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While most people in the past can't tell Jake is anything but normal, he occasionally meets children, terminally ill people, or mentally handicapped people who can see that something is a little bit "off" about him. What are some examples in other Stephen King books of children, the elderly, and people with different mental capabilities possessing a greater degree of spiritual perception?

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Ben Tom Cullen in The Stand is a perfect example of what you're referring to.
Stephanie Danny in The Shining is the one I remember the best . But I think this a stock character in most of Stephen King's books - the little girl in Firestarter, the guy in a coma in The Dead Zone, etc..
Alexandra Geneve The kids from "It" of course. The whole novel is about the fact that children can see what adults can't.
Brianna Andreda Duddits from Dreamcatcher
Alex There are way more examples than I can remember;

Danny from the Shining (and Abra from Dr. Sleep),
The Stand has a few: the Trashcan Man and Mother Abigail come to mind
The Green Mile has a bit of it too, and there's got to be some in The Dark Tower, but it's slipping my mind at the moment.

Jorge Villarreal Dr. Sleep tried to explain this a bit better. At the end of the day a lot of characters "shine". I hope someday Mr. King or his son write a cross-over novel with some time-travel shenanigans and save John Coffey from the chair :(
Alexandria Stokes While there are many characters that fit what you are describing the first one that came to mind was the protagonist from Insomnia by Stephen King. Fantastic book about en elderly gentlemen who starts to visit the fourth level of consciousness. As others mentioned, the book It as well because it follows a group of children who are all seem to have a special capability of seeing things a different way from others.
Megan I haven't read a ton of Stephen King, but the first thing that came to mind was Ellie (Creed's Daughter) in Pet Semetary. She knew something was weird when she and Rachel were staying with Rachel's parents and convinced her mom to come back.
Yan Schwartz Johnny Smith from "The Dead Zone"
J. Robert IT features this theme centrally. It also shows up in the Shining (the whole concept of the Shining is what Jung would call extroverted intuition), certain characters in the Stand and the Green Mile of course.
Randy Wurm Many of the main characters in Duma Key.
Lily Mrs. Eastlake in Duma Key. She appears as a child and also as an elderly woman experiencing severe bouts of illness and she knows the horrors of the island.
Sarah Shimshock Mother Abigail from the Stand is an elderly example.
Amy Sandstrum Jake Chambers from the dark tower series, maybe?
Anthony Campanini Off the top of my head I would say Danny Torrence from the “Shinning” is an excellent example of a child with Special abilities . Also “ Sleep Doctor” the Sequel to the Shinning has several clairvoyant children specifically Abra Stone.
Mark Balson Doesn't it actually go all the way back to Carrie? She had special powers but she was flawed in her use of them. Same in Firestarter with "Charlie" McGee" and her parents.
Martin Milhomme Seth Garin from The Regulators
Elisa M. Also, Ayana and Sheemie Ruiz.
David Sheemie in The Dark Tower series.
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