does anyone not hate clancy??? cause i don't hate him.

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Alexandra Bracken I don't particularly hate Clancy, though he is definitely a little pissant at times.
Melissa I actually don't hate Clancy. I'm rather fond of him. Is it weird that I wish he would become the main love interest? Hehe, I've got a thing for villians
Ideally.Portia I actually kind of love him.... is that weird? Dont care. Lol
Veronica I really like his character as well but thats because I love villainous characters ...

Also don't hate me but I'm not the biggest fan of Liam.... oops.
Marina Is everyone just forgetting how he nearly raped Ruby?
Tom Hoffman Clancy is without a doubt one of my favorite villains! I love all of his sassy and sarcastic asides. He's so clever.
Leanne I don't really, I kind of like him especially when he wrote the letter something with the 'I would've run' It took me a while to get that message but when I got it, it made me like him. I don't really hate him.
Ana I love Clancy. He is the most interesting character to me in whole series because you never know what is he thinking or what will he do.
Rachael My sister loves Clancy I HATE Clancy with a passion. He's such a jerk and let's not forget he kind left his whole entire camp to die...
Kelly Bogdan It's kind of obvious that if Ruby let herself fall down into being the "monster" she claims to be, Clancy would become the main love interest. But I'm sticking to Ruby this time, Liam is soooo much better for her and her well being. Sure he isn't the most cautious at times. But Clancy just manipulates everyone to his liking and it sickens me.
Amanda I don't hate him, he is a very interesting person. He is very selfish and he is a horrible person when it comes to thinking of others. But even with all of this I still kind of love him, I think it is just because I find him interesting and I think he's a little insane.
Fiore Masiello Is one of my favorite, in the first book obviusly that i hate him, but in the next i miss him and need more about him. Is a good and clever villain, and algo a victim. God, i can´t lie, i love him ahhahahaha
Bookworm008 I don't particularly like Clancy, seeing as he is QUITE evil, but there is something I like about him. Perhaps that he's mysterious, or quite powerful? I'm not sure. But I know that I DO NOT want him out of the series.
Jatan Kaur I do not hate him. He is just too annoying
Katniss Granger He is my favorite character in the series and one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. My friends who've also read the series hate him but then there's just me, constantly fangirling over him. It's fine.
Cindee Nah, I don't hate him. He wasn't even really that bad as villains go . . . If people had done the things to me that were done to him and I had his abilities? I could have showed you a real villain. He was surprisingly reserved. Don't feel too bad for him though. He's currently figuring out a way to get his powers back. Ruby's tinkering can't keep that mind fooled!
Lola Mark I adore him. He was the reason I kept reading the series!
Me I kinda like him also...when i say kinda, I mean I do
Tanisha Simpson I don't hate him either. I just find him determined to get what he wants.
Tiffany Mae I LOVE CLANCY!!! HE IS THE ONLY REASON I PUSHED ON THROUGH BOOK 2...sadelly I didn't push on to finish this book cause it sucked but ill finish later on in life 1_1
Ehly Really hate him. Really really do.
Savannah Harris I personally think he's very clever and strategic, so I respect his qualities. However, I don't like that he basically, to be blunt, screwed over SO many people who put their trust in him. I think that he really had an innocent, soft side to him, it was just concealed with a ruthlessness that was caused by his past. He would've still had an awfully huge ego either way though - with or without his past.
Tween 2 Teen Book Reviews I don't hate him, I pity him.
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