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Should i read this even if i marked Cinder as a 3/5 stars? worth it?

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Avaminn F'nett If you want. This is the worst in the series in my opinion, since I think Scarlet's storyline is the most boring. It's still good though.
Estela Pabalan Yes this book is waaayyyyy better then Cinder!! Read it you won't regret
Jennifer Maloney Hmm.. well unlike these other folks, I loved Cinder but couldn't stand Scarlet. To me, Scarlet felt very slow and plodding and I just couldn't get into it.

I say try it and see if you like it. It's different enough from the first book that if you didn't like the first one very well, you may just love this one.
Celestia England You definitely should if Cinder left you at a cliff hanger. The beginning of all of the books except Cinder is boring if it's not from a character from the previous books' point of view, but then again if Cinder didn't leave you at a cliff hanger don't read it.
Al Don't read it!!!!
Panda This one is better written technically but boring, at least Cinder was fun (I also rated Cinder as 3.5/5 but we have no half stars here).

If you hadn't by now then you haven't missed much.
Daboss333 yes! is good book in russian
Julia Hörmayer No, I think it's worse than Cinder and if you didn't enjoy Cinder you probably won't enjoy this one either.
Addison Dixon Haha! A friend of mine did pretty much the exact same thing. And she said that she definitely enjoyed Scarlet more than Cinder. She said the plot was more developed in Scarlet.
Mrs. O' Leary Cinder is actually 70% better than Cinder. So if you liked the plot line and at least minorly liked the characters, you'll love this. Cinder is actually way more likeable in the second book and her personality is more, well, independent. The new character, Scarlet, is so awesome. The romance in the second book is SO. Much better than Cinder.
Lia Acosta I think you should probably read it if you are interested in reading the series. Cinder and Scarlet start a little slow, but in Cress it get's really good!
Sara Sara I find this book worse than Cinder, but I think everything improves in the third book, so read this one at least just to be able to continue with the rest.
Sarahʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I, on the other hand, love this book even better than I loved Cinder. Definitely read it.
THERESA Yes read them all
Olivia This book is so worth it, but it also depends about what you didn't like about Cinder
Joanna You definitely should, just to find out what happens! Personally, and I don't know if anyone else feels this way too, but I thought Scarlet was really rather snooty and unrelatable (especially after having Cinder as a main character). But I still finished it, because it was worth it to finish the entire series.
Ariadna I enjoyed the second book waaaay more that first, even though I liked the first part a lot, but the storyline between Scarlet and Wolf left me involved a lot....
Lydia No. I wouldn't. It wasn't very good at all.
Acey Lagora I rated Cinder 2 stars because it's a drag and I don't like the MCs that much. You can read my review here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...
But I really enjoyed Scarlet and rated it 3.5 stars, which I rarely do. Scarlet is fast paced and kinda overwhelming, but it's way better than Cinder.
Awesome Yes, this is one of my favorite books ever, each book in this series is incredible, and if you didn't like cinder you will still probably like scarlet
EricaWyvern Scarlet is by far my favorite in the series. Much more action based, I absolutely adore Wolf's character, and how Scarlet reacts to him. I love their interactions. I definitely recommend reading the second book.
Rosemarie Scarlet has more action, so you might like it better for that. But I liked the Beauty & the Beast-like relationship between Scarlet and Wolf. If you like either one of these things I would give it a try.
Serburt Scarlet, in my opinion, was the best one of the series and Cinder was the worst, so I think if you didn't really enjoy but didn't hate cinder I would give it a try.
Brett This is a great series, looking forward to the fourth book. Marissa has done a great job of developing the characters as you might expect them to be from the original story. Thus Scarlet is more emotional and impetuous than Cinder and Cress has another personality again more like her fairy tale ancestor - if you have read the originals (and I mean the originals, the older the better) you will appreciate the stories even more, it adds another layer of amusement to an already fun story.
Rina Honestly, I didn't like Scarlet. The book was good but it was a really slow read for me. I don't think the author developed the character of Scarlet enough for us to like or dislike her.
Katy Yes!! I liked it more than Cinder, everything is so much more developed.
Magee I would agree with the others, I think Scarlet is better then Cinder. Cinder was a good start, but I think Scarlet is a better story.
Maeve Kelehan Definitely I think Scarlet is much better than Cinder <3
kelsey Without a doubt! DEFINITELY!!
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