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Many readers have told me this is a twilight knock off do you agree?

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Wray Every paranormal romance/fantasy book is going to have similarities to Twilight. You know why? Because Twilight is in that genre! I have read Twilight and while in the beginning there are similarities; this book is nothing like Twilight. For one it's actually a decent, well thought out story and the main character Katy is actually likable! She's not an annoying damsel in distress like Bella, she actually has a bark to her bite. She quickly became one of my favorite protagonists. The Lux series is wonderful, please do not compare it to the trash in Twilight. Jennifer Armentrout can actually write.
Nikki It's a total Twilight knock-off. I think it might have even plagiarized Twilight, honestly.
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Laur Absolutely, 100%. I am reading this book now and just about every single event that occurs happened in Twilight. I am so disappointed. It's plagiarism.
Charlotte absolutely! I mean of course in such a YA setting there will be similarities but the only difference here is that the paranormal activities are aliens instead of vampires. The rest is more or less identical!

- normal girl moves to small town and meets "strange" family
- everyne in the family looks amazing
- love interest keeps saving her life
- they have powers (besides the vampire thing quite the same)
- sister becomes new best friend and is sprightly
- because of their interaction she is endangerd and that is why they should keep their distance
- there is a prom and the madatory dress shopping
- writing style is a bit boring and first person narrator

I could foresee every event in the story because A the writing and train of thought is super predictable and B it happened exactly the same way in Twilight
Veni~ I also see a lot in common but it's like "Lux" series got things right where "Twilight" didn't. Katy and Daemon have that kind of spark between them that got me reading the books in one breath.And it might be really close to the "Twilight" but just for the awesome main characters Jennifer Armentrout gets my vote!Edward is all kinds of romantic and stuff/though I think he's kind of creepy stalker/ and Bella goes suicidal without him... On the other hand,Daemon and Katy are pure passion! Because you can't tell me 17-year-olds only think about undying love :D But what I truly loved about them was how they fought for each other.I really fell in love with their "burning down the world to save each other"-much more romantic than a suicide,dear Edward and Bella!
Oh, and I absolutely adored the way Jennifer Armentrout answered to the question about "being Twilight knock off" with references to the Twilight series that Katy had appearantly read!
Melanie Rodriguez Noooooo way. I mean don't get me wrong, I really like twilight but this book is simply very different from other books I read, for instance, I had never read a book about aliens before this one, much less hot ones.. I really enjoyed this book, I'm sure you will too
Meghna Aggarwal Okay I did somewhat skimmed through the Twilight series, and you can probably say they have kinda similar elements, BUT only because they are from the same genre. I totally recommend this whole series for anyone even slightly interested in paranormal/ supernatural romance. I don't know how to explain this, but you HAVE to read this book to understand that it is funny with a very good storyline, action, a totally badass and sarcastic heroin and a drool-worthy and awesome hero. READ IT!! :)
Imani It has similarities but it is very different.
Louisa Guys I've read these books like three times in like 3 months. and I've read and watched the twilight series. No where in this book does it remind me of twilight/ except the fact that its a foreordained love. so no i don't agree
Olivia the only thing I find even remotely close to the twilight saga, is it is a boy that meets a girl of a completely different species, to be honest, twilight has nothing on this series!
Sydney This is nothing like twilight!
The lux series is so amazing though and anyone who reads it will be sucked in and most likely love it!
Olivia Schlutz No, this is an AMAZING series! I think i've read these books like 3 times and starting on my 4th time around. I highly recommend this series.
Mitxch Miranda It does have similarities in twilight. There are some events in this book that makes my mind wonder back to the story of twilight and I cant help it. Really .But maybe its just coincidence whatever. Anyways the similarities bugs me only in the beginning. As the book comes to an end I slowly see it as Obsidian, as a Lux series and not as twilight copycat. Anyways, I ended up loving the book, the characters, the alien thing and all. But.. I love twilight more. :)

PS: I read Half Blood and it really has lots of similarities in Vampire Academy. Honestly I dont know why Jennifer L. Armentrout book always reminds me of another book.
Kirst Okay so obviously on the surface this book could seem like it is a "knock off" of Twilight, but honestly (and I'm absolutely not bashing any of the Twilight series) but this book is way better written--with a better story line, a personable female protagonist, a less stalker-ish (sexy, snarky, smart, protective) male character, and with an actual comedic element and amazing love story. I've read nearly all of J. Armentrout's books (and the J. Lynn ones) and I can honestly say that I've never been disappointed! She is one of my favorite authors and anyone who compares her books to Twilight, or says that they are worse, I instantly place them in the illiterate category along with the people who tried to compare Twilight to Harry Potter...which just cannot and should not be done!

Furthermore, if you're on this site, then you must obviously trust the GR reviews...therefore, all you'd have to do is look at Twilight's and the Lux series ratings and see that none of the Twilight books were even close to reaching 4/5 stars; whereas, the Lux series, as well as most of J. Armentrout's other books, are well over 4 stars...that just goes to show that most people have good taste and know how to review a completely original book series! ...And, speaking of Twilight, if 50 Shades of Grey (a Twilight fanfiction series) could become so popular and have a movie franchise, then who really cares if a book series has "some" Twilight elements in it?? That has no affect on how great a book series is...or isn't.

I hope this helped:))
Tara Moore Honestly I can see why people would think that, I do see some similarities, but I have seen that type of dynamic in characters before.
The whole "I love you but don't want to love you because I am bad for you" type of vibe. Its a popular dynamic. With that being said I do feel these characters are very complex and I love how the main female character- Katy is strong and does not take crap from anyone. I personally get sick of whiny female characters, its nice to see a strong one.
Victoria Lopez I completely disagree. People compare almost every paranormal romance book to Twilight. Because they are the same genre, they are going to have a couple similarities, but that doesn't mean they are exactly alike. I have read every book in both series, and this series is nothing like Twilight. The female protagonist doesn't instantly fall for the male like Bella did, and the two characters act completely different. I think many people will find this preferable to the twilight series. I thought this was a great series, and I wouldn't want anyone to forgo reading it simply because they are under the false impression that it is a replica of Twilight.
alex More like a Roswell knock off.
If you haven't heard of the show, its on Netflix. Basically the same thing. Three aliens that can leave silver marks on people. They can also heal people.
Obsidian is a fun read though, just not orignal.
Aimee Sanders no, i read this book and they're totally different. i like this book more. <3
julie K i mean now that i think about it, it is very similar to twilight but it's not something that you'd notice while reading the book series
Kim Tim Yes. I read half of it before it became too much. There are its charms. But most thinfs are either down right RIDICULOUS or CLICHE. I am not joking, that book is full of them. But not a cliche "kissing under the rain" no, i'm talking about a cliche "i am a stong independant woman, i am not gonna go with him to the dance!" *Goes with someone that she complains is disgusting, convenietly so, the mc boy says the guy wants only sex. She goes hysteric, mad at him and then he has to save her. Again.* As for another ridiculous,cliche part "our race means light in latin, and the bad ones chasing us means dark" and *tells everything the new girl minutes after she knows,the sister shows her powers and screams like a little girl cause she is excited, because they are such besties for two weeks.* *Moments where the whole town hates them and she doesnt understand why, after their friends (and the bad boy ofc) fucked with her* Do you want me to continue?
Lina At first it does seem A LOT like twilight but it is cuz they are in the same genre but this book is more interesting and afrer the 1st book it is nore original I find twilight to be kind if dull plus katy and daemon's romnace has more passion IF PEOPLE ACTUALLY TOOK THE TIME TO READ THE REST OF THE SERIES THEY WOULD SEE IT IS NOT A COPY OF TWILIGHT
Angie Zheng Nope, nuh-uh. This book is waaaay better. Daemon is also way hotter than Edward.
Emily Likes to Read I have to disagree, of course they have their similarities but I found the Lux series WAY more captivating funny and actually drew you in whereas I found Twilight to be pretty dull and more serious. Completely different books in my opinion
Keira totally agree. bought this book for an easy read on a plane ride and like 50 pages in i thought I've read this before. another 50 pages and i realized it was just twilight with aliens instead of vampires. there are SO many parallels between the two books. the main characters meet in a class, he acts weird after, he saves her from a car crash, he has to protect her after some "people" start to come for her, the list goes on. it's not just thought to be similar because of the genre. I've read dozens of books in the same genre. you can have a paranormal romance without it being anything like twilight... all in all it's not a "bad" book, but it is rewrite of twilight.
Anthony This is my favorite book series the lux series. it has action, romance, drama, death, and twists. I read a lot of the comments that people have wrote they say its a rip off of twilight. IT IS NOT A RIP OFF OF TWILIGHT!!!!
Twilight was boring as hell and always slow where the Lux series is always moving forward and never the same plot in every book where twilight is, also twilight Edward is a stalker in many ways. i give twilight a 6 or 4 out of 10 where the lux series i give a 10 out of 10 way.
Easha I enjoyed the book, but you would have to be interested in sci-fy romance kinda stuff
Lina I haven't read this yet, but I'm pretty sure Jennifer Armentrout used to be a Twilight Fanfiction writer, so it's very possible that she got some inspiration from the Twilight books.

But really nothing is 100% original and you can compare almost every book to another. And it looks like the opinions on the similarities are varied.
Kensiethebookworm I really think it is all based around your age for SOME readers. I loved loved Obsidian! I think it is a perfect blend of romance and come on you have to read more about the hottie Daemon! This book does not compare to Divergent nor The Mortal Instrument series. Personally, I couldn't really get into both series! Please read my review on Obsidian, if you have any questions. :)
~ Kendal Reeves <3
Kaytertot I'm halfway through the first book. I literally just put down the book, so I could log on here specifically to see if others agreed that it was exactly like Twilight. It's all I can think about while reading it. I'm not going to stop reading it, and I'm hoping that it gets less like Twilight, but I'm shocked that anyone can say they didn't think of Twilight once while reading the first book. I completely disagree that all paranormal romance fantasy books will have this many similarities to Twilight, because I've read HUNDREDS of books in the genre, and haven't had this kind of reaction.
Larissa I felt like this was "trying to fix the errors (or the things people disliked/made fun of) of Twilight" but failed completely and it came out as a knock off for me.
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