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What age group?

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Paula!♥ I don't like thinking of age limits when talking about books because I think everyone is free to read what she/he wants regardless her/his age.
I think it's perfectly fine if an adult reads YA books and vice versa.
But sometimes, I recognize there's an obvious age limit.
I read The perks of being a wallflower and I really liked it!
It was a really good book and I make no apology for having read this book cause it was amazing!
However, I'm fifteen and sometimes when I was reading this book I felt like I should read this book within a few years.
I don't think it was because of my age, but because of my personality.
So, if you want to read this book, you should know that it includes some unqualified adult content like sex, drugs,alcohol...
Hope this helped!
And if you decide to read the book, enjoy it :)
Paula xx
Libby I am glad that I read this before handing it to y 12 year old.
I would prefer that she wasn't exposed to teens having oral sex and doing LSD and getting drunk.
A great book that she can pick up later.
Alan Daniels I read this book when I was going into my freshman year in high school. I feel like this was a good time/age for me to read this at because of the content in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Going through my freshman year with this book made me understand that high school would involve all of this, suicidal thoughts, sex, drugs, etc. and that it would test me but this book inspired me to stay away so I'm not hurt and others aren't hurt. But to answer the question, no I don't think there should be an age group but I do think the reader should understand these adult(ish) topics.
Elena I just finished this book and I'm 19. I believe this was the perfect time for me to read it since I just started my studies abroad. I think that The Perks of Being a Wallflower is the kind of book you can enjoy even if you are not in high school anymore. :)
Mary Catherine 13 to 18 years old
pinkfrost 15 plus in my opinion. In reflecting on what like is life for teenagers in our world, there is a fair amount of recreational drug taking in the book.
Josanna I mean- I read this in middle school and was already exposed to much of the topics that were discussed by then, so I would say 12+
Nora Ib I don't think of age limits when reading a book but I definitely think that whoever is reading this book will have to know what comes with it (drugs, sex...)
Mariam I'm fourteen, going into my freshman year of high school, but all these topics I already knew about when I was about eleven. It might make an eleven-year old feel uncomfortable though and while most kids in my school knew about this at the ages of 9 or 10, I think you really have to consider the child. Some people will only appreciate this book at 18 or 20. Some people would want to read this in high school (me). If they can handle it and have been exposed to these topics, then definitely.
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Motw This is definitely a "young adult" book, as most of Green's work is.
Emily Since this was required reading in ninth grade, and nothing scandalized my otherwise sheltered mind, I'd say 14 years old and up.
Emma 13+ the book contains teenage and adult concepts.
Julia Hörmayer I'd say around 14 and 16 years.
Emma I think best stage of maturity for reading a heavy YA book like this would probably be "high school/14-18 years old". Of course, of that set, I'd say that the readers would enjoy this story the most would be those that consider themselves a little precocious.
Rachel Fast If it were my child, I would say this book is okay for someone of the minimum age of 14.
María Andrea Definitely not for kindergarden kids. I don´t believe in limiting the age for reading but for kids there has to be an adult to answer some questions and explain some things about this book, especially because the author mentions a lot of "controversial" topics without really going into them.
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