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Sandy Vaughan asked:

How far into the books do I have to go to get me interested?

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Amani Bey around the 300th page it picks up and moves fast. I was the same way. Rowling does a lot of character development and little plot development, but when the plot finally unfolds, it is all worth it. The way she grasps human nature... Ahh. It's really worth it, but it does seem slow as hell
Chel For me, it never got interesting -- I finished it because I had already made such a big investment in it, and I could listen to the audio while doing other things. While I didn't find the book interesting or enjoyable, I did admire things about it. I think it is an intelligent and well crafted book.
Jo Stephen Amani, thanks for the answer!! I'm on about page 140, and was gonna chuck it. Guess I'll stick around for another 160 pages, see what develops. She DOES take an awful long time to get started, and the sexual stuff is rather tasteless ~ not a prude by any means, but a lot of authors can convey sex without the coarsenss.
Jordan McCartney Trust me, read the whole book. The second half is brilliant, much more drama, more conflict between the characters. Personally I would say just passed the page 250 mark is when things get interesting.
Lu Sadler Glad to know I am not the only one. This is my second try of listening to the audio book. Up to chapter 6 and so far, I am not engaged in the story. I am so uninterested in the characters that I am having trouble remembering who they are. But like another person stated, it's audio - and it is something to listen to during the drive to and from work.
Hallie Huffman Same here. So ready to give up at page 120! I've been giving her quite a bit more leeway others didn't get.
Lina I'm only on page 70 but had the same question ;) I guess I'll try to hang around for a bit longer!
Saz I was asking this to myself around page 40. I am now on page 60 and still wondering. I am having a hard time keeping track of the characters.
Cristy I almost wasn't able to continue it, I really had to push myself past the 150 page mark to really care about all the characters, seems there are too many too fast but in the end I liked that aspect of the book so it was worth it, but I totally know what you mean
Ingrid Johnson Salomov I'm glad I checked this out. I'll keep reading it now. So far, I feel "meh" about it, which kind of makes me sad.
Gayl I'm listening to the audio version while I drive (not usually very long distances). I had a hard time getting into the 1st of 15 discs and when it went back to the beginning at the end of disc 1, I found that I needed the repeat to get a handle on all the characters, names, etc. I considered ditching it during disc 2 - but stuck with it - and now that I'm on 14 - I'm so caught up with the characters and all the intrigue, I'm going to be sorry when I get to the end. Superb character development - not just a few, but all of them. The plot is intricate - a little Peyton Place - so much going on at once, all converging towards the end. Worth it, I think (even though I don't know the ending).
Leeanna About 50% I'd say
Ida Wilcox thats half the book, 300th page. Good grief. I seriously couldn't get pass the first chapter. I guess I have to pick it up again and push through the first 300 pages. You know the Harry Potter first book in the series was like that. Hard to get through but once you got through it, it was great.
Elizabeth Reid It was slow to start, but picked up pace as the story progressed. It was worth the read.
Marisa Page Part two. About 175 pages on the Little, Brown book edition.
Gregg Zwillling MD will stick it out then! Thanks Amani!
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