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this book is huge. can't wait to dive into it! no spoilers but what did every one think about it?

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Vanora For me, at the beginning the book seamed uninteresting but I gave it a try...So to my surprise, the plot has a "boule de neige" effect, it develops along your reading process and you cannot stop thinking what will happen next. I personally haven't read for a long time a book with such an amazing style; imagine yourself like a detective in a crime scene where you have to pay attention to each detail in order for you to go to have one or more hypothesis.The author implants a thought in your mind and in the next chapter you will have to think of something else - but you still feel wonderfully "fooled".
Nic I must warn you - unless you are really into Murakami, this trilogy is a complete waste of time in my opinion. Badly written, endless repetitions, a plot that develops extremely slowly and never really climaxes...
Caitlin I was surprised by how much I am enjoying the book (not quite done with it yet). Yes, it's a bit slow, but I think it's slow because of the complexity and detail. I liked Murakami's style of slowly revealing how the plot/characters fit together. Good luck and happy reading! :)
Emily I think if you are a huge fan of reading in general, you will appreciate what this book has to offer. It is in the genre of Dystopian novels, but any fans of literature can enjoy this work!
Lady Margaret This was the first Murikami book that I read and I loved it. Worth the read and will make you want to read all his work.
Mel With Murakami books, it's not about the endings. It's all about the journeys his characters make.
Jason I enjoyed (for the most part) the first 2 parts. The third part (and thus the ending) completely ruined it for me. Very unsatisfying finish.
Suzannah This is about the worst book I have ever read. I find it impossible to believe some people "can't put it down". It is badly written and the author comes across as a total creep - obsessing about boobs and sexual fetishes, and padding out the most inane details of everyday life. It was recommended to me by a friend who I thought had taste….
Rick I found the book very frustrating and too long. There were too many issues left unresolved and too many characters who appeared for a long time, but didn't seem to play a significant role.
Mauricio Bussab It is minimalistic in style and there is a lot of purposeful repetition. Stories take a long time to develop. If this is not a problem for you then give it a try. I absolutely loved it.
David Edmonds Just finished 1Q84 yesterday. The book has its moments, quite a few in fact, but as a whole it is simply too long. The mid point tends to sag like an old mattress. If I had been his editor, I would have cut out at least 20% of it.
Nicky Akmal I loved this book. I couldn't put it down.
Lawrence J. Ulman Unbelievable waste of time. Not less than 10 unresolved major plot points. I only finished it desperately hoping for the denouement.
Shannon Talley I actually thought this book was really really good. It moves a little slowly...like the beginnings of some Harry Potter books, but you just have to have the patience to get through those parts, when you do, the plot is very rewarding.
Pachyderm Just read some of the reviews concerning the ending. I felt that way about the others I have read too, Wind Up Bird.., Sputnik Sweetheart, But I have just accepted that their is a literary cultural difference and that those endings are acceptable in Japan... lol. Either way I enjoy his work.
Jean Jones I loved this and am beginning to realize that I am a die-hard Murakami fan, The repetition is a meditation. I love the precision and the mundane mixed with magic realism. So much more exciting to me than books with witches and dragons. (less)
Megan ☾ Michaels My favourite Murakami book!!
Patty for me, the beginning and middle of the book had me up all night absorbed and totally in love with the story but for some reason around the end I found it got kinda boring/repetitive. Idk why that may just be me. But I would still recommend it to you! it's a great book
Vanessa Chacon Loved it. The ending sucked, sort of. That last sentence should say it all actually. It's hard to hate Murakami because he is so good at hooking you in. Despite some loose ends it was a good read. Some parts were slow but at the end I felt like i'd gotten of a 4th dimension roller coaster ride.
Caroline Out of all of his books that I've read, (which are quite a few), this one probably places towards the middle. Murakami keeps up his writing style of balancing the stories of two different characters; however, in this one, I felt that the beginning didn't flow very well. Later on in the book, I became fully immersed once the connection between Tengo and Aomame was explained, but it took me about 500 pages to get there, and that's only half way through! If this book was by any other author, there is no way I would have finished it, but Murakami's descriptions are wonderful, and even if the plot at the moment isn't very interesting, his writing is sure to keep you entertained, even throughout an 1000+ page book.
Sarah I just finished part 1. I have never read Murakami before but I love it! There is a lot going on and so many details connect to each other.
Neese Al I took my time finishing this book as I was so invested in the characters that I didn't want to finish the book and not hear about them in the evening. Truly, one of the best writers of our time.
Orieta He is good, but a little bit over valued writer, yes. A little too comercial, but I like it, even if in the end of any book I feel a big emptiness . But I like it though cause it keeps you up in suspense.
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