Fatima Mohamady..

just finished and i didn't understand what's the special about it !!.. can any one explain ??..

Guada No. If you didn't "feel it", is not worth explaining. Not all books are for everybody :)
Phaedrus Shakespearos It is not a Love Story, it is a satire in a way. Gabriel warns the reader not to fall in his trap. All the characters in the book saw what they wanted to see, for instance, Fermentina and her boy share no face time to speak of yet profess undying love. In the end at old age she knows nothing about him and his failings yet fall in love and live happily ever after in their old age...their aged yet shallow superficial make believe world. The true love in the story was in the beginning...the photographer and the island girl of his youth...she could never have him fully yet loved every part of him and he with her. There was no motives in thier love.....no kids, no marriage, money...nothing.

Cholera...or Choleric, (a sickness)..Fermentina...of little fermentation......he drops clues like bread crumbs.

The beauty of the book is the ruse itself.
Melissa Kohler Agreed. An adulterous, lying, child molester as hero?
Iulia Dumitrescu I had the same feeling at the end of the book. :-/ And now people are judging us because 'Not all books are for everybody'.
And I'm replying: 'Maybe not all the books are enough good for me ;)'
Peter Verástegui guasace This novel, as I understand it, its about love and the relationships we have with it. Love when one is young, love when one is old, love that is exhilarating, lustful, passionate, motherly love, love that is passive and domestic, etc. One can see how the ever-changing quality of life makes emotions change too, for that reason a feeling so important, such as love, also changes with the circumstances around us. The genius on this novel, for me, is on the way the narrative, including the pecularities of the language, express these different circustances. Sorry you don't see it, in 10 years give it a light read; you may be in a different cirumstance in life. You may like it.
Iván Banderas Es por que lo leíste en ingles, es como leer Bukowski en español, Dostoyesvski en español, en realidad deberías leerlos en ingles y ruso, respectivamente. Si aprendes español tal vez puedas sentirlo mas
Greg I thought it was creepy. And at the end, both lead characters are basically unable to function in the world at all (basically dead to everything) and just decide to sail. Thankfully.
Sandi Miller One of the worst books I've ever read, so I can't help you, just agree with you.
Ela Głogowska The other way to look at this book is that... it's not about love as a romantic concept. Love could be just a metaphor for an idea, passion, desire, prejudice, believes or anything that sometimes becomes so strong in human's mind to makes us blind. We subordiante our whole life to it and use it as an exuse for our choices, even when they cause pain or harm to others.

This book also beautifully portrays how our life choices are influenced by many different factors and we can learn to be ok with that. When you look separatedly at the lives of Fermina Daza and Juvenal Urbino, you can see that the grand decisions of marriage, love, hate, family relationships are not made according to the romantic ideas written in the golden book of rules accepted by society. They can be a result of an impulse, pure calculation, they can be contradictory, logical or irrational, they may also change over the years and they are all valid. They can lead to happiness or misfortune, most likely to both, but we are complex creatures and life is messy, so lets stop pretending that there can only be one true love and it is the only thing that will makes us truly happy.
Tia Gonzales omg, this was a hilarious book, the idea that a man could be with 99 women while actually believing he was keeping himself for the woman he loved....
Jama I completely understand! Ugh. If you want a timeless love story, Gone with the Wind, my friend.
Jeskaodjubavi you have to read paulo coelho :)))))
Kathy Phillips I'm half way through the book and I love it. As a female, I do think it is about love. Love and the human condition. And how it doesn't work out a lot of the time. I'm loving it!
Javier Mankind Romero The conflict is the marked idiosyncrasy of the characters, because obviously it is not the same a European or North American mentality than a Latin. Remember what country the author comes from (Colombia) and where he lived many years (México).
Sikata its that when you truly love someone,you can spend your whole life waiting and you would do anything for him/her!! like the person below me commented, Not all books are for everybody :)
Amanda El corazón de los libros es como el de las personas...no lo puedes forzar, ni robar, ni rogar...solo llega a ti sin darte cuenta cómo ni cuándo.
Así de simple, como la vida misma.
Silvana Ramos Para mi fue bastante especial, si empatizas o no con los personajes y si te lo imaginas y lo sientes como dicen, pero si puedes tambien descubrir los diferentes amores que encontramos a lo largo del libro. Talvez si lo lees nuevamente en algun otro momento de tu vida lo sientas mejor y lo comprendas :D
Meghana 1 word answer: Nothing
Wendy Perez I am not even going to try and address the culture, but if you thought this was not special, don't bother with 100 Years of Solitude.
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Rehab Elsharkawy True Love, living forever
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