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Which book by Jodi Picoult do you like the most and which one do you recommend after The Storyteller?

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Elsabe Van zweel Defnitley My Sister's Keeper
Lauren "Second Glance" for me! I really enjoyed it, it's a little different from her usual stuff. The Storyteller and Second Glance have a similar theme actually, in that it has a history "back-in-time" type theme. With a bit of a twist to it though.
Margaret Lehman The Pact, one of Jodi Picoult's earlier books. It was so good that I have tried to read all of her books.
Joan "Small Great Things". I have not seen this one mentioned but it was my first Jodi Picoult book and I liked it very much.
Neha My favorite : My Sister's Keeper
Donna without hesitation ... My Sister's Keeper. May be the best book I have EVER read.
Theresa I have only read The Storyteller. And I loved it! I plan on reading more of her books.
Lindsay Ross Plain Truth, Second Glance, Nineteen Minutes, Salem Falls... Really any and every for me!
Kelly Keemer I really liked Salem Falls!
Courtney Autumn SECOND GLANCE. Hands down. I know it's not one of her more well known popular choices, but that book is not only my favorite Picoult book but one of my favorite all-around novels that I've ever read.
Isabel O'Neill The Pact! Or My Sisters Keeper, or Perfect Match, House Rules... does the list end?
Jill "Nineteen Minutes", it also has a forgiveness theme to it, as well as tackling a very current issue: bullying and its effects and aftermath. This is a very intense, can't put it down, book.
Suzanne Bowditch Leaving Time was such a lovely story, and so good after The Storyteller.
Lisa Kuebler I love them all. Plain Truth was one of my favorites.
Lidia Theron My first book from Jodi was Plain Truth - for me the best.
Layali Nineteen Minutes is the best of her books thus far. I would also recommend Small Great Things.
Angela Auten Nineteen Minutes and Handle With Care. My Sister's Keeper was really good, but not my favorite. I love most of Jodi Picoult's books. I really didn't like Leaving Time.
Lauren Mullarkey I have read almost all of Jodi's books. My favorite is Leaving Time.
Kelsey Nineteen minutes is my all time favorite book of hers! The pact is absolutely a close second though.
Brooke Handle with Care & House Rules! Both interesting and so far the best books I have read.
Sasha Grace Leaving Time is absolutely amazing.
Michelle The Pact is one of my favorites.
Kat S. I love Jodi Picoult books, it's hard to pick just one. The most memorable for me was My Sister's Keeper.
Bobby Karmakar I recommend Sing You Home (my first Jodi book), then I read Lone Wolf and then The Pact (my absolute favourite Jodi book, beside The Storyteller). I felt as though I was expecting more with Nineteen Minutes but that too was a good book that I love more now than I did when I just said it was a good read back 2 years when I read it. My Sister's Keeper was the hardest and very dull book of hers I read that is almost like a medical dictionary. I read through it though because I saw the movie first and I wanted to know the original ending. It was however well worth it! :) Looking forward to Leaving Time soon!
Aleksandra "Keeping Faith" was the best.
Mukhil I've read quite a few books of hers, and I'd say Second Glance and Change of Heart are my faves.
Keith Probably The Pact, but Plain Truth and The Storyteller are also up there.
Laura Ouimet Small Great Things is one of the best books that I have ever read!!
Pat Bennett A Spark of Light
Lois I really loved Leaving Time, The Pact and House Rules! Salem Falls was really good too. I thought I'd read more of hers, I need to as I love the way she writes!
The Lexington Bookie My favorite is Second Glance, but I recommend everything by Picoult! She doesn't disappoint!
Dena Beck The Plain Truth. I just couldn't put it down.
Phylicia I have only read a few of her books, but I suggest My Sister's Keeper because the movie/books suck because they are different from each other, but in this, these are awesome, because of how different they are from each other. If you read it, you would see what I meant. You'd be like, "No Way!!!" Same with Divergent: Allegiant book/movie, but that's a different author, but same gist.
Husna Musa I haven't read The Storyteller. (Oops!) But out of four of which I have read, my most favorites, in order, will be:

1. Leaving Time
2. My Sister's Keeper
3. House Rules
Lilit Elt Vanishing Acts and House Rules.
Genevieve the pact!!!! definitely one of the books which began my love of reading
Anika House Rules and Nineteen Minutes
Cathy Nineteen Minutes is unforgettable.
Jonathan Roth My Sister's Keeper
Melissa I haven't read too many, but I can't say that I can choose a favorite out of the ones I have read. I loved The Tenth Circle as well as another one I forgot the title of... (whoops) but the second novel had a character named Fitz (Fitzwilliam), Kyle, and Delia (Nina?)?
Chelsie I absolutely adore her writing, I've read all but three of her published works. My favorite to date is still The Pact, but Great Small Things is a good one too.
AJ Timberlake Handle With Care is my favourite of hers. I also really really enjoyed The Pact. After The Storyteller I would recommend Lone Wolf or Plain Truth
Jean Read "Nineteen Minutes". One of my favorites. Centers around a Columbine incident
Wendy The Pact is hands down my favorite of Jodi's books.
Laura My Sister's Keeper was my favorite book, but Leaving Time is my new all time favorite.
Ene Obe Handle with Care was it for me
Suzy By far the best book I have ever read: My Sister's Keeper
Not just by this author, the best book ever!
Kimberly The pact and Salem falls are my favorite. I pick up her books anytime I find one. One of my goals is to read everyone of her books. Every book I have read my her I have liked.
_speedy Nineteen minutes. :)
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