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What emotions can I expect from reading book? Is it really good? Will it bore me or not at all?

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Rio This book was not at all what I was expecting. The characters are what makes Paper Towns so intriging though. I never found this book boring just slow at parts, but they end quick to tell about exciting things. There are tins of moments that constantly had me bursting out laughing. This book is deep and has many different level of humans and ways of reasoning. A truley compellimg and thoughtful book.
CJ Reading this book is like realizing the world is much more complicated than everyone believed it to be.
pinkfrost as A person of Substance who Can appreciate the nuances Beauty and Complexities of a Fine coming Of age tale, i Can guarantee you Will laugh, Choke, wince, sigh, chuckle and soar High above the clouds only Dipping back down to earth to Turn another page. it is seriously Good.
María Andrea I was bored to death with this book
Eesha At first, you will laugh but then I did get really bored. I'm trying to decide whether to finish it or not. To be honest, I didn't really care about the characters, unlike any other John Green books I've read :/
Wafa'a Abu Alam You will feel excited over every single chapter and understand more about people and their feelings in a way you never thought about which is quite fascinating.
Sophie It is absoulutely terrible. I found it sooooo boring. The emotion I felt was impatience because it dragged out and I also felt bordom. 1 star
Raj You will laugh, feel sad or grossed out! It will not bore you!
Mia This book was at times a tiny bit boring but then the feeling of "I just want to find out what happens and find more clues" makes you push through those times of his adventures of being at school glancing at the clock 500 times.

The book was amazing, a true love story, fun, intense, mysterious and suspenseful all at the same time. It also teaches you a lot about travel, what Paper Towns are, love, friends, leaving places and even poetry!

5 starts all the way. You will definitely enjoy the book Paper Towns, I recommend it.
Faeeza Iftikhar Overall I don't think John Green is a bad writer - in fact he is quite good. And this book proves that. It's just the fact that I am not that fond of his way of writing. To me this book was just dragging on and was soo slow. I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. This is a good book with great descriptions of the paper town world but that's just it. If you like action- packed books then this book clearly is not for you.
Monica I love Green's writing style; the book started out great, but I am about halfway through, and it's starting to bore me. The strongest feeling I am having is being annoyed by an ungrateful "bitch" of a teen girl...and annoyed by a teen boy, who is kind of a "wuss."
Molly is currently FANGIRLING. (Try again later.) I love this book! It was captivating and mysterious on every page. I don't know what the others are talking about, but you won't be bored at all!
Jo It was worth reading, but it does get quite boring. 50 pages could probably be ripped out and you wouldn't notice.
Saoni Segura It's not really good. Yes, you will feel sad and laugh but you will get bored after a while.
No Name . Maybe because I read "The fault in our stars" I expected a more intriguing story, but John Green let me down on this one. The main character of the story was falling head over heels for the mysterious bad girl Margo, yet he barely knew her at all. And in the ending Margo didn't even have a plausible reason for running away. I'm not sure how this book even became a movie in the first place. The book was definitely over-hyped.
Majorie Both fast and slow but definitely not boring! Worth the read in my opinion
Katelyn Johnson As you can see, there are total opposite opinions. Some people thought that it was boring, while others (like me) found it interesting and kept me turning more and more pages. Overall, if you don't like mystery/suspense and John Green's other books, you probably won't like this one.
Perla The emotions you will get out of this book would be amazing . This book was the best. I just loved it how it is first person view . It shows lots of characterization. This book shows you the characters feelings throughout the book, and their personality. This book makes you want to keep on reading . I just love Margo personality how she just wants to do thing things on her own , she's independent, and most of all she loves to explore . You should read it.
Riley Heckman The feeling that you would have for the book is amazing, you can realize how the people feel in the book. Paper Towns is an amazing book that shows life can be exciting and sad at the same time.
Jana CJ - I actually thought nearly the opposite when I read it - I found myself thinking that Margo wants the world to be so much more complicated than everyone else believes it to be, but it just isn't always that way. The writing is good. The characters I just found frustrating.
Alexandra Assuming you haven't read it yet: definitely read it! If you like mysteries/realistic YA novels, then try it out!
Riva Cheng I think that this book is a must read for me if you enjoy Young Adult books with a hint of romance. Margo and 'Q' (Quentin) are really sweet in the beginning, and a the last few pages. (My favourite) Also I really enjoy the moral behind the book, and I understand Margo as I have gone through what she has been through. I like it, doesn't mean that you will but you should try.
evelyn There is a point where it gets slow.
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Lostaccount You will get bored. I wanted to get inside the book and kill Margo myself, at least to stop all the waffle that was going on with Q.
Imma Centaur i dunno..just another teenage lovestory..from who's gonna be my Prom Date then after,there is Graduation..your first kiss to losing your virginity...hahaha..a bit boring halfway...i can somehow relate this book to 13 Reasons Why...but 13 Reasons better...much better...
Nicole_8799 This book is amazing. It slows down in the middle, but it doesn't get boring at all. I love the book and it takes you on an emotional ride full of suspense and I couldn't have asked for a better book. It goes from happy to sad to suspenseful to angry to happy to sad again but it's so amazing and you will love the book whether you are a teen or a preteen or even an adult.
Gianna Rose I thought it was a great book. i think you will laugh, you may cry if you are sensitive but it is a good book!
Clouise Nope not at all. I guess. Well it depends, But for me I really had a great time reading this. I laughed a lot. I cried(not that hard). and lastly, I was thrilled. You'll learn a lot from this.
Twisha it will crush your soul and make you cry, but that will be when you finish it; because you finished it.
Christine this book will give you all kinds of feels. like all John
green books it has tremendous ups and downs. (gonna go clche on you here.) expect the unexpected
S.t.m.w You will feel happy, sad, weird and like a weird tingly like when you watch Hazel grace and Gus kiss
Fiomontero Its awesome! if you like these type of novels, it will NOT bore you :D!
Frankie At one point, it does get really boring but it actually gets better. So I recommend it but I got bored and I kept going, so yeah.
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