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Is the book even worth reading?

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Thea Not unless you enjoy being frustrated.
Jeff Briel Well, let's see. Do you enjoy slow-paced books? Do you like Gothic settings? Do you like a love triangle romance where an asshole/possessive/douche bag is the male lead and a nicer/likable (personally I found Cam likable than Daniel) third wheel? Do you like a book about fallen angels with little info? Do you like mystery? If so, then read this book! In my opinion, Fallen was slow-paced but an easy read and the second book is better. :)
Helen Only so you can happily realise you never need to read the rest of them.
Yolo21 YES!!! IT IS AMAZING!!!!! you have to read this book you'll love it i promise
LuXervI // The Book Nerd Nope. I highly recommend other fallen angel books if you're interested in that sort of thing, like Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. THAT book actually supplied information about fallen angels and whatnot, moved along at a reasonable pace, and you felt connected to the characters and plot. I highly recommend that book for you—NOT this.

I know some people say that the Fallen series (series!) gets better as you keep reading the books, but honestly I gave up after the first book. It ultimately disinterested me.
Bella Jean it IS. beautiful book. it'll get you hooked by the end of this. and Daniel Grigori is amazing.
Shruthi it's good. but you might dislike it till you get like halfway in the book. I haven't read twilight but fallen is an awesome book. Definitely give it a chance!
Robin That depends! Do you like that kind of books? Personally I think it's worth it! It is very well written, and the storyline was appealing! If you are unsure I suggest that you borrow it from your local library or read 6-7 pages online to ensure that it worths your time!
Wilhelm This SERIES isn't even worth reading. I finished it and reflected on my wasted time, and it nearly brought tears to my eyes.
fiction.prescription I usually find the 'readers also enjoyed' list helpful so I suggest having a look at the 'readers also enjoyed' list (located on the right hand side of the Fallen page on Goodreads). If you've read some / one of these books and liked them, chances are you might like Fallen.
Bina No. This book was dull, blandly written, was chock-full of one dimensional characters, and desperately tried to be like Twilight. The romance was horrible and fell so painfully flat. Totally fails on the 'forbidden romance' aspect. Not only that, it's more or less 400 pages of nothing.
Kierstin The first is a little slow paced ,but it was pretty okay. I however couldn't make it through the halfway mark for the second one.
Sara Smith To understand you must read the whole series. Its completely worth it.
Dalila Msebi OF COURSE IT IS !!!!!!!!
Alisiana yes it is its a very good book to read a lot of these folks have a closed-off mind and want the book to go there a way which just doesn't happen. they keep comparing it to the twilight saga and im a big fan but that is ignorant as hell to compare because its a vampire-werewolf saga and fall is a fallen angel saga so it makes no sense at all why they want to compare it to that book.
Kat Overberg only if you read it all the way through. personally i found the second book to be TERRIBLE. The writing style and plot line of the second book made me so frustrated BUT the third and fourth book redeemed it
Majo Ramirez It actually is, when you start reading it you want to keep reading, I really recommend it.
Carpe Diem No, it felt like a nightmare, horrifying and seemed to never end
Sydney Veazie Some parts are worth reading the book for (to be honest). Overall, if you can read a book in which you can't stand the main character, then by all means, read the book.
PinkPepper I like this book a lot. So I would say if you like forbidden romance, fallen angles, fighting, Then this book may be for you
Markie Winters Bring holy water, a lighter and a ton of gasoline.
Ellie If you liked Twilight, yes. If not, no.
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