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Does anyone know where Goodreads gets the number of pages details from? I am reading this on my Kindle in an edition which has page numbers and my Kindle tells me there are 334 pages, but the details here say 400. I've checked the ISBN and we are both talking about the same edition.

Emily I believe that often Kindle books have different page numbers than the physical copy because they count blank pages and other pages and sometimes books do not use those pages in the count. In my copy of Library Journal they have the page count at 352. More than likely Goodreads gets their info from Amazon as they are owned by Amazon.
Wendell Hennan this is an increasing problem, not only for Kindle editions but print copies. The number of pages seldom seem to match with the actual in that edition of the book.
Cindy You can vary the font size on your Kindle, so if you are using a larger font it would be more pages than if you are using a smaller font.
Nate The number of pages on goodreads are entered in by users of the site. If you are a librarian (you just have to fill out a form) on goodreads, then you can edit details of a book and change the page numbers-so the page numbers and other book details are not always correct (think Wikipedia).

The ISBN (9780385352857) for this edition (each edition of each book is identified by a ISBN, you can think of like a SS#) is in fact correct though, as I own it, and it is 334 pages long.
Barbara It's differences are created by Hardbound, paperback, large print, or Kindle use. I actually keep lists of the books I plan to read and I include page number on each entry. Since all my books come from a broad library system I sort them in a way so that I know @ how long I'll be keeping each book.
Elizabeth My paperback copy has 448 pages
Marcy Heller Your page numbers will change as you change the size of your font. Consider it a personalized approach to reading....
rob My edition (certainly an old technology version - paper) ends on p467.
Linda My ebook from the public library had 666 pages.
Donald Nijsen 367 on my Sony Reader
Monique It has 467 pages in the print edition released in Australia 2014.
Doug If you will notice, most books show many different editions, sometimes 5 or 6, in the box below the synopsis... if you find the one corresponding to the Kindle edition for this book, it does have the correct number of pages, and Goodreads will let you switch to that edition, so your % read will be correct. .
Tuck it has 334 pages in the regular print knopf 2014 edition.
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