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Can anyone recommend a good book on overcoming procrastination? There are many titles to choose from but I'd like to narrow them down. I'm a terrible proscrastinator and struggle everyday trying to get things done. I'm also terribly disorganized and have a disabling pulmonary condition which slows me down too. Time management and prioritizing are difficult for me. Thanks so much, everyone!

Jody The Power of Less by Leo Babauta. I have ADD and struggle constantly, & Leo's book really helps me - it is about paring down your stuff/commitments/etc, so that you have LESS to do & worry about, & you will be doing the things that matter to you more easily/effectively. He also has a blog, also, after reading below, i have installed SelfControl on my computer, which is a simple software that blocks the programs of your choice (Facebook, Pinterest, Ebay, ETC) for the time of your choice.
Ries Hi! I recognize the problem all too well, being diagnosed with ADD and getting medication for it. Still, as I sometimes feel that procrastination is taking over again, steering me into anxiety issues, I keep looking for ways to better deal with it. Therefore, even though you posted your question 4 months ago, I'm quite sure you'll still feel the struggle from time to time. If not, I am happy for you, although I think others could still be helped. One thing's for sure, you're not the only one.

Not too long ago I picked up the book "Succeed: how we can reach our goals" by Heidi Grant Halvorson. She has really looked into the science behind what motivates people - finding different results for different groups of people - and how to best deal with specific - easy and hard - tasks. I personally found it very inspiring and it seems to be helping me on my way to improve structure in my day-to-day tasks and long-term goals, and to downplay the negative talk. By no means it is a full replacement for certain psychological issues you may encounter - "The Now Habit" has been a good help for this too in my case - but it could provide some better understanding about the 'why' of your behaviour and a toolbox for the 'hows' to improve it.

Additionally, I split up my day in blocks of 50 minutes with short brakes in between, and I am using an old-fashioned organizer, together with a large to-do list, in which I (try to) keep track of what needs to be done with the highest priority still, also making sure to prevent too much distraction. The last tip for now, as there are many possibilities, is to install "StayFocusd" as an extension to Chrome (only when you don't share your laptop), which you can order to only allow a maximum amount of time each day to be spent on a selection of distracting websites of your own choice. Good luck!
Maruca Hello. I just finished the 2007 edition of this book (Neil A. Fiore's "The Now Habit"). Did you read it? Was it helpful or not? If not, what didn't work for you? Maybe then I can make different suggestions. I really like "Eat that Frog" by Brian Tracey. At least the first third. After that it gets repetitive imo.

In combination with the "Getting things done" structures by David Allen (implemented into Evernote in my case) "the now habit" by Fiore, which is my favourite book on procrastination so far, has transformed the way I look at work and how my days are unfolding.

The author, Neil Fiore, defines procrastination as "a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision." Procrastination is a strategy to obtain temporary relief from stress, not a character defect or a personal or moral failure"

(Quoted off a review by the user O. Brown on

These and similar insights really helped me understand my own procrastination cycle and gave me tools to slowly become a producer, not a procrastinator (as Fiore calls the two types of people).
Love of Hopeless Causes I find it interesting that three out of five people who answered this question are no longer active. My recommendation is, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It's more of a total life makeover, which is what many seem to be reaching for. Plus, I believe it is a strong influence on books with titles like this. Once you have been liberated from the tyranny of thought, mental suffering is largely diminished.
Alya The Procrastination Elimination Method by John Isaac - i highly recommend this book, it focuses on the mindset and perception that causes procrastination to begin with. Quick and good read.
vik 1. Procrastination: Why You Do It, What To Do About It. By Burka and Yuen. Best that I read among the five, six books I read and researched. Good theoretical underpinnings. They indeed have 30 years of experience with it.

2. Book by Neil Fiore 'The Now Habit', get the full (anniversary?) edition.

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