Harsh I have read the entire inheritance cycle and really loved the first book and found it impressive. However, the rest of the books that followed didn't live up to my expectations.
Srishti Bhawal I know right!!!
Timothy Walser You are absolutely right that it is an amazing book! Right up there with the best literature. People just have different taste and disagree. I have read a lot of great books and this is one of the best.
Adriane Well, I don't hate on it, I just don't think it is a great book. It's ok, I really like the idea, however it was poorely written. I mean, kuddos for the author that wrote it at 15, he is awesome, I like him and respect him. But Eragon is not well written. There is barely any character development, a lot of obvious things explained all the time. Nothing really happened, it was just people telling Eragon things and that is so boring.

With that being said, I think is a fine book for new, younger people that are interested in starting to read a fantasy story. But to more experienced readers, the inexperience of the author will show and it will be harder for them to look pass all its flaws.
Boran Tandoğan because it has the plot of star wars and the universe of tolkien. this entire book barely avoids being blatant plagiarism, but I disdain it for being extremely unoriginal.
JJ I dont hate ot. I really wish I could give it 2 and a half stars, but I do not hate it. It is alright, it served as a book that got me deeper into speculative fiction, but looking back it really wasn't that great/ Go try wheel of time, which it steals from even more than lord of the rings.
Bookworm I know right?!?! I think maybe some people prefer a lighter read, but they’re stupid anyway. Or maybe it’s cause... I really don’t know. It’s an AMAZING read. Maybe they think the movie is better.
Britton To put this in the nicest way possible. It's way too derivative of better works such as Star Wars. The plot of this novel is practically the story of the Star Wars film.

I feel quite saddened honestly, as Paolini has certainly shown a genuine enthusiasm for the speculative fiction genre, which makes it even more bitter when he squanders his potential by writing this generic, cookie cutter piece of shit.
Erica I personally LOVE the book Eragon, but to be honest, it was hard for me to get into the story at first. There are many parts that are a bit confusing and make you think a lot, and although the book has parts with lots of action and good stuff, there are also boring stuff. I also don't think all people like this type of fantasy. I recommended this book to a friend who said she liked the book wings of fire, but I don't think she read the book Eragon.
Lucas Honestly, I don't know. This book is very good. Something I hate is people that say they can't get through the book. The reason they can't is because they can't comprehend any of it. I read this book when I was nine and have reread it several times. It is one of my all-time favorite books.
Kirstyn Todd You know what, I see so many people in this comments section making me mad over a book I haven't even read, so imma just read it. It's gotta be in my library since it was so popular.
Dan It is not a horrible book, as the plot progresses the writing becomes better and better (the author grows up and learn how to write better). Sincerely I disliked the writing a lot, biggest problem was that the author tried to create this sinister or epic scenes, even in the beginning of the first book when the she-elf is fleeing the dark sorcerer. Those scenes ruin the whole book, they are just badly written and very unnecessary. I gave a 1 star rating because I would never recommend this to anyone and I didn't finish the series because of how hard it was for me. There are a lot of good fantasy books full of cliches and Lord of the Rings type of creatures. Get to them instead and leave this series for children or young-adults who have little experience with literature.
Madison It is a great book. I loved this book and I'm not afraid to say it. The only thing I believe that people can say is terrible is the movie. Compared to the book, the movie is nothing good at all.
Daniel Do you know that it was written by a teenager? It may not be the best of the best, but it's incredible, knowing it was written by a teenager.
Olivia Well, I read this book when I was 10 and I absolutely loved it! I read it almost every year and have been able to recommend it to many of my friends. I believe that I enjoyed the book because a) I love dragons b) it was one of my very first fantasay books that I read and c) I was able to watch the movie and absolutely die because of how shitty it was compared to the book!
Naima Roberts I really don't know, all my friends who have read it love it and so do I. There is really nothing to hate about Eragon. The movie might have something to do with it, or it just not being the hater's type or book.
Sabella Ibinyopakaka I don't know. I love this book too
Roni I AGREE WITH YOU! IT WAS AMAZING!! I don't know why so many negative comments, but I guess everyone has their "good book" pros and cons. I, personally loved the entire series. It was SO good!
But I mean, there are always gonna be haters. Maybe people probably just don't like that the books were "too long" and detailed. I actually loved that about the books. The longer the better! Most of the time, at least. Anyway, people who hate the books, fine, whatever. I thought it was incredibly well-written and has a good plot, the story is well paced (maybe a bit slow for some people, but not for pro readers!) and the characters are well described.
5+ STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Parinaz Damian, I understand full well your struggle. I hear many negative comments about this book as well. Personally, I loved this book (as you can tell from my profile!), but there will ALWAYS be someone who will disagree with something/someone, even if almost everyone is against that person. It's quite normal, but also quite a struggle!
Noor Nadeem I'm 12 years old and I find this book amazing. It's one of best series I've read in a while, even better than Harry Potter. Don't know why people hate it! #nohatesplease.
3Rton I'm amused by how many people are making comparisons to other books of just as mediocre quality.

It is enjoyable book if you allow it to be. But lets face it if you market a book with terms such as "16-year-old genius writer" you are automatically going to get whole bunch of haters who are going to make up whole bunch of reasons to hate it. *shrug* Just how it goes.
Keelan Because the haters are more vocal than the people who liked the book. Some people who haven't read the book see the hate think they'll go along with the crowd to appear intelligent, and the hater crowd grows bigger. Along with the hive-mind attitude that forums seem to breed the vicous cycle continues. But yeah, it's a great book, and a great series in general.
Eragon10316 I know right what up with all the haters, Hate the movie not the Best books ever other then Pittacus Lore's "I am number four" series.
Gemma Louise I don't hate it. I read it and read it until my copy fell apart. =D
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