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As a colombian, I felt "obliged" to read the book, which I did several times, but the genealogical tree of repeated names was driving me crazy and I wasn't able to finish it. So I draw it and I finished the book the fourth time I read it. And when I finished it, I had the biggest smile on my face. It is brilliant! It reflects so much of the colombian magical realism that, might not very appealing to everybody.

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Goulven Josse Wikipedia offers a useful description of the family tree ... But i wonder if the author did not mean to confuse the reader on purpose, to emphasise the repetitive nature of the family's history. What matters more than the global picture, maybe, is the wonderful style of each phrase, of each page, the irony, the poetry... It's a wonderful book because it's not written like others, and probably is not meant to be read like others.
Mohamed Ajmi Fekih " No ideal in life is worth that much baseness"I loved this statement by the general
Nikolaos Kantanas I think it's overrated (I am speaking for the English translation, maybe it's enthralling in the original Spanish). Marquez is a genius, and obviously has a deep message in this work, but I just found it very painful to get through. It really wasn't a page turner and it seemed that Marquez picked an overall boring family to use his incredible writing skills on. I much prefer his book Strange Pilgrims and Chronicle of a Death Fortold.
Lakshmigurumayum Well i finally completed "One Hundred Years of Solitude" , after 4 long years of delaying it. I had picked up the book many times before, but realised that i needed enough time to njoy and feel the magical journey the book was taking me through. With all the names similar and repeated generation after generation i really needed to njoy and allow the book to take me through the fantastic tale of magic, fantasy and reality. And from there on all i had to do was allow the book to lead me through the wonderfully woven tale of the Buendia generation.. and realised that i had already reached the enchanting and mystical magical end..... Fortunate to have read it... you really need to njoy and get immersed in the journey and
realise the magical experience.....Words are hard to describe the way the book ended..i read and re-read the end again and again and could only wonder and marvel at how beautifully and magically it ended...
Ida Meta OMG I had the biggest smile that ill never have in other books It was impressive
Sang_d'Encre Brilliant? I'd rather say it's pure genius!
Octavio Isaza As a first generation Colombian American I to myself felt "obliged" to read it. I felt like it would some how connect me to the mother land. I am half way there, and reading these comments has sparked my interest in continuing to read it. I will say it is a struggle at time with all the similar names, but the family tree's that I have seen online have helped get through the confusion.
Ivan Raytchev Characters with the same name also share similar attributes
Yomna You're colombian and the names drived you crazy?

Imagine the confusion we had to walk through (we, the non-spanish/portugese speakers and the names themselves are strange)

but yeah, the smile is worth it
Pelin Some versions of the book offer a family tree at the beginning. I can definitely see how the names could get confusing, I always find myself looking back at the family tree to remember who is who.
Cary Bear The genealogy and the magic realism is what makes this book so amazing for me. I absolutely adore it.
Rozaliya Dimitrova Can you share the genealogical tree. I've searched the internet for one but couldn't find.
Manar I'm reading it now and I've a strange and beautiful passion to continue the bad thing is about their repeated names which make me confused a little but I still like it (Y)
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