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What's your favorite fruit?

Princess Jones First of all, let’s acknowledge that this is a weird question. People rarely run up to you to say “Hey! I just gotta know something! What’s your favorite fruit, man?” I look at the interviews my author friends are doing about the importance of their books, their cultural backgrounds, and their writing process. And I’m over here getting questions about fruit.

But I do love fruit. It’s like eating candy without the stigma. You walk around with a bag of Snickers 24/7, people think one thing about you. You show up with a bag of apples everywhere, you’re put in a whole other category.

One of the reasons I love fruit is that I didn’t really get a lot of it as a kid. Fruit was foreign to me. I could have mac and cheese any time
I wanted but a navel orange was so rare that I craved them. My parents loved us but honestly I ate a lot of junk growing up. When everyone you know eats terribly, you think that’s normal. It’s hard to change your whole perception of what food is after living a few decades not quite understanding that green stuff isn’t bad.

But I was always a little weirdo. I remember seeing some people on PBS or Nick Jr or something eating cantaloupe. I had no idea what it was but I was very interested in it. They seemed to be having an amazing time. So I told my dad that I just needed to get this thing I saw on TV. It was called “cant-a-loop” and had he heard of it? Of course, he had and he’d see what he could do.

A couple of days later, he brought home a whole cantaloupe from the store. I was so happy I was jumping up and down. He pulled it out of the grocery bag and handed it to me. And I held it in awe. Then I said “How do I open this?” I was seriously confused by this new invention called “cant-a-loop.”

But to get back to the question at hand, I’d have to say white grapes. They are on every single grocery list I write. I usually buy two bags. One goes in the freezer and one goes in the fridge. The frozen grapes are great for when you want ice cream or an ice pop. I also used to have this terrible habit of chewing ice and frozen grapes helped me kick that habit.

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