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what is foot-binding that mentioned in this book?

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Kat Tanvir Ahmed, I'm sorry, but I must disagree with Kenny Fisher. This cannot be compared to ear piercing! The foot was not just wrapped to keep it from growing. The bones were actually broken so as to fold the foot in half, bringing the ball of the foot to the heel of the foot. I know, it doesn't even seem possible, but after reading a novel that talked a lot about it, I decided to research it. It's actually pretty horrifying. It was used to make the foot more "attractive", but it also had a hobbling effect. The women literally could not run or move quickly at all. It's gross, but if your stomach can take it, you should look it up.
George P. The foot-binding practice was very damaging to the foot structure and painful not only during the girl's youth, but often caused it to be painful to walk much for the rest of the woman's life. This was done to attain a beauty standard for small feet.The "large" feet of taller western women is still considered unattractive by many traditional Asians.
LJ Eames I would say there are no 'fun facts' about foot binding. Besides the long process of cruel and painful foot deformation - there is the hobbling effect for life. This causes the woman to be fully dependent and crippled. She is like a pet in a cage - movement is restricted. The later side effects are also nasty.
The vestiges of this hobbling of women's feet that we have today in the west are the leg and foot mangling spike heeled shoes. Women puzzlingly elect to subject themselves to these - in the name of a dubious beauty. The men in China thought the twisted and shriveled up feet were beautiful too...
Kenny Fisher There used to be beauty standard in China where women who had smaller feet were deemed "more attractive." So some parents would, around each foot, put tight cloth when they were growing to prevent their feet from getting very big. Note, this practice is VERY dated. This, of course, is no longer the case. But the practice could be comparable to a parent piecing a girl's ears when she is still very young.
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