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Am I the only person who was really bothered by all the explicit content? I wouldn't have minded if it was an adult book (I adore A Song of Ice and Fire, for instance) but in a YA book, it really bugged me. And there was so much of it!

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Juliette Goldberg I am an 8th grader, and I just finished this book. I didn't mind it at all and actually quite enjoyed the book. I know this question was from a while ago, and you have probably learned by now that times have really changed. More and more kids are reading stuff like this just because they think it's cool, and less and less parents are minding it. I have always been reading at a higher level, and read this because I'm running out of books to read. But the "explicit content" did not bother me what so ever.
James Shumilak I think in today's world there's even worse subjects and explicit content both in and out of books (especially centered towards teens) that this book in comparison is trivial. Also it's obviously just trying to portray a more realistic approach to conversations that sadly most books lack. So yes it's mildly explicit but rather then taking away from the book it just adds more realism. I think the shock factor comes from the fact that other books centered towards teens over-censor the content or will "beat around the bush" when something actually "adult" happens. Just think of the conversations you've had with your peers or heard from other people. Is this book really that inappropriate in comparison to what is conversed on a daily basis?
Harrison Montevideo what explicit content, yeah it cussed a few times, but that is not anything someone wouldn't here in school or just in life.
Leslie Thank you for the heads up! Not reading it now due to your warning. Explicit content is just not something I'm interested in reading. Appreciate you!
Zoe's Human I had heard all of the language in it and far worse from my peers when I was a teenager. I had heard significantly more graphic (and inaccurate in some cases) things about sex. Parties, drugs, sex, and swearing are parts of life that young adults are aware of even if they don't participate in them. So no, I wasn't bothered.
Liberay Shone yea i was thinking the same thing. i get that the author was trying to show a world where we are desensitized to that. a teacher friend used this book in a course and i think it would be a great choice if it were not for all the crass. o_0
Denise Taylor It bothered me, too. It was so casual.
Ryan The (over)use of the explicit language is meant as a way to alienate the reader from the main characters. We read this in college years ago and the consensus was that the grandparents or great grandparents in the story are supposed to represent the kids and adults of today. And that you're supposed to be repulsed by their language because its systematic for the younger generation to "morph" language into to suit their needs. They invent new words and phrases (truthiness, fake news), give old words new meanings (Cool, faggot) or label some words as archaic/obsolete entirely (Twattle, telephone). Eventually the language morphs so much that in 300 years it no longer resembles what it once was. The author just exaggerated the younger generation's penchant for naughty words to emphasize how the English language morphs over time.
Satan I felt like a lot of the characters lack social cues so maybe talking about that stuff to anyone is normal. even the parents acted and spoke like teenagers, most likely due to the school being owned by the corporations and only focusing on teaching people how to buy rather than how to read or hold a conversation. the only ones in the book who can hold a normal conversations are those who haven't had the feed their whole life.
Gayle The content didn't bother me at all. It's a satire on our life today and commercialism - and unfortunately, kids do talk that way more than we like. Also the drug/drinking references are now more normal than not. I don't think it's a bad book, i did the audio and I think that allowed me to move a little more quickly through it. Glad I read it.

Don't give up on YA books -- they are some of the best around!
Linda Yeatts I'm just starting Feed, and I think the profanity is overdone. I'm a fan of using a hard-hitting approach to the themes of the book but early on it wasn't helpful to establish the theme for me. It was like an annoying fly buzzing around the much anticipated picnic lunch.... zzzzzzzzzzzz.
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