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Alert- Stupid Question. Actually a lot of questions So was O'Brien ever apart of The Brotherhood or against the Party. Because I remember him mentioning to Winston the dream where they would meet in a place with no darkness. 2.) Do we ever find out what happened to Winston's wife Katherine? 3.) Does Julia experience the torture with the rats or just told about it?

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Margarita Bastar No questions are stupid Natia and this book is a tough one :P
1. O´Brien was never against the party, but his role is to act like it to catch the rebels. The dream Winston had was exactly that, a dream Winston imagined after seeing the look in O´Brien´s eye. O´Brien also gives them the book, but it´s just a trap so that the police can catch them with the evidence later... 2. We don´t, and it doesn´t matter. The point is, they didn´t work out cuz they never loved each other and Winston didn´t want to pretend anymore... 3. Julia also gets tortured, didn´t you see her face at the end? She´s also a zombie because when they did the torture to her, she shouted ¨DO IT TO WINSTON INSTEAD!¨ That made her realize she doesn´t love him, she loves Big Brother, and now she won´t fight for love. The book infers that the torture serves the purpose of killing all the love in the people thereby destroying their urge to rebel or fight back.

Hope that helps! Sometimes the answers are between the lines :)
Sebastian @Margarita gave you almost perfect answer. The only thing that is missing is explaining that "a place with no darkness" is actually Ministry of Love building. As you possibly remember, inside the building, there was constant, very bright light. Winston misinterprets his dream.
Nathaniel Winston O'Brien was never part of the Brotherhood. He was just trying to trick Winston.

We never find out what happened to Katherine after she left Winston

Julia probably experienced much of the same torture as Winston including room 101 but since room 101 provides torture tailored to the individual it is unlikely that she experienced rats unless she has an irrantional phobia of them too.

It is implied by the scar behind her ear that she was lobotomized or something similar.
Bigsoph O'Brien gives people he contacts hope, raising their spirits that there is a way out. This way, when he springs the trap, their fall is that much greater.

He shows Winston that there is no hope, that any dream, any fantasy can be quashed by the state

Winston was unusual in that he still believed in hope. Most of the citizens are so afraid of being found out they go to ground and try not to stand out. Winston was chosen for his subtle strength
Bre Harn Can someone summarize "the book" Winston reads?
Charles Brown 1. OBrien would probably not be trusted with his position if he was a former rebel. So he probably just pretended to be one 2. No. 3. She was tortured but probably in another way. Winston is terrified of rats and she isn't.
Noah Graham It is implied that all people who move to the inner party from the outer party do so through the brotherhood.
If OBrien began his career in the outer party he is a former rebel.
Anas Natour Margrarita: I can't agree more :)
Excellent indeed.
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