Corrina asked:

I'm reading this for school and I really like it so far but I'm kind of confused on what Big Brother actually is?

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Niklas Big Brother is the personification of the state of Oceania. The book explains that the existence of Big Brother is necessary because it is easier to love a person than an organisation, and that the name "Big Brother" was selected because it plays on family loyalty.
Tessa Big Brother is very similar to the concept of 'Uncle Sam' in the United States - he's more so a poster figure than anything else.
Bigsoph Two comments
1. Tys, you aren't funny
2. Big Brother is the symbolic leader of an all encompassing state. In the book he is never named and may actually be a pastiche of early leaders who lead the Revolution that established IngSoc (look it up). His appearance is very similar to Iosif Stalin, who served as the model for Orwell (read Homage to Catalonia how a dedicated socialist like Mr. Blair (George Orwell's real name) wrote a book warning about the dangers of excessive government)

In the book you will find explanations as to why they made the supreme leader a face without a name but, briefly, people get frail and die, symbols live on.
Marko Rõõmusoks Big Brother is an abstraction created as a focus-point of absolute self-sacrificing love, devotion. Because Oceania is demolishing family institution, BB is the only object whom positive emotions can be directed to, so the everything else can be hated - the regime derives its power from hatred.
"Power is God." - read the O'Brien's monologue about the power near the end of the book.
Melanie Penny Please ignore Tys O
Zeholipael He's supposed to be a dictator, sort of. Really, he doesn't exist, he's just a mascot the government uses to put a face on the regime.
Lambukeh A patriarchal title is something every Commie Founding Fathers had used so far, just as Niklas has explained.

See for yourself:
Ray If this had been written today, then "Big Brother" would be the "NSA"
Christopher Peruzzi
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Oana Poenar
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Timothy Morrison he is an idealization of joseph stalin, as Goldstein is a version of trotsky
Deano I just finished the book and need to vent.
Christine Big Brother is the face of the government in Oceania. He may or may not exist as no one knows. He is also the opposite to Goldstein
Nathan Thomson Big Brother is the name for the government of Oceania
Chris Hoggart He is the manifestation of the state, a Kim Jong-un figure to be blindly adored and obeyed,,,
Nathaniel Winston
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Casey Nguyen someone may think "Big Brother" is head of party and control everything. He is smart and like GOD he save the country, every thing he did, bring the people, freedom, food, letter...However, He was built by awesome image and extremely talent. A group of member in party push him up. You can easily see the communist nation. Will see.
Zin Sham Big Brother is the quintessential figure head. Its some one that the people can feel leads them. He doesnt really exist. He is really the government. Much like Biden.
John Canyon Yep, as others have said. "Big Brother" is a symbol of the authoritarian rule of the government, in this case "ENGSOC" or if it's "INGSOC" in the book I forget, but it is a play on a term for English Socialism, a kind of poking by Orwell at the Authoritarian drive in many socialists of even his own contemporaries. Big Brother is the portrait of the ruling party, used to give it a human presence in the minds of the people, when it is basically illusory that he exist. He may have never even lived, but is symbolic of the love and strength of the party. Also he is a warning to not step out of line from conformity to the party's political narratives. It's reminiscent of the Soviet Era very much in full swing during the 40's when the book was written. Lenin's portrait in red as both strength and tyranny, but also as protector of the fatherland type of thing. So basically, he's the portrait of the State, and the personification of the one party that rules it.
Saeed He is a leader. maybe a bad one but this is important to us that his people call him a god or an idol.
Chuck Petersen The all-powerful State. George Orwell hated the looming communism he saw in his time.
Robet Living under Big Brother is not a fun experience. There literally slogans and pictures everywhere, and as far as I can tell, it's intimidating until you get numb. And that's probably what the book is trying to depict, and yet a success prophecy...
William Redmond Big brother is a pseudonym used by the government of Oceania to give the people someone whom they could direct affection towards and relate to. Big brother was a made up person that was created in order to give the citizens a familiar face to have as an authority figure instead of an anonymous and all powerful group of people.
Elise Maybe BB is God... or our will to survive... perhaps BB is a trap.
Max Freeman Big Brother is slavish adherence to the State. In all forms. Many read this as an anti-Stalinist tract, but just as easily, one could interpret the excesses of any State, which relies on the blind self subjugation of its masses, as akin to Oceania.

If you want lots, and lots of extra marks, draw a comparison between this book, Gullivers travels, and then Zamyatins "We", (the book Orwell plagiarized for this novel. Although don't use the word plagiarized, your teacher will have a hissy fit, such is the love for Orwell among the great barely-read.
Manel Rouis I'm reading this Book for school too and she asked us why do you think the author named the Book 1984 ?
Does anyone know why please ?
Shannon Turner dont focus on big brother, focus on the term doublethink. basically is the government oceania, but it was also a particular individual in charge of that government. although that individual no longer exists in the book he is still used as a weapon of fear and control
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