Goodreads asked Rae Hachton:

How do you deal with writer’s block?

Rae Hachton Hey!

I will try my best to offer some good advice. There are several different types of Writer's Block and I've gotten it on many occasions.

Some people say you must step away and return to your story later, but I, however, call baloney on that one. I'm a full believer that you must chase inspiration down and not wait for it to find you.

Feed and fuel your inspiration. You can do this in many different ways. Listening to really good music, going for a walk, reading a good book. I love Pinterest because there are soooo many inspiring photos there. Try making a book board and pin photos to it that remind you of your story and characters. For ideas, you can check out my Pretty in Black board here:

Also, perhaps you can make a book soundtrack, a Playlist of songs that remind you of your book and characters too. I do this for every book because it helps me easily return to what I'm working on once I start listening to the songs, and some songs have even inspired entire scenes in the book!

I try to keep a writing routine. My routine is fairly random, but I make sure that I go to the computer everyday, even on the days I don't feel like it. Some days, I write. And my output might be small (250 words) or larger (5,000) on my best day. Also, I keep track of what time of day it is and how long I wrote. I've found that my glory hour is usually between 2 and 4 a.m. That's when I can crank out the most words very fast.

Other times, I go to the computer or to my writing space and I don't write. I invent. I create. I sketch out scenes that I want to write. I pin photos to my inspiration board on pinterest and listen to music. Oh! And sometimes if the words aren't coming, I go find a word generator and I just start making a list of random words that I like. You can even open up books at random and do this too! I have a writing journal and I collect words in it. Sometimes those words begin to inspire sentences or phrases too. I'll write those down as they come to me and later on, I usually end up using them in my book :)

Check out some writing generators too. They are fun and can jog your creative mind. I personally love and

Both of those offer all types of different gens. Even if I don't end up using any of the things that it generates, a word or two usually makes me think of something else that eventually leads me back to writing.

Whatever you do, don't force the words to come.

I find that words and ideas come to me the best when I'm relaxed and being creative. When it's fun, the words pour down like candy rain. When it starts to feel like work, everything stops flowing.

If you're not writing and can't figure out what to write next, this might be an indication that your Muse is in need of a party! Throw him or her a party! Let your Muse out to have fun.

And sometimes this means that YOU are in need of some fun. Go visit your favorite place or hang out with friends, etc.

But if you want to be a writer, make sure you fit writing into your life every day somehow, even if it's just for 15 minutes.

If you continue to do this, your Muse will show up. Once you start skipping it becomes harder to get back in the swing of things. You learn the craft of writing by doing. Make it a daily habit.

I hope that this has, in some small way, helped.

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